BLM Toronto: “Burn Down White Privilege”, “Abolish Police”, F— Police”

On Saturday May 30, 2020 Black Lives Matter held an anti-Police protest in downtown Toronto. A few thousand people marched from Christie Pitts to Police headquarters located at 40 College Street holding signs and chanting slogans against the Police and cops (“pigs”).

Some of the signs read:

Burn Down White Privilege

Destroy white supremacy

Abolish the Police

Abolish Policing

F— Police

All cops are bastards

Black Lives Matter

Silence in violence

Cops lie Blacks die

Defund Police

The Police is the virus

White silence = violence

The organizers issued the following statement:

Anti-Black/Indigenous racism is a pandemic around the world. We need accountability NOW. On Turtle Island “North America” alone we’ve been faced with the tragedies of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Regis Korchiniski-Paquet and countless other black people we do not know of or hear of who are relentlessly being murdered by the police and white supremacists for absolutely no reason. The media continues to hide these injustices from us, but we will not let these lives go unnoticed. We are joining the chorus of actions being taken across Turtle Island and globally, to get accountability and justice from police departments for Black and Indigeneous communities.

Mubin Shaikh calls Tarek Fatah “NOT a Muslim”, implying he deserves death in Islamic State

Mubin Shaikh calls Tarek Fatah “NOT a Muslim”, implying he deserves death in Islamic State

Born and raised in Canada, Mubin Shaikh is a former security intelligence and counter terrorism operative. At the age of 19, he went to India and Pakistan where he had a chance encounter with the Taliban prior to their takeover of Afghanistan in 1995. Mubin became fully radicalized as a supporter of the global Jihadist culture, recruiting others and establishing his network in the extremist milieu.

The 9/11 attacks forced to him reconsider his views. Returning to Canada in 2004, he became a undercover operator with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and worked several CLASSIFIED investigations. In late 2005, one of those files moved to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) and Mubin traversed to what came to be known as the “Toronto 18” terrorism case resulting in the conviction of 11 aspiring violent extremists.

He has since obtained a Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism (MPICT), is now a PhD candidate in Psychological Sciences studying radicalization, deradicalization and violent extremism at the University of Liverpool, Tactical Decision Making Research Group.

On his Twitter account Mubin Shaikh has been balsting Tarek Fatah, Pakistani-Canadian Muslim journalist and author, calling him “NOT a Muslim”, meaning an apostate, because of Fatah’s views on Islamism.

Mubin Shaikh called Tarek Fatah:

NOT a Muslim

Munafiq” [Hypocrite, a person who in public and in community shows that he is a Muslim but rejects Islam or propagate against it either in his heart or among enemies of Islam. The hypocrisy itself is called nifāq]

the closest you get to seeing a real live Munafiq

Imposter Muslim

fake Muslim

scoundrel pretending to be Muslim

moron & a fool




Crankly old man nutjob

Sheharyar Shaikh: “The punishment for apostasy is death”

Sheharyar Shaikh has served as the Imam of the Islamic Society of Kingston, Ontario since 2015. He served as the President of North American Muslim Foundation and the Imam of Masjid Qurtabah in Scarborough, Ont. In recent years, he also took part in Dawah (introducing Islam to disbelievers) with activists affiliated with the Islamic booth at Toronto’s Dundas Square.

In 2013 Sheharyar Shaikh delivered a sermon entitled “There Is No Compulsion In Islam”. The following are excerpts from a sermon which was delivered in English in 2013 (29:47-31:46):

There is an extensive topic on compulsion in religion (اكراه في الدين). I especially want to look at one aspect – the punishment for apostasy. When a person in an Islamic State apostasies, leaves religion, let Allah be a witness that I am telling the truth, that the punishment for apostasy is death. Anybody telling you anything else, I swear by Almighty Allah (والله العظيم), they are lying to you. This is in Islamic Law, if you apostasies, if you turn your back from Islam, according to the [Islamic] Law it is death. And it is not something new. It is the same in the Judaic Law. It was the same in the Christian Law as well and it has been ever since [when] Islam was there. If you turn back, if you commit treason against the country there is punishment of death. If you commit treason against the state there is death. You commit treason against Allah, against the Creator, there is punishment [of death] as well. How could it be, I ask you, is this logical the danger to life, of someone’s life, is deterred by retributive justice (Qisas قصاص). If you kill somebody, if you want to kill anybody there is retributive justice (Qisas قصاص) in effect. If there is a danger to someone’s honour, you cannot dishonour somebody because there is flogging. You cannot go and damage someone’s property, because there is deterrence, because you know that there will be either crucifixion (صلب) or exile (جلاء). There will be crucifixion or exile or even worse. You cannot go out and rob people’s property. Similarly, the greatest thing is when you’re coming to Islam, right? you have now made a pact. This is a contract. Every time we stand up and we say: Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek (إياك نعبد وإياك نستعين) we’re renewing this contract. This we’re taking very seriously. You are alone we worship, You are alone we will worship has both meanings. This has implications.

Execution of such an apostate is, in reality, a salvation for the rest of the society”

The Muslim propogation team (Dawah) at the Islamic booth in Toronto (Dundas Square) distributed for free the book “Human Rights in Islam And Common Misconceptions” by Abdul-Rahman al-Sheha. On the issue of apostasy al-Sheha wrote:

Islamic Shari’ah decrees execution for the person who apostatizes after accepting Islam as a way of life, and rejects Islamic beliefs and laws… Rejecting Islam as a way of life after its acceptance implies malicious propaganda against Islam and a disgrace to the immediate Muslim community where the apostate lives. Such rejection will not only discourage people from accepting Islam as a way of life, but will encourage all varieties of criminality and blasphemy… Declaring general disbelief and rejection is unacceptable in Islamic Shari’ah because such a person does not honor the sacred commitment to his or her faith. He is more dangerous and worse than an original non-believer who never was a Muslim… “We should take the following points into consideration concerning apostates from Islam. The killing of an apostate from the Islamic faith implies that such a person has violated the basis of Islam and attacked Islam openly and publicly with treachery and blasphemy. As such, he threatens the very basis of the moral and social order. This treachery may precipitate the beginning of internal revolution and dangerous rebellion within the Islamic society. This kind of crime is the most serious in any society, and therefore is called ‘High Treason’… “Execution of such an apostate is, in reality, a salvation for the rest of the society members from the maliciousness and violence he would spread if left to propagate his disbelief and blasphemy among the other members of the society… Islam does not treat rejection of the faith as a personal matter but rather a rejection that harms the entire system. This rejection is a seed of internal revolution and instigation towards rebellion in the society… Islam only punishes the apostate himself with the simple, direct and very effective deterrent…

Jamal Badawi: “Hypocrisy (nifaq) is a greater danger to the community than apostasy in itself”

Dr. Jamal Badawi is an Egyptian born Muslim Canadian. He is the author of many books and articles on Islam. Dr. Badawi is active in several Islamic organizations, including Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). He is the founder/chairman of the Islamic Information Foundation, which is a non-profit foundation seeking to promote a better understanding of Islam and the Muslims. Currently, he is the Vice-Chairman of the Islamic University.

In an article titled “Is Apostasy a Capital Crime in Islam?” Dr. Jamal Badawi wrote:

Hypocrisy is a greater danger to the community than apostasy in itself. Hypocrites may implode the Muslim community from within while posing as Muslims.

Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Ibraaheem Al-Tuwayjri wrote in Usool Al-Deen Al-Islami:

Hypocrisy is a serious sickness and a great crime. It means making an outward display of Islam whilst inwardly concealing kufr. Hypocrisy is more dangerous than kufr (disbelief) and the punishment for it is more severe, because it is kufr mixed with Islam and its harmful effects are greater. Hence Allaah will put the hypocrites in the lowest level of Hell… The hypocrites are always confused, always planning deceit and plots. Although outwardly they appear to be with the believers, inwardly they are with the kaafireen. So sometimes they are inclined towards the believers and sometimes they are inclined towards the kaafireen… Because of the corruption of their hearts, the hypocrites are the most averse of mankind to the religion of Allaah… The dealings of the hypocrites revolve around their own interests. When they meet the believers, they make a show of belief and loyalty, in order to deceive the believers and as an action of dissimulation, hoping for whatever good and war-booty they have. But when they meet their masters and chiefs, they say, we are with you in your shirk and kufr… The hypocrites have many characteristics, the worst and most serious of which is disbelief in Allaah… Because the danger posed to the Muslim ummah by the kuffaar and hypocrites is so great, Allaah commanded His Messenger to strive against them: “O Prophet (Muhammad)! Strive hard against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be severe against them; their abode will be Hell, and worst indeed is that destination.”

On May 10, 2020 I sent a media inquiry to Mubin Shaikh and later that day a reminder.


Do you support the execution of apostates and munafiqs (and also gays, armed robbers, rapists) in a Rightly Guided Islamic State that follows the teachings of Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, as a means to bring about a “salvation for the rest of the society”?

You stated: “*TAKFIRI* (tahk-fee-ree) is 2nd term2identify those who excommunicate other Muslims into NonMuslims &become JudgeJuryExecutioner” and you also stated “Any Takfiri, is a national security threat. Automatically.” Why do you use the same Takfiri approach (also used by ISIS and Qaeda) to excommunicate Tarek Fatah as “NOT a Muslim” (meaning apostate)?

The article will be published soon, so it would be great if you could respond by 5pm May 10, 2020. If more time is required please let me know. Thanks!


Eric Stanley Brazau

Investigative Journalist

As of May 11, 2020 Mubin Shaikh has not responded to the media inquiry.

Why did Amira Elghawaby ignore the role of jihad during Ramadan?

Why did Amira Elghawaby ignore the role of jihad during Ramadan?

In an article in the Toronto Star “Broadcast of Muslim call to prayer offers lesson on gratitude”, Amira Elghawaby, a board member of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network and the former spokesperson for the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), described the Islamic month of Ramadan as time of fasting, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.

Amira Elghawaby wrote:

“Ramadan is primarily thought of as a time when Muslims simply refrain from food and drink during daylight hours. But those who are observing are also encouraged to amp up their compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.”

Muslim scholars in Canada and around the world highlight other aspects of Ramadan.

Zafar Bangash, the Director of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT) in Ontario, Canada wrote:

“Ramadan is the month of jihad in all its manifestations. While the crusading West has made jihad (like many other Islamic terms) a dirty word, it was the spirit of sacrifice shared by the early Muslims that helped them overcome enormous difficulties… Ramadan, however, must be seen primarily as the month of struggle and jihad, both internally as well as externally.”

Dr. Iqbal Al-Nadvim the Chairman & President of the Canadian Council of Imams, said that the “Jihad will continue till the Day of Resurrection.”

A book shared by Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA Canada) reads:

“This Hadith [from Al-Bukhari and Muslim] tells about the procedure of Jihad. According to procedure, first of all, polytheists and infidels should be invited to Islam, and if they reject the invitation, then Jihad be made against them. Jihad is such an action that if at its initial stage, that is to say at the stage of invitation, some people accept the guidance, then the people who will participate in Jihad will get the reward of good deeds done by those who would join the fold of Islam.

Excerpts from a research paper by Memri “Ramadan – The Month Of Spirituality, Devotion, Jihad And Martyrdom” published on June 29, 2015:

In an article published in the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram in July 2012, then-mufti of Egypt ‘Ali Gum’a wrote:

“[Throughout the history of] Islamic civilization, Ramadan has been not only a month of worship and of growing close to Allah the Almighty, but also a month of action and jihad aimed at spreading this great religion.”

Egyptian cleric and Al-Azhar lecturer Dr. Fuad Mukheimar wrote:

“Fasting is closely connected to jihad in two aspects: First, determination and steadfastness until The Hour [Judgment Day]. Fasting is a continuous commandment, until Judgment Day and the same is true for jihad, because Muslim society needs it to defend [its] faith, honor, and homeland. The nation’s fasting is [itself] education for jihad, and as long as the nation fasts it will continue to be a jihad fighter.”

In a September 2012 article published on the occasion of Ramadan on the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) website, MB member Hussein Shehata, a lecturer at Al-Azhar University, wrote:

“Fasting [during Ramadan] is one of the most powerful means to educate the human spirit for jihad. Fasting involves a spiritual effort to act in a way contrary to what is accepted, and to completely abandon desires… It also schools the Muslim in patience, resilience, endurance, and sacrifice, which are all traits of the jihad fighter… Ramadan is the month of victory for those who wage jihad for Allah… jihad continues until the Day of Judgment.”

Muslim Brotherhood’s General Guide Muhammad Badi’ wrote on the movement’s website in August 2012:

“Allah the Almighty wanted the [Ramadan] fast to coincide with fighting, so that the Muslims would win and deal their enemies a crushing blow that the world would speak of… Allah did not mandate [the fast] of Ramadan so that [we] sit idly and avoid jihad, action, and da’wa for the sake of Allah.”

In an article he published on July 23, 2014 in the independent Palestinian news website Maan, Hamas official in the West Bank Ahmad Yousuf wrote:

“Throughout Muslim history, Ramadan has been the month of conquest and clear victory.”

Hamas Leader Ismail Haniya said:

: West Bank Shootings Were Heroic Ramadan Victories

“Anyone who studies the history of Islam discovers that most of the great victories and decisive battles took place in the blessed month of Ramadan… Even the mujahideen in Palestine – Allah has granted them success in the holy month of Ramadan, crushing their enemy, thus pleasing the hearts of the believers. This happened in the heroic Jihadi operations which took place in the West Bank yesterday and the day before yesterday. These are some of the victories of Ramadan.”

On August 11, 2010, Hamas’ armed wing, the ‘IzzAl-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, released a Ramadan statement titled “In the Month of jihad and Victories, We Continue With Our Resistance – and Our Eyes Are Lifted Towards The Longed-For Victory.” In it, they said that the month of Ramadan is meant to remind the Muslim ummah [nation] of the glorious battles of the early Muslims against the infidels, waged during Ramadan, including the Battles of Badr, Hattin, and ‘Ain Jalut.

The 16th issue of Al-Fateh, an online children’s magazine published by Hamas, featured a Ramadan story titled “The jihad-Fighting Group,” which says: “Sheikh ‘Abd Al-Rahman loves jihad and the jihad fighters. He speaks of them with wonder and says that if he were a youth he would take up arms, fight the war of jihad for the sake of Allah, and liberate the Muslim lands, and the land of Palestine in particular, from the hands of the pillagers. In the lesson of the day, the Sheikh sat smiling and said: ‘Oh children, write the Hadith [you learned] today. It is the message to continue the jihad until the day the dead are resurrected and the Muslims, the jihad fighters, are victorious against the Jews and their followers, the enemies of Allah. We are [in the month] Ramadan, which is the month of jihad.”

The Islamic State (ISIS) chose to declare its caliphate in June 2014, during the month of Ramadan. In the June 29, 2014 audio message in which ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad Al-‘Adnani announced the establishment of the caliphate, he indeed emphasized the special significance of this month:

“…We congratulate the Muslims on the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan. We ask Allah… to make it a month of victory, honor, and consolidation for the Muslims, and make its days and its nights a curse for the Rafidites, Sahawat, and the apostates…”

In a Ramadan message released two days later, on July 1, 2014, the group’s leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi also emphasized the issue of Ramadan:

“We congratulate the ummah [nation] of Islam, in the East and in the West, on the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, and we praise Allah for allowing us to reach this virtuous month. And there is no deed in this virtuous month or in any other month better than jihad in the path of Allah, so take advantage of this opportunity and walk the path of your righteous predecessors.”

And several days later, in a July 4 sermon, Al-Baghdadi said:

“Oh Muslims, the arrival of the month of Ramadan is a great blessing and grace granted by Allah. It is a month that begins with mercy, continues with atonement, and concludes with salvation from the Hellfire… It is a month in which the marketplace of Jihad opens. In this month, the Prophet Muhammad would prepare the brigades, and would mobilize the armies, in order to fight the enemies of Allah and to wage Jihad against the polytheists. So seize this blessed month, oh servants of Allah, to perform acts of obedience to Allah, for your reward is doubled in this month…”

In October 2004, Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia devoted some of the articles in the 27th issue of online magazine, Sawt Al-jihad, to the topic of Ramadan. The articles discussed the importance of jihad during this month and called for jihad fighters to intensify their efforts during it.

Also on August 11, the forum posted a document titled “Ramadan – The Month of Preparation, of jihad, and of Martyrdom,” by pro-Al-Qaeda sheikh Abu Sa’d Al-‘Amili, a prominent writer on jihadi websites. He wrote that Ramadan is a station “for preparing the soul to enter the fever of jihad,” and Muslims must now, more than ever, take advantage of this month, making it a means for emotional preparation that will enable them to respond to the call for jihad whenever it comes.

A statement issued in June 2015 by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the shadow government of the Afghan Taliban) emphasized the importance of the month of Ramadan: “…Ramadan is a month of success and victories on behalf of Allah the Almighty for the mujahideen. Islamic history shows that major [military] victories have been achieved in the month of Ramadan… Ramadan is a month of glories and victories for the Muslim Ummah.”

Media Inquiry

On May 7, 2020 I sent a media inquiry to Amira Elghawaby.


Senior Muslim scholars in Canada and around the world highlight the importance of jihad during the holy month of Ramadan. Why did you ignore in your article in the Toronto Star the role of jihad as a means to spread Islam during Ramadan?

On January 3, 2019 you stated: “The Islamic Party of Ontario is already causing a lot of unnecessary grief. One guy’s stupid idea gives haters more excuses to rally people against us – nobody needs this nonsense.” Do you apply the same principle also in the case of jihad? Is jihad relevant to spread Islam till the Day of Resurrection in order to bring about the betterment of society?

The article will be published tomorrow, so it would be great if you could respond by 2pm May 8, 2020. Thanks!


Eric Stanley Brazau

Investigative Journalist

As of May 9, 2020 Amira Elghawaby has not responded to the media inquiry.

John Tory instructs Muslims to cancel religious gatherings during Ramadan

John Tory instructs Muslims to cancel religious gatherings during Ramadan

On Friday Apr 10, 2020 Toronto Mayor John Tory addressed the Muslim community in an online speech that was broadcast after the sermon by Sheikh Ahmad Kutty of the Islamic Institute of Toronto.

Tory instructed the Muslim community to abstain from religious gatherings during the month of Ramadan (April 23 – May 23) because of the Corona virus pandemic (COVID-19). During Ramadan Muslims gather every evening for the iftar, breaking the fast meal, and later for the tarawih, the recitation of the Quran and night prayers in the mosques.

John Tory’s message to the Muslim community

Assalamu Alaikum [Peace be upon you] and good evening. I’m so glad that I’m able to join you at the Friday prayer service. You know it’s interesting at times like this when people can’t get together. Technology allows us to be together to celebrate Friday prayers and for me to join you and to extend all my best wishes to you and talk a little bit about what’s going on in our city at the moment. You know the virtual prayers allows us to stay connected and that’s very important at the time like this. Perhaps more important than ever because it gives us an opportunity to hardness of the technology but also to harness the power of faith. And the power of faith right now is important to keeping the city together to dealing with some of these stresses were facing in our lives. Whether it’s people like yourself personally or your friends or your relatives that are anxious about their health it’s understandable anxious about financial security and jobs which is also understandable. I think these are all things that as people are going through right now but what’s really important for all of us is to remember that we have to be there for each other. And we’ve got to support each other. And I know that that’s a great tradition of Islam. That you would be there to contribute to the community and to strengthen the community and to support each other. And that’s a lot of what goes on at the mosque the day after day especially on Fridays. So I hope that you will do that today. I also hope you will keep in mind what I would telling people is the single most important thing they can do which is to stay home. Please stay home right now. Because the scientist tell us convincingly based on science that the best way this virus can spread. And of course we don’t want that to happen. Is person-to-person contact through droplets that come from your mouth. And if you’re not away from home those droplets are not going to spread. That’s why I am emphatic saying to people please stay home. It’s why there have been various orders and guidelines given to stop people from coming to the mosque on Friday or any other day. Because it’s just not going to help us to fight this battle against the virus. I want you to know that we are trying to do what we can as a city to make sure people are left with a degree of support and comfort. We’ve got all kinds of services for our most vulnerable citizens to make sure that the elderly and the homeless are looked after. As you would expect. And by the way Muslim association of Canada the Muslim welfare centre other organizations that are known so well in our community are doing the same thing. But I also want you to know to the extent that you can volunteer to help others in the community. That’s going to be good. And we are doing some things to deferral of tax payments, utility payments so on and so forth. As well other public services to make sure that people are kept comfortable and supported. Of course Ramadan will soon be here and we hope that a lot of this will be behind us. But we should prepare ourselves, for the fact that one of the things that is most important in your calendar each year, and all the iftar dinners that it that it has been my privilege to attend, with you. It’s a time when you are getting together with family and friends. And with of course each other. And that we may have to make some alterations to that this year. As well and, will find a way, as we have found a way with Friday prayers, to make sure that people have that sense of togetherness and that they feel that power of faith. And they feel that power of observance on one of the most important dates if not the most important date on the calendar. And I hope with the help of technology we will still be able to find ways to celebrate and commemorate something that I know is very important to me as the mayor of Toronto and very important to you as residents of the city of Toronto. We are all in this together. We have overcome many things in the city over time even before I was born. And we will overcome this too we will do it together with your help. And I thank you very much for all the effort you’re undertaking to keep the city together to look after each other. And I look forward to seeing you just as soon as that is possible.

On April 10, 2020 John Tory instructed the Toronto Police Service to take more strict measures to enforce social distancing:

Chief Mark Saunders, Toronto Police Services Mr. Carleton Grant, Executive Director Municipal Licensing and Standards


First of all may I thank you for your leadership which has helped us to have hundreds of police and bylaw enforcement officers at work this holiday weekend across the city helping us to educate and to enforce our physical distancing rules.

As you know, beyond the preferred option which is for people to stay home, physical distancing between people is the best way we will slow down the march of COVID-19 and thus save lives and get us back to our normal way of life as quickly as possible. That is the advice of all public health professionals including our Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa.

As you also know, despite very simple legal and health requirements, the most important of which is for people to remain two metres apart, there are still many people who are not doing what they must do to stay healthy themselves and to protect the health of others.

We have reports of everything from bonfires on the beach to hanging out in groups in parking lots to playing pickup sports in closed areas, all of which involve groups of people who don’t live with each other and thus could spread the virus.

While the vast majority of Toronto residents are keeping their distance and helping us fight COVID-19, your officers have given hundreds of informational talks, many warnings and some tickets to the worst offenders, which is the kind of enforcement we all wanted to see to the greatest possible extent.

It seems to me however, that when, after a week, we are still having informational chats with hundreds of people who don’t get it or won’t comply, the time has come for stricter enforcement and more tickets.

We are facing a deadly virus – tragically it has already claimed the lives of 77 Toronto residents – and we need people to realize as quickly as possible what they need to do to stay healthy.

As you both know, as an elected official I cannot direct law enforcement as to how they enforce the law, but I am by way of this letter offering my strong opinion and support as Mayor for stricter enforcement which would be in the interests of fairness to law abiding people and in the interests of protecting our city’s health and moving us faster to the day when life can return to normal.

I hope you will give this request every possible consideration as I believe it is entirely consistent with our collective efforts to save lives, protect health and the healthcare system and limit damage to our economy and our way of life.

Thank you.


Mayor John Tory

Mohammed Hashim reinvents Islam by accepting multiple gender identities

Mohammed Hashim reinvents Islam by accepting multiple gender identities

Mohammed Hashim is “a labour and human rights advocate working as the Senior Organizer for the Toronto and York Region Labour Council” and “a Founding Advisor of Progress Toronto.” According to his bio on Mohammed Hashim “advocates on issues related to workers’ rights at the municipal level and is a leader on the promotion of equity issues and tackling Islamophobia.”

On January 2nd, 2019 Mohammed Hashim publicly criticized the Islamic Party of Ontario led by Jawed Anwar and specifically its goal to implement the sharia Islamic law and his “homophobic” platform. Hashim wrote (Facebook):

“Equally nutters is this Javed Anwer [sic] guy creating an Islamic Party of Ontario. He’s a Doug Ford [Ontario Premier] supporter! and to call someone an ‘enemy of Islam’?? Who made you God? But beyond that, I don’t know where he gets this idea that implementing sharia law on everyone is a good idea. It’s a mostly secular democratic system buddy,that strives for universal human rights. His platform is homophobic, misogynistic and surely does not represent my Islam.”

The Islamic Party of Ontario’s platform on LGBTQ issues reads:

“Allah has created two genders: men and women. Any physical defect in any organ of a person doesn’t change one’s gender identification and sexual orientation. All the communities of all the faiths believe in it; modern science proves it. The concept of “gender identity” is a false concept.”

Based only on Canadian authentic sources I’ve learned that the Islamic Party of Ontario’s position on LGBTQ reflects the true teaching of Islam. Allah said in the holy Koran (Surah Al-Hujjurat 49:13) “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another.” There is a consensus among the senior Canadian Muslim scholars that liberal concept of gender identity is foreign to Islam. My thorough search failed to find any respected Canadian scholars who support you position on LGBTQ.

Media Inquiry

Can you please provide the Islamic sources that led you to unequivocally reject the aforementioned Islamic Party of Ontario’s platform on LGBTQ while stating “[it] surely does not represent my Islam”?

Does your reformed version of Islam recognize liberal concept of gender identity and the existence of multiple genders in contradiction to Allah’s holy Koran, Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh), the sahaba and the teachings of the great scholars of Islam?

What are your qualifications in Islamic studies? Are they sufficient to challenge the great scholars of Islam and the consensus among the senior Muslim scholars in Canada?

An article on this issue will be published by the end of the week. A response by 11am Wednesday will be much appreciated.


Eric Stanley Brazau,

Investigative Journalist

Note: On March 25, 2020 I sent a reminder to Mohammed Hashim that reads “I will postpone publishing till Thursday 26 March 11am. Your response, should you make one, will be included.”

As of March 27, 2020 Mohammed Hashim has not responded to the media inquiry. A short time after the media inquiry was sent, Mohammed Hashim removed all public posts from his Facebook page.