Vancouver Imam: Ultimate Victory Establishing Islamic Law – Trudeau is Enemy of Allah

Vancouver Imam: Ultimate Victory Establishing Islamic Law – Trudeau is Enemy of Allah

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Justine Trudeau is an enemy of Allah and Ultimate victory is grated when Muslims fulfill their obligation to establish Sharia, Islamic law & liberate al-Aqsa Mosque and free the Palistinian people says Vancouver imam Younis kathrada in may of 2021

What is the ultimate victory that Allah will grant? The authoritative resource Islam Q&A tells us  Al-Haafiz Ibn Katheer (may Allah have mercy on him) said: AIQ

My dear brothers the question then arises because we all know what is happening there right now what is happening in al-Quds, what is happening in Masjid al-Aqsa. The question that arises, we as Muslims what are we supposed to do? How can we help? How can we help this cause, the cause of al-Quds and Masjid al-Aqsa? As a matter of fact, how can we support that cause and the cause of Islam and the Muslims in general? In response to that I say, in addition to what is obvious to all of us, that we have to make duas (pray) and supplicate to Allah. In addition to aiding them and assisting them with our wealth, in addition to bringing about awareness of this crucial issue, we have to know that our obligation, our first obligation is to establish al-Islam in our lives. Our first obligation is to establish al-Islam, to establish this religion, in our daily lives. We have to know and rest assured that ultimate victory comes from none other than Allah. The United Nations will not help us. Trudeau will not help us. Western governments will not help us. Know and rest assured that that they are all the enemies of Allah and the opponents of Allah. Don’t take my word for it but rather listen to the words of Allah.

“He will cause his ummah to gain authority in the land, i.e., become leaders of people and rulers over them, and by means of them the people’s affairs will be put right and the people will submit to their rule.”

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Canadian Imam: al-Aqsa Masjid Issue not Political BUT Religious – Miracle of Night Journey – Buraq

Canadian Imam: al-Aqsa Masjid Issue not Political BUT Religious – Miracle of Night Journey – Buraq

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From a lecture given in May 2021 we learn from Vancouver Imam Younus Kathrada the mechanism that enabled the Prophet Mohammad PBUH to ascend to the seven heavens, the absolute non negotiable status of al-Aqsa Mosque & how this conflict is not about Palestine or politics but the Religion of Islam. Imam Younus Kathrada makes it clear this issue regarding al-Aqsa Mosque is the responsibility of Muslims in Canada, America & Europe.

Also know that al-Masjid al-Aqsa was the final destination of the night journey of the Prophet BBUH. And the beginning or the first station, if you will, of the ascent of the Prophet PBUH to the seven heavens and beyond. We find in saheeh al-Muslim… it is a long hadith. In it he relates to the prophet PBUH al-Buraq was brought to me. So I rode it until I arrived at … He says, I then tied it where the Prophets before me used to tie the Buraq. In other words, Allah MHNBE  showed the Prophet PBUH that place were the other Prophets prior to him would tie the Buraq. He says then I entered the Masjid and I prayed two raqqa in it. And then I was ascended to the heaven. This my dear brothers is al-Masjid al-Aqsa. And we have to know the value of this land. And we have to help the Muslims. They are part of us and we are part of them. And it is not acceptable in anyway shape or form for us to look at the issue of al-Quds, the issue of al-Masid al-Aqsa as our enemys want us to look at it. In other words, you know what they wanted to sound like, they want it to seem as though this is a political issue, that this is an issue that has nothing to do with faith. Do you know that in the beginning this was deemed to be an Islamic issue by Us, by the Muslims, and then it was made into an Arab issue, and then it was made into a middle eastern issue, and now they say it’s a Palestinian issue alone. So nobody else has the right to speak about it. But in reality this is the issue of the Muslims. This is an Islamic issue.

We learn that Muslim leaders teach that all Prophets are Muslims including Jesus who, as we learned in a previous segment, will return to break the cross & establish the sharia.

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Canadian Imam: Attitude Toward Jews is a Mandated Religious Obligation in the Quran

Canadian Imam: Attitude Toward Jews is a Mandated Religious Obligation in the Quran

Eric Brazau

The future of Islam rests with the children of Islam. These words have been spoken by Muslim leaders across the world. Two Canadian senior leaders have expressed these sentiments Imam  Haqim Quick & Imam Abu Ameenha Bilal Philips.

May 21st, 2021 in a Vancouver Park Canadian +

Imam Younis Kathradra was educating a group of Muslim youth on the Islamic relationship with Yahood (Jews)

Let’s begin by reminding ourselves of this enemy about whom Allah says in the Quran glorified and exalted behe I will give you the meaning of the verse under your hood Jew say Yahoo translated as Zionist or Zionist Jew whatever you like the animosity of the believers towards the Yahoo is based on religious grounds because the people of Faith hate the Yahoo because of their disbelief in Allah… whereas the amenity of the believers towards the Jews is just and sensible. The believers differentiate between the Jews who are combatants and those who are Denny’s and those with whom they have a pact. If you do not hate the opponents of Allah you have no faith. Go find yourself a church go find yourself a synagogue but the place for you is not a mosque

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Islamic Halal slaughter explained by Vancouver Imam

Islamic Halal slaughter explained by Vancouver Imam

Toronto local news website reported on an act of vandalism targeting Chin Chin Side Street Kitchen, a fully Halal restaurant, which is a Muslim-owned restaurant and the majority of employees working there are Muslim as well. According to BlogTo’s report, on December 24, 2019 “Chin Chin staff arrived at work to find a rock thrown through the store’s window facing Spadina Avenue.” The report implied that the act of vandalism might have been initiated by people who oppose the Halal (Islamic) slaughter.

What is Halal (Islamic) slaughter?

Mufti Aasim Rashid, a senior Imam and scholar in Vancouver, British Columbia, explains the proper method of the Muslim Halal slaughter. Here are excerpts from Aasim Rashid’s instructions published by the British Columbia Muslim Association:

The animal should not be treated roughly while bringing it to the place of slaughter. The knife used for slaughtering should be very sharp… The animal must be slaughtered at the throat. The slaughterer should slice four vessels: the two jugular veins (on either side of the throat), the windpipe (at the front of the throat) and the gullet (the esophagus). Slaughtering all four will render the slaughter complete and perfect. The act of slicing the throat should be performed speedily and without pausing.

According to Mufti Aasim Rashid, the proper method of Muslim Halal slaughter is designed to minimize the suffering of the animal by avoiding treating it roughly on its way to the slaughterhouse, using a very sharp knife and slicing the animal throat speedily and without pausing, like a sawing motion.

The name of Allah must be invoked at the time of slaughtering by saying: Bismillah Allahu Akbar. (In the Name of Allah; Allah is the Greatest.) If the name of Allah is not mentioned, then the meat becomes Haram “unlawful.”

How is Muslim Halal slaughter practised in Canada?

A video posted by Jubaer Ahmed Prodhan on September 12, 2016 documented the Halal slaughter during Eid Al-Adha, Festival of Sacrifice. Jubaer Ahmed Prodhan confirmed that the qurbani (sacrifice) ritual took place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in September 2016: “a farmer field where he sells qurbani (sacrifice) animals and have place to make qurbani (sacrifice) there.”

Diane Bederman described the Muslim Halal slaughter performed in the video:

This Halal sacrifice took place on a sunny day in an open yard. Five slaughtered sheep are lying motionless on the ground, soaked with their blood. Open to flies. Three men, wearing their everyday clothing; jeans and sweatshirts, are busy skinning and dismembering the sheep. Two other men are seen dragging a sheep to the slaughter. And yes, this live animal smells the blood and feels fear. So this animal is resisting participating in its death. With the help of two other people the sheep is prepared for sacrifice. Two are holding tightly to its front and back legs. A third is pressing its body to the ground close to a fresh pool of blood while the fourth is wielding a knife above the sheep’s head. Both of his hands are heavily stained with blood. He pulls the neck of the sheep to the side creating an arch that exposes its throat. His knee is pressing hard against the sheep’s head to hold it to the ground, not allowing any movement. Then he starts cutting its throat in a back and forth motion. (Note the small size of the knife being used to cut the throat of this animal).