Similarities Between Taliban – Mustafa Farooq & Canadian Imams

Similarities Between Taliban – Mustafa Farooq & Canadian Imams

What is a Taliban? Taliban means seeker of knowledge.

In the true sense of the word Canadian Muslim scholars are Taliban.

What is the main goal or mission of the political group known as Taliban? Taliban official spokesmen have communicated that it is to establish a Caliphate – Islamic State – governed by shari’a law.

Senior respected influential Muslim Canadian leaders teach that it is a moral obligation for all Muslims to strive to implement shari’a law in Canada and the world. “Muslims do not want to take over for the sake of taking over.” “Wanting to establish sharia is a perfectly health, normal, thing for Muslims to want.” View Clip

In 2011, Mustafa Farooq CEO of NCCM, (National Council of Canadian Muslims), a leading Muslim advocacy and charitable organization that advises the Liberal Party on all matters concerning the Muslim community, did publicly state “We need to establish shari’a law in Edmonton, Ottawa, and Montreal and eliminate nation state identities”

Imam Shabbir Ally did say that groups such as “ISIS… are using verses from the Quran, Hadith and Shari’a law to justify their action”

Islamic Booth at Dundas SQ in Toronto distributes literature that instructs Muslims on their religions duty to fight to establish Sharia law.

ICNA Canada on it’s site has a book Garden of the Righteous so long as Kufr [disbelief] is present in this world, it is necessary to wage Jihad against it to finish it off, and so long as all the disbelievers do not openly accept Islam and adopt the Islamic way of life, Muslims are duty- bound to make Jihad against them.”

The following is excerpt from PETTITION 411 The precursor to m103.

  • Recently an infinitesimally small number of extremist individuals have conducted terrorist activities while claiming to speak for the religion of Islam. Their actions have been used as a pretext for a notable rise of anti-Muslim sentiments in Canada; and
  • These violent individuals do not reflect in any way the values or the teachings of the religion of Islam. In fact, they misrepresent the religion. We categorically reject all their activities. They in no way represent the religion, the beliefs and the desire of Muslims to co-exist in peace with all peoples of the world.

Is it reasonable, based on petition 411 and m103, to conclude that those who oppose establishing an Islamic state in Canada are participating in an act of Islamophobia?

NCCM Recommends “Dismantle Systemic Islamophobia in Government Institutions” IE: CRA

NCCM Recommends “Dismantle Systemic Islamophobia in Government Institutions” IE: CRA

July 23. 2021 NCCM National Council of Canadian Muslims released their recommendation & demands. The goal seems to be to enshrine Islamophobia into the Canadian culture as well as increase funding to Islamic organizations.

Our recommendations are clear. At the level of the federal government we need to see a commitment to enshrine the fight against Islamophobia within government. Right now there are essentially no specific resources or strategy specifically around addressing Islamophobia. Even as the federal government commits to the need to combating Islamophobia through the creation of a special office of a special envoy on Islamophobia through investment under a specific ant-Islamophobia strategy, into public messaging and supporting storytelling initiatives amongst numerous other changes. We suggest in our recommendations that the federal government can and has to commit to the fight against Islamophobia. Simultaneously the federal government needs to commit to fighting Islamophobia at the systemic level within government. looking at profiling at the CRA of Muslim-led charities or how national security agencies have continued to profile Canadian Muslims and other racialized minorities while ignoring the threat, and missing the threat in many ways, of white supremacist groups. We call on the federal government today towards taking action on dismantling systemic Islamophobia within our institutions. At the provincial level we have a range of recommendations from looking at every province including this one. Committing to an anti-Islamophobia strategy and education, to provincial hate crime accountability units, to looking at the ways to stop violent white supremacist rallies in our provinces. At the municipal level we believe that the key path forward is recognizing and celebrating the path forward. And we have brought forward a number of recommendations around that. We need to see action and we need to see it now. Governments attending the summit must know that we want more than their attendance.  We want to see their commitment to timelines. As we see daily attacks against our community members, and since London, much more needs to be done and it needs to be done now. At the end of the day this is about choices. Do we choose to merely speak, to merely have words, of consolation and consternation or do we choose to act? Thank you.

Is it Time NCCM Join Other faith Groups that Fly the Gay Pride Flag & Celebrate Gender & Sexual Diversity?

Is it Time NCCM Join Other faith Groups that Fly the Gay Pride Flag & Celebrate Gender & Sexual Diversity?

Welcome to Islam Moving Forward in Canada

Universities, Large corporations, Banks & Religious groups, Toronto City, Queens Park & Ottawa do Fly the Gay Pride flag in celebration of sexual & gender Diversity.

Muslim MPs have publicly endorsed their support for Gay Pride

What is the position of Islam on the issue of Homosexuality? Senior Canadian Imams have made the position clear.

Wael Shihab, Imam of Masjid Toronto, affiliated with the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC):

““Islam forbids homosexuality and lesbianism. Same-sex marriage poses a serious and dangerous threat to human societies and communities.    Same-sex marriage endangers family atmosphere where children should be morally raised. Gay relationships pose serious dangers to the family institution.  Same-sex marriage, moreover, threatens the existence of human species. Such relationships could not build human communities or secure the existence of humans

Yusuf Badat, President of the Canadian Council of Imams: CCI

“People who identify as transgender or transsexual These individuals need mental treatment and guidance … 

Imam Hamza Sodaga “If there’s homosexual men the punishment is one of five things. One cut their head off. Two burne them to death. Three throw them off a cliff. Four tear a wall on them so they die. Five is a combination of the above.

In 2012 Mustafa Farooq CEO of National Council of Canadian Muslims opposed alliances between Muslims & LGBTQ persons comparing them to those who commit major sins such as adulterers & producers of alcohol

Unlike CIJA and other faith groups that have evolved to display the Rainbow Flag it seem that NCCM under the Guidance & leadership of Mustafa Farooq continues to adhere & promote the TRUE Islam.

Why did NCCM’s Mustafa Farooq remove his anti-LGBTQ comments from Facebook?

Why did NCCM’s Mustafa Farooq remove his anti-LGBTQ comments from Facebook?

On October 31, 2019 I sent a media inquiry to Mustafa Farooq, the Executive Director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), asking why he removed his anti LGBTQ comments immediately after Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld revealed them in a article on the website American Center for Democracy. Mustafa Farooq has not as of yet responded to my media inquiry.

Media Inquiry

Mustafa Farooq, Executive Director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM)


Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld from the American Center for Democracy has reported that Mustafa Farooq, the Executive Director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), removed his anti LGBTQ comments on Facebook.

Ehrenfeld’s report:

On January 26, 2012 Sana Ghani, a former research assistant at University of Alberta, posted on Facebook:

The Muslim and LGBTQ Communities: Is there a possibility for strategic alliances? Al-Hikmah Discussion Group Fri. Feb 3, 6:30pm. Steeps (11116 82 ave).

As-salamu ‘alaykum all,

This month’s Al-Hikmah open discussion is on the Muslim and LGBTQ communities. Both “The Muslim” and “The Homosexual” are lumped into the category of discriminated minority figure/ political scapegoat. Of course, these two figures make very strange bedfellows (no pun intended). What do we make of this situation?

What possibilities are there for alliances, when we might have fundamental disagreements? Why have very different ways of being been flattened into parallel “identities”? How might we get the leaders of our community to address this issue in a more open and nuanced way?

This is a very contentious topic, but we feel there needs to be more open discussion in our community on these kinds of issues. We wish to discuss the kinds of questions, difficulties and possibilities we see here, to get a very important conversation started in our community.

Mustafa Farooq is Executive Director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM). A lawyer by profession, Mustafa completed his Juris Doctor at the University of Alberta and Osgoode Hall (York University) and later earned his Master of Laws (LLM) at UC Berkeley in California.

Here are Mustafa Farooq’s comments on Sana Ghani’s Facebook post:

Mustafa Farooq: “We should also have seperate [sic] but related conferences on how Muslims should work with Adulterers, and then another one on how Muslims need to ally themselves with those who take insane amounts of interest, and then another about Muslims with the alcohol industry.”

Sana Ghani: “I didn’t say Muslims SHOULD necessarily ally with the LGBTQ community. The issue is, of course, that the LGBTQ community has been trying to support Muslims because they see a common goal with us (opposing state coercion). I think we definitely need to think more carefully about how to respond to this, what would be best politically for our community, while acting with integrity towards our principles. Dr. Sherman Jackson and Dr. Umar F. Abd-Allah have had really interesting things to say on this issue, which I would like for us to consider. May Allah (t’ala) guide us to whatever is best, amin.”

Mustafa Farooq: “I believe strongly that to ask a question is to create conditions of possibility, especially since in the Muslim community the consensus on this question is, in my opinion, pretty clear. To ask the question is, in fact, to argue that allying ourselves with a certain community is possibly a correct choice. As a political science student, if there is one thing I have learned, we can’t predict the future in terms of alliances. Picking the side of justice, however, and truth, is something we can never lose at (because even if we are oppressed, we are drawing closer to Allah). Dr. Sherman Jackson, I know, has made his opinion on this pretty clear ( which is to say that we do not condemn homosexuals (just as we do not condemn those who have feelings of attractions towards the opposite sex) but condemn the act of homosexuality (just as we condemn adultery). May Allah guide us to the truth, and forgive us for wen we mispeak.

Hide or report this YOUTUBE.COM Is There A Place For Gay Muslims?


Mustafa Farooq: “I apologize if my comments came of as sarcastic. That was not my intention. I was merely attempting to make an analogy- if the postulations in my point struck you as conversations you would never have (because they are forbidden) then this would fall in the same category (as it is clearly forbidden). Allah knows my intention, as there are indeed conversations that I don’t think we need to have- it would be like raising objections to having Ayaan Hersi Ali or Irshad Manji [Muslim-born activists critics of Islam] lecture at a masjid [mosque]. Please forgive me if I offended you.”

Sana Ghani: “I take your concerns very seriously, Mustafa. But I’m just not convinced either way, or by this line of thinking. The greatest thing forbidden to us is shirk [polytheism], and yet we make alliances with non-Muslims all the time. We have inter-faith alliances with people who define themselves as a group by their belief in the trinity. Allahu ‘alam [Allah knows best], I just have a lot of questions on this, and I think as a group we could at least clarify our concerns. It doesn’t end here, of course. I want to discuss these issues with scholars as well, as we as a community start articulating and clarifying precisely what our concerns are. This is a relatively new and strange situation we are in, but I am confident that Allah will guide us as a community to whatever is best for us. If this is more harmful than good for us, then may He make that clear to us, amin.”

UPDATE (October 31, 2019) – NCCM Mustafa Farooq’s statements critical of alliances with LGBTQ were removed from Facebook.


  • Why did you remove the anti LGBTQ comments immediately after Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld exposed them in her article?
  • Why do you oppose alliances with LGBTQ communities?
  • Has NCCM under your leadership built alliances with the LGBTQ community, and particularily the Muslim LGBTQ community?
  • Why didn’t NCCM post on its Facebook page the rainbow flag during the Pride month?
  • Why didn’t NCCM issue any statement in support of the LGBTQ community, and particularily the Muslim LGBTQ community, during the Pride month?

I would like a reply by by 4pm November 1, 2019. If you need more time let me know.


Eric Stanley Brazau,

Investigative journalist