Canadian Imam: Attitude Toward Jews is a Mandated Religious Obligation in the Quran

Eric Brazau

The future of Islam rests with the children of Islam. These words have been spoken by Muslim leaders across the world. Two Canadian senior leaders have expressed these sentiments Imam  Haqim Quick & Imam Abu Ameenha Bilal Philips.

May 21st, 2021 in a Vancouver Park Canadian +

Imam Younis Kathradra was educating a group of Muslim youth on the Islamic relationship with Yahood (Jews)

Let’s begin by reminding ourselves of this enemy about whom Allah says in the Quran glorified and exalted behe I will give you the meaning of the verse under your hood Jew say Yahoo translated as Zionist or Zionist Jew whatever you like the animosity of the believers towards the Yahoo is based on religious grounds because the people of Faith hate the Yahoo because of their disbelief in Allah… whereas the amenity of the believers towards the Jews is just and sensible. The believers differentiate between the Jews who are combatants and those who are Denny’s and those with whom they have a pact. If you do not hate the opponents of Allah you have no faith. Go find yourself a church go find yourself a synagogue but the place for you is not a mosque

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