Imam: Magic Words Guard Against Satan Impregnating Wife & Very Much More

Imam: Magic Words Guard Against Satan Impregnating Wife & Very Much More

Imam Karim AbuZaid is a senior Imam and respected Muslim scholar. January 2014 Imam Zaid gave a lecture series on the world of the unseen. The following is a transcript of a segment from part 2 of the lecture series.

Every bone that, before it is eaten, the person who ate it says
… So now if you want to benefit the jinn,
the Muslim jinn, your brothers, before you eat the meat and
there is a bone say bismillah. because they will not eat anything that does not
have bismillah on it. But because of the name of Allah when they go to
eat it, meat all over it again.

So you leave the bone, you say bismillah… Muslim jinn and the Kafr
does not eat whatever Allah’s name is mentioned on it.
So the bone
that you leave and you did not mention Allah’s name on it, the jinn, Kafr jinn
the shaytan will eat it. But the Muslim jinn he will eat the one. When he picks
it up, a lot of meat on it and he eats it. 

And the dung is the food of the animals of the jinn not their food.
And the dung is the provision for your animal.

If you do not want to harm the Muslim jinn, do not use them
to clean yourself after, doing number two or doing number one.
Because this is the food of your brothers from the jinn. So
now,,,, see the interaction with the unseen. When you eat meat, when you eat
meat, chicken, halal chicken, and then there is a bone inside, make sure that
you say bismillah and leave it for your brothers. And when you see a
bone like this, do not use it for such a thing [ass wipe].

We understand from this –  look at the discipline of a Muslim – that
you should not try to spoil the food of the jinn.

If you eat, eat with your right hand. If you drink, drink with your right
hand. Because Satan eats and drinks with his left.

Also they drink alcohol, the Shaitan. But the Muslim jinn they don’t. They
drink alcohol -the alcohol that we have, they drink it. –  the Satan does.
You can get Shaitan drunk, getting him high so he can think
really good for you.

Allah said in the Quran regarding the hoorlain in jannah.
The women in Jannah, what  did Allah say about them? They were not
touched. They did not have intercourse
with inse or man.

Here is the question that we brought up. Do mankind or can mankind
marry from jinn?
Let’s establish the views of the scholars
regarding the matter
. First of all, there are scholars who did
not object to that at all
– that the human can marry a jinn. Here is
another Hadith that actually can indicate that, when you come to have
intercourse with your wife, you should say what? Bismillah
… that’s
when you’re about… what that means, if you don’t say it, the Shaitan is
going to be what? He will be there with you.
Like eating. And the fact
that the Hadith spoke about the offspring. Now look at the
Hadith. You all know that Hadith right? I’m assuming that you know it. That’s
when you come to your wife, you want to have intercourse, you should say
bismillah. In the name of Allah, protect me from Satan and protect my
offspring from Satan. That means Satan can produce what?

The lifespan of the jinn. There is no doubt that
jinn and Satan do die.
Jinn and inns do die. But we have one
from the jinn – Ibliz Satan. Why? Because,
at the beginning of time when Allah disgraced him, rejected him from the
mercy…. Allow me to live until the day that they are resurrected. 

How long do they live? Allah knows best. But it sounds like, it sounds like
their lifespan is longer than the humans.

 Where do they live and they hang around? They also
dwell in our homes if we allow them. That’s why, before you enter, you should
say bismillah. You should recite Surah al-aqarah and ayat al-qursi. They
spread…. when the sun sets. They spread, they go out. When the sun
sets, around that time, bring your kids inside. Because this is the time when
the jinn spreads.

Also do not sit between the shade and the sun because
that’s their favorite place to sit. You understand that?  You have a shade
and the sun, don’t sit between those two. Sit under the shade or behind.

Do not pray in the places where camels sit. Because that is the
place where there is Satan.
But the places where the sheep and the
goats are, where you have them, pray there.

Toronto Imam “Wife Licks Husbands Pus”

Toronto Imam “Wife Licks Husbands Pus”

Toronto Imam Shabbir Ally gave an interview about women’s’ role toward the husband. It was uploaded  In April of 2017. 

For example you have Hadith that says if a man’s body were covered in sores from head to toe and his wife would you lick the pus out of the sores to cleanse them, then she still would not have fulfilled her duty to her husband.

Host: So just speaking on this one, I know that, well, I’ve heard of it as a weak narration, so is it possible that some of these problematic ideas, while there are many is there a common understanding that these are some of the weaker sources, or you think the challenge is that they exist and people still believe it

They are from the weaker resources, in fact, neither of these two are from bukhari and Muslim, which are the most authentic collections. But they are found in, for example, this last one about the prostration, it is found among the books which is known as Al-Sitta [six authentic books of Hadith]. They are viewed with some kind of expectation that they are authentic enough to be followed… The most recently, a celebrated Hadith scholar, Nasir Al-Din al-Albani, went through this Al-Jami’ as-Saghir by [Islamic scholar Jajaluddin from hundreds of years ago. Now he started to label the hadiths which ones are authentic and which ones are not, based on his expertise in testing these hadiths all over again, and this one comes out as authentic one… But you will find that to this day you have, for example, a website where people send their questions in. Muslims want to know about their belief in practice and the answers are given from an authentic perspective. Look, we are citing the Quran, we are citing the authentic Hadith. Never mind the weak Hadith here and this one is of the Hadith for example somebody asks what about this woman who is giving back talk to her husband. Well, the scholar comes  out lashing at this woman with Hadith like this. The one about the prostrating before your husband. I mean if that were at all allowable. Following off with this about licking the puss out of the sores.

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Question: A wife is constantly arguing with her husband … What advice can you offer this couple, in particular the wife?

“’If a man were covered from head to foot with weeping sores oozing pus, and his wife were to come to him and lick his sores (to clean them), this would not fulfil the rights he has over her.’” (Reported by Imaam Ahmad, 12153; Saheeh al-Jaami’, 7725).