Canadian Imam: Community Pressure Needed to Keep Muslims from Leaving Islam

Canadian Imam: Community Pressure Needed to Keep Muslims from Leaving Islam

Shaikh Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips is  a Canadian Muslim teacher, speaker, author, founder and chancellor of the Islamic Online University, who lives in Qatar.[2] He appears on Peace TV, which is a 24-hour Islamic satellite TV channel.[3][4] He considers himself a Salafi who advocates a traditional, literal form of Islam. Imam Ameenah Philips in Jan 25, 2018 gave a lecture concerning the danger of Muslim children engaging in free thinking devoid of Community and peer pressure. Confused Muslims leaving Islam is on the RISE! | What is the Solution? Below is a partial transcript of Imam Philip’s. Below that is a story of the Shafia family that emigrated from Afghanistan. The story took place in the summer of 2009. It is a story of what can happen to three Muslim daughters who attempt to leave Islam and live as Canadians. Is what happened to these girls one of the methods used to exert community pressure to “keep our young people in line”?

We cannot afford to treat this lightly because the numbers are increasing… I met a number of cases when I was here then. A number of families brought their young children, young adults, to me – with these kinds of ideas, doubts. Most of them were on the way. I did a… couple who had become disbelievers. The majority were just on the way they were facing the doubts they didn’t know how to handle them. I spoke with them… So I advise you as the Prophets MABPWT advised us… Hold on firmly to them [Quran Sunna] you will never go astray….. The book of Allah and my Sunna. This is the advice of the prophet Muhammad PBUH which we need to implement on the highest possible scale here… As I said back home the pressure of community, culture, tradition, is enough to keep our young people in line. But here we are all at risk. Our children, you are here in the masjid no problem. But the young people… You don’t see that many of that group amongst us. The masjids are filled with the older generation 30s, 40s, 50s and the very young who are brought in. But that generation x they’re missing to a large degree. And they are the element that is at the highest risk. From my discussion with the young man a few days ago the thought of holding on firmly to the Quran in the sunna kept reverberating in my mind. This young man though he was engaged in activities – he told me he even read some of my books, and watched my YouTube lectures, enjoyed them etc. But now he was a young adult who had his own mind, to make his own decisions. And his decision was that he was not a Muslim.

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