Is CBC Suppressing Muslim Voices Concerning Taliban’s Rise to Power?

In August of 2021, the Americans withdrew from Afghanistan, which permitted the Taliban to regain control. The CBC reported extensively on this from many angles: human rights, women’s rights, education, interpreters, airport explosion, etc.

One angle that seems to be missing from the extensive coverage of the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan is the voice of Canadian Muslim leaders. As of September 8, 2021, a search on CBC web site revealed nothing that referred to Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada’s statements about the Taliban.

Imam Younus Kathrada is a senior, influential leader in Canada, who has clearly spoken about the Taliban’s rise to power in Afghanistan.

Below is a transcript of a clip that Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada had up loaded on his YouTube channel on August 20, 2021, View Clip

I incite you to show support for your brothers in Afghanistan who wants to establish the Shari’a in their land. We see that the West wants to talk about the rights of women. Oh yes, the rights of women, her right to be a prostitute, her right to sleep around with whomever she wishes. I want you to understand what those rights are, oh, by the way, her right to be abused, her right to show her body off to men who gets off on watching her in porn. Allah Grant victory to the mujahideen for your sake everywhere. Allah grant success to our brothers in Afghanistan. So that they establish your Sharia on this land.

Further support was added by Senior Colorado Imam Karim AbuZaid, who often speaks in Canadian mosques.

Below is a partial transcript;

Now the laws of Taliban – the laws of the Sharia – of Islam, that’s what they want to implement in their country. So what is wrong with that? Why don’t you place this on the same level, equal to Macron forcing women not to wear their hijab under the notion of keeping the custom and the principles of the Republic?

Listen – the hijab is an element of Islam. Muslims, you should love for the Sharia of Allah to be established through…Taliban happened to be the ruling authority in Afghanistan. Don’t they have the right to at least show their women the Islamic dress code?

View Clip

On September 8, 2021 at 10am I sent a media inquiry the CBC

Why has the CBC given no coverage to Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada’s statements on the rise to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan when said statement was covered by independent media?

Why has the CBC given no coverage to Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada’s statements on Palestine and al-Aqsa Mosque made over the last several years? These statements were made public by independent media. Why did the CBC see fit to ignore them?

I will be publishing at 5 pm. If you need more time, please let me know.

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