Toronto Imam: Labels Hadith about Vomiting a Black Puppy Irrational

Toronto Imam: Labels Hadith about Vomiting a Black Puppy Irrational

Senior Imam & scholar Shabbir Ally is interviewed concerning Hadith that reference demon possession & other phenomena. Below is a transcript of a portion of the interview uploaded to the YouTube channel Let the Quran Speak on March 2, 2017 titled Problematic Hadith: Jinn Possession | Dr. Shabir Ally


And what is gin possession

Shabbir Ally

Well that’s the idea that these jinnn some of them being evil creatures who will take possession of the human body, so it’s the ginn mind that controls the body and the human mind is somehow left on the back burner. It is the job of The Exorcist to then remove that gin or evil spirit so that this human mind comes to take possession of his or her own body.


So what are some of the very few stories concerning possession?

Shabbir Ally

Let me share one of the Hadith so we get an idea. This is a Hadith collected from Ibn Abbas. A woman came with a son of hers and said, “O! messenger of Allah this son of mine is insane. He is seized by fits  every morning and ruins our lives.” Allah’s messenger wiped him and prayed for him the boy then vomited and a black puppy came out of his mouth and ran away. Reading, this obviously is in the realm of legendary materials. For a sane Muslim scholar to collect this and be putting it in his book it means that this scholar obviously subscribes to a mindset which is not ours.


So how would you argue with things that others say? Some will say very rational such as the gin or gin possession because we don’t see it so someone else it might seem irrational

Well, I take it even further and not only say that this Hadith, but the whole idea that Jinn possess is in fact irrational.

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Is CBC Suppressing Muslim Voices Concerning Taliban’s Rise to Power?

Is CBC Suppressing Muslim Voices Concerning Taliban’s Rise to Power?

In August of 2021, the Americans withdrew from Afghanistan, which permitted the Taliban to regain control. The CBC reported extensively on this from many angles: human rights, women’s rights, education, interpreters, airport explosion, etc.

One angle that seems to be missing from the extensive coverage of the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan is the voice of Canadian Muslim leaders. As of September 8, 2021, a search on CBC web site revealed nothing that referred to Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada’s statements about the Taliban.

Imam Younus Kathrada is a senior, influential leader in Canada, who has clearly spoken about the Taliban’s rise to power in Afghanistan.

Below is a transcript of a clip that Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada had up loaded on his YouTube channel on August 20, 2021, View Clip

I incite you to show support for your brothers in Afghanistan who wants to establish the Shari’a in their land. We see that the West wants to talk about the rights of women. Oh yes, the rights of women, her right to be a prostitute, her right to sleep around with whomever she wishes. I want you to understand what those rights are, oh, by the way, her right to be abused, her right to show her body off to men who gets off on watching her in porn. Allah Grant victory to the mujahideen for your sake everywhere. Allah grant success to our brothers in Afghanistan. So that they establish your Sharia on this land.

Further support was added by Senior Colorado Imam Karim AbuZaid, who often speaks in Canadian mosques.

Below is a partial transcript;

Now the laws of Taliban – the laws of the Sharia – of Islam, that’s what they want to implement in their country. So what is wrong with that? Why don’t you place this on the same level, equal to Macron forcing women not to wear their hijab under the notion of keeping the custom and the principles of the Republic?

Listen – the hijab is an element of Islam. Muslims, you should love for the Sharia of Allah to be established through…Taliban happened to be the ruling authority in Afghanistan. Don’t they have the right to at least show their women the Islamic dress code?

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On September 8, 2021 at 10am I sent a media inquiry the CBC

Why has the CBC given no coverage to Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada’s statements on the rise to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan when said statement was covered by independent media?

Why has the CBC given no coverage to Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada’s statements on Palestine and al-Aqsa Mosque made over the last several years? These statements were made public by independent media. Why did the CBC see fit to ignore them?

I will be publishing at 5 pm. If you need more time, please let me know.

Steven Zhou Implies Imams teachings on FB Page are a parody.

Steven Zhou Implies Imams teachings on FB Page are a parody.

Steven Zhou sent a message to the FB group on September 2, 2021

“Hi there, I have a few questions for the founder(s) of this website and FB page. I’d like to write a piece about whether it’s a parody, given a lot of the content that’s posted. Please let me know if you have time to chat sometime next week.”

This is a press inquiry; I am a journalist covering Islamophobia and hate issues.

Reply strives to present the true teachings of genuine authentic, diverse, certified Muslim Canadian Imams and scholars (Sunni, Shia, Sufi, Ahmaddiya etc.), as well as community leaders (including politicians). Your insinuation that accurately quoting the true teachings of Islam as presented by prominent and highly respected Canadian Imams and scholars is a “parody” may constitute an insult to the integrity and dignity of these spiritual community leaders whose teachings are featured on the page Furthermore, your insinuation of “parody” is also contradicted by other well established Islamic groups that regularly share these posts and articles, thus acknowledging that these posts are authentic and informative and of value in helping Muslims and non-Muslims learn about Islam.

My statement on April 23, 2021 “Eric Brazau “Learning the TRUE Islam – Fighting the Phobias conflated with Islamophobia” reflects the latest phase in my ever developing journey into the fascinating world of Islam

A few years ago, I launched my first journey into the world of Islam, its religion, traditions and culture. The more I learned, the more I became fascinated and intrigued. With the guidance and teachings of Canadian Imams, Muslim scholars, Islamic literature, I have enriched my understanding of Islam’s nuances and subtleties.  I would like to take this opportunity to express a word of gratitude to a particularly special senior Imam, a member of the Canadian Council of Imams. This imam, with graciousness and patience, encouraged me to delve deeper, take a deep dive into what some say is the world’s most misunderstood religion of peace. I will be honoured if you accept my invitation to join my continued journey along the path to understanding the TRUE Islam, the Sunnah, the way of life, the teachings of Prophet Mohammad PBUH, based on authentic, diverse, North American Islamic sources.

Together, ensemble, we will fight the phobias that are conflated with Islamophobia. It is said “Rational thinking defeats phobias”. I ask you help me to help us to help them by sharing this content. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you soon. 

Statement made in August 2019 

Hello, my name is Eric Brazau. A year ago I was thrown into a fountain in full view of the police. They threatened to arrest me for causing a disturbance. The mainstream media made much of this story and lauded the man that assaulted me. One group however stood up to defend my right to free speech and expression, and denounced the violence perpetrated against me. This act by NCCM National Council of Canadian Muslims, who are a leading voice for Muslim civic engagement and the promotion of human rights, put everything I thought that I knew about Islam in doubt. I like to believe I am a man that bases all conclusions on sound research and well argued deductive reasoning; for that reason, I launched I must share with you that prior to this journey I based my position – conclusion – about Islam on the teachings of Muslim scholars mainly from the Middle East. It seems that was an oversight that led me to some regrettable actions with regretful consequences. Since my fortuitous dip into the fountain and the support of NCCM, I embarked on a journey, nay, a voyage, to learn about Islam based solely on diverse, authentic, Canadian, Islamic, Muslim sources. I have learned much about Islam. I hope that you have as well. The problem with learning is that it has led me to understand that there is very much more to discover. Every question answered brings more questions. Today I am a blank page, an open book, a new slate, ready to explore the diverse fascinating facets of Islam. Yes, Islam fascinates me. Its rich culture, philosophy, schools of thought, Islamic law, the Shari’a, the Islamic State, the Caliphate. Of course, to better understand the true Islam I started learning Arabic, and the Muslim prayers, the salat, that illustrate one’s total submission to Allah. I invite you to continue as my traveling companion into the world of Islam.

One final note: leading senior Muslim scholars and imams in Canada advise that we do not seek knowledge about Islam from the mainstream media. You can rest assured that will continue to be based on authentic, Canadian, Islamic, Muslim, sources.

On a personal note, I have, after much learning and contemplation, come to accept that ICNA Canada as well as Hizb ut –Tahrir Canada seem to be the closest embodiment of the original message of Islam as conveyed by the last and final messenger Prophet Mohammad PBUH and as practiced by al-Khulafa al-Rashidun

I insist that my reply be used in its entirety.

Shari’a Law Close Reality for Some Canadian Women 2003 Child Custody

Shari’a Law Close Reality for Some Canadian Women 2003 Child Custody

Below is a transcript of part of a lecture given by Canadian Imam Aasim Rashid made in 2003 regarding the near successful attempt to begin introducing Shari’a law; first with all Family matters.

The Canadian government wanted people like myself to sign off on custody cases.  Where there was an allegation of parental abduction to verify if the parent who has taken the child off to that country – are they Islamically authorized to do so or not. Because there are many Muslim countries that would need to see that from a Muslim scholar.

Nigeria – Portraying Christians Hunted as Victims is Fueling Islamophobia

Nigeria – Portraying Christians Hunted as Victims is Fueling Islamophobia

A media outlet that Sothern Poverty Law Center has identified is reporting that Herdsmen in Nigeria are systematically killing Christians with the explicit support of the government.

August 30, 2021 Morning Star News – Fulani herdsmen killed 36 Christians in multiple attacks in Kaduna state, Nigeria this month with impunity, while a church leader complained that authorities arrested only Christians for defending themselves.

We must learn the True Islamic Teaching in order to dispel that these Fulani Herdsmen’s actions are in anyway associated with the teachings of Canadian Islamic teaching or Islamic literary sources or official Canadian policy or stated wisdom. Islamophobia is a growing concern.

Justin Trudeau

Canadians are quick to point out that ISIS is wrong, that  Islam is not incompatible with a western secular democracy a free place like Canada

Imam Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

Islam is essentially a moral message. To implement that message it might require weapons. Primary goal of jihad is not to spill blood or acquire people’s property. But…

Narrated by Essam Almusny

The Prophet told the expedition: if you have seen a mosque or heard a call to prayer do not kill anybody

It cannot be confirmed that those identifying the Nigerian Fulani Herdsman as believing  Muslims are not Mistaken.