America to Create Envoy to Fight Global Islamophobia. Will Trudeau Follow Suit?

America to Create Envoy to Fight Global Islamophobia. Will Trudeau Follow Suit?

October 2021 US congress woman Ilhan Omar is introducing a bill to appoint a high ranking official to monitor Islamophobia worldwide.

“Combating International Islamophobia Act” is co-sponsored by Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) and Andy Kim (D-N.J.), among dozens of other Democrats.

The Othering and Belonging Institute  reports that 33% of Muslims have experienced  Islamophobia and 94%  complain that Islamophobia is affecting their emotional and psychological well being.

CAIR has reportedly documented 500 anti-Muslim hate incidents in 2020. United Nations human rights experts say ‘Muslim hatred has reached epidemic proportions,’ The U.N. also reports to have found evidence of wide-scale human rights violations, including extrajudicial killings, gang rapes, and arson of Rohingya villages and schools as well as ethnic cleansing and genocide being committed by the Chinese government.

Will NCCM urge article article Justin Trudeau and lobby for Canada to create a ministry dedicated to the eradication of Islamophobia & the promotion of Muslim culture?

Males, with Muslim names, in Alberta Sex trafficking investigation are not Muslim

Males, with Muslim names, in Alberta Sex trafficking investigation are not Muslim

Islamophobia and racism that fuel intolerance to Diversity and Multicuture mixed with supremacy is leading some Canadians to conclude that an Islamic rape gang is operating in Alberta similar to those in England. How can this be dispelled?

What is happening in Canada is not on the scale of what has and is transpiring in England.

In a shocking interview with the Triggernometry, rape survivor Dr. Ella Hill has revealed that at least half a million Non-Muslim (Kaffir) girls have been raped by grooming gangs, operated by Muslim men in the United Kingdom, in the past 40 years. The interview was conducted by Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster.

However further context is provided. Muslim leader Imam Shabbir Ally explain that sex slaves acquired during war are permissible and thus sanctioned by Allah; on the contrary a free Muslim woman is off limits to being molested/raped

Further proof that some Canadian leaders agree is contained in m103 Islamophobia motion “recognize the need to quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear” linking Muslim men that seemingly identify as Muslim to a Muslim gang is very possibly Islamophobia.

The Lethbridge Police Service, in collaboration with the RCMP, the Calgary Police Service, and ALERT’s Human Trafficking Counter Exploitation unit, say the accused range from 16-37 years old. This differs from the situation in England were those accused and convicted were between 21 and 55 years old.

The community is shocked to learn that two of the accused are upwardly mobile professionals. One is business owner the other a physician.

Islam Q&A

Islam Q&A is an academic, educational, da‘wah website which aims to offer advice and academic answers based on evidence from religious texts in an adequate and easy-to-understand manner.

Allaah has permitted intimacy with a slave woman if the man owns her. This is not regarded as adultery as suggested in the question. Allaah says, describing the believers (interpretation of the meaning)

Distinguishing Between Lawful & Unlawful Sex with Slave Girls in Islam

Distinguishing Between Lawful & Unlawful Sex with Slave Girls in Islam

Welcome to Islam moving forward In Canada. In recent days British Muslim supporters of Palestinian Islamic groups, Hamas & Islamic Jihad, have paraded in Jewish neiborhoods of London UK, publicly & loudly been calling out  >>> “F the Jews, we will rape you daughters”

Do these individuals represent the true message of Islam as conveyed by Prophet Mohammad P&BBUH? – Is rape of non Muslim women Islamicly permissible? I will share the contextualized context that will aid in dispelling misinformation that lead to misunderstanding of the TRUE Islam.

We will also learn about slave girls that are possessed by the Right hand of Muslim men, according to Islamic law

Dr. Ewis El Nagar senior scholar with the Quebec Council of Imams (Conseil des Imams Québec) who in 2011 said

>>>An important question still remains open. Are the [Quranic] verses dealing with ‘right hands possess’, abrogated or not? And is this ruling still applicable or not? And the answer is that [the Quranic verses dealing with ‘right hands possess’] are not abrogated and the ruling [‘right hands possess’] is applicable once the reason for it exists. Jihad returned, wars returned, then the ruling [‘right hands possess’] is not abrogated”>>>

Who are the women that are possessed by the right hand of Muslim men according to Islamic law?

For this answer we turn to the book modern commentary of the Quran explains  <<<“slaves or war captives who had polytheist husbands” >>>

In 2014 the practice of owning slave girls was again established in the Islamic State and parts of Africa. According to scholars, during the jihad, men are killed, the women are captured. Hence they become war booty. For the slave girl to become lawfully permissible in order to avoid the sin of adultery, the man holds his right hand over the women’s head. This is also done when transferring ownership of a slave girl.

Returning to Toronto Ontario we next learn from Imam & scholar Shabbir who was interviewed on Let the Quran Speak Sep 4th 2020

Hostess Aisha Khaja asked:

It seems to be a fact that in the Islamic classical law one can own a female slave. Can you talk to me about that?

Imam Shabbir Ally’s response

Quran has left it open people can own slaves. Slave girls were to be married off rather than simply taken by the owner against her will… In the aHadith and in classical Islamic tradition it is widely recognized that the slave owner would have the right to have sex with the girls his right hand posses through the booty of war.

Complete segment Let the Quran Speak

We finish this segment with Islam Q&A a leading authoritative resource on Islam

So enjoy what you have gotten of booty in war, lawful and good”  And the Prophet PBBUH used to do this in his wars and his jihaad against the kuffaar, when he confiscated their property, wealth & women.

In conclusion

Islamic law teaches us that when Muslim men have obtained females sex slaves through lawful means such as war booty or transfer of ownership, sex is lawful & the female is obliged to comply regardless of her personal feeling. However sex with slave girls outside of the mentioned lawful parameters of Islamic law is considered Un-lawful

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Imam: “Man Who Daily Rapes Children but Prays is Better”

Imam: “Man Who Daily Rapes Children but Prays is Better”

In a video Posted in 2017, Australian Imam Mohammad Hablos, the leader of the Islamic movement Hizb ut – Tahrir, (Party of Liberation) explains the importance of not missing Prayer. Hizb ut – Tahrir is well established in 50 countries, especially in Britain, Australia & Canada. Imam Mazin Adhim appears to be the Canadian leader. He is based in London Ontario. Below is an excerpt of Imam Hablos’ lecture.    

My brothers and sisters let me tell you something and understand this fact. So far as sin is concerned and, please, understand this message very clearly… Of course it’s all sin. It’s all haram. None of it is good and accepted. But for the sake of understanding… Because many of us, we see our brother who is selling drugs, we see a brother who murdered another brother and we say, “look at these people. Look how rubbish they are.” My friend, let me tell you something. In the eyes of Allah, as far as sin is concerned… The one who sells drugs – good or bad? – Just very quickly good or bad? Bad. How about the murderer? How about the one who commits adultery, fornication? What about the one who rapes a child? What about the one who drinks alcohol? What about the one who does the biggest of the major sins good or bad? This person, one person, who commits all of these sins, he commits all of these sins on a daily basis, but he prays, is better in the eyes of Allah than the one who doesn’t commit any of these sins, but doesn’t pray. So you and your brother say, “yeah I’m a good guy”… Habibi, go and pack that up because it’s not going to work on the day of judgment. Any person who misses one prayer, one not two… One prayer – you miss one prayer for no reason… You are worse than a murderer, you are worse than a rapist, you are worse than a terrorist, you are worse than a pedophile, in the eyes of Allah.

If you do not pray salat out of laziness on purpose, are you a kafir or just a bad Muslim? Please answer.

The majority of scholars said that if a person denies that prayer is obligatory, he is a kaafir and an apostate from the religion of Islam. The ruling concerning such a person is as described above. If he does not deny that it is obligatory, but he neglects it because of laziness, for example, then he is guilty of a major sin (kabeerah). He should be given three days in which to repent. If he does, then al-hamdu lillah (praise be to Allaah); if he does not, then he should be executed, 

Islam Q&A is an academic, educational, da‘wah website which aims to offer advice and academic answers based on evidence from religious texts in an adequate and easy-to-understand manner. These answers are supervised by Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid (may Allah preserve him).

Marital Rape intersecting with Islamic Values & Teaching of Muslim Scholars

Marital Rape intersecting with Islamic Values & Teaching of Muslim Scholars

In 2017 Canadian Common Law Intersected with Multiculturalism to Juxtapose the Ideal of Diversity that Transitioned to Fight Islamophobia.

“I find that the accused probably had sex with his wife on many occasions without her specific consent, as both he and she believed that he had the right to do so,” Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Smith said. Although she did not always consent, the couple both believed it was the husband’s right, the Ottawa Citizen reported.

The female has a special and honoured role within Islam that is codified in Islamic doctrine. Before it can be applied Islamic doctrine must be interpreted.

What do senior Muslim leaders in Canada teach about consent of a wife before husband can commence with the act of copulation? Below are six examples. To learn more

Imam Shabbir Ally: There is no ‘consent’ in Islamic marriages. Citing the teachings in Islam, Shabir Ally said, “The woman’s main responsibility in a marriage is to fulfil the sexual needs of her husband. And for that reason the husband has the right and claim to this (referring to sexual intercourse). And she cannot refuse.

Imam Musleh Khan: “She should not withhold sex from her husband without a valid excuse. If she refuses without a valid reason, then she has committed a major sin. This is unanimous among scholars of Islam…Especially for a man, the way Allah created him. Many, many times he may need his wife there more than she might need him. This is just the nature of men. This is just a nature that Allah created us with. So, Sisters, it’s part of your act of worship towards Allah.”

Imam Abdi Hersy: “If she just refuses because she is angry at you, it is not something that she can punish you with avoiding sex. This is something that she granted and agreed upon when she was signing the marriage contract.”

Women in Islamic Shariah P.17: “Everything in this world is a piece of property or a possession. The best possession in the world is a pious woman.”

The Fragile Vessel P 78: “It is, therefore, a great obligation upon the wife to always be available for the consummation of her husband’s desire. It is a major sin for her to deny her husband the intimate pleasure that he seeks with her. Refusing to do that is a major sin that deserves the Angels’ curse and Allah’s wrath.”

Imam Abu Bilal Philips: “According to Sharia, there is no such thing as marital rape when a couple are married. There are specific specified rights. Among rights of a male is when he demands sexual relations, she must comply.”