RULING – Male Penetrating & Enlarging Male’s Anus for the Cause of Allah

RULING – Male Penetrating & Enlarging Male’s Anus for the Cause of Allah

Muslim males can penetrate the anus and Muslim males can have their anuses penetrated. Some interpret this as Islam allowing for homosexuality. However penetrating an anus or having your anus penetrated is only permitted in a given context. Muslim homosexual anal penetration is not to be done for pleasure but only to advance the cause of Allah.

A Muslim man seeking martyrdom was seeking a second opinion regarding anal penetration.

Fadak tv. June 16 2012

First we’d like to show you a fatwa, which appeared on the Lions of Sunnah internet forum. One wahhabi wrote:

Unity Mosque parishioners believe their version of Islam is true Islam, but they recognize that for most Muslims it is marginal. El-Faruk Khaki, a migrant of Indian origin from Tanzania, is a founders of the chapel. He and her husband, Troy Jackson.

Dear Sheik, may Allah Grant you martyrdom, and black-eyed virgins in paradise, I wanted to commit a martyrdom operation. I turned to Sheik Abu Dimaa Al-Qassab, who told me that they had invented a new and unprecedented form of martyrdom operation – explosive capsules are inserted into your anus. In order to train for this method of jihad, you must consent to being sodomized for a period of time, so that your anus becomes wider, making room for more explosives. My question is whether I am permitted to allow one of the mujahideen access to my anus, if my intentions are honorable, and the purpose is to train for jihad by widening my anus.

The Sheik praised Allah and said:

In principle, sodomy is forbidden. However, jihad is more important. It is the Pinnacle of Islam. Then there is no harm in it. The rule is that necessity makes the forbidden permissible. Something that is required in order to perform a duty becomes a duty in and of itself. No duty takes precedence over jihad. Therefore, you must be sodomized. After you have been sodomized, you must ask Allah for forgiveness. Know, my son, that Allah resurrects the mujahedeen on Judgment Day on the basis of their intentions. Allah willing, your intention is to support Islam. May Allah include you among those who heed his call.

This is the fatwa that led a man a while ago to carry out a bombing attack against then interior minister naif Bim Abd Al Aziz.