“From the River to the Sea” Duty of World Muslims Community to Liberate Palestine

“From the River to the Sea” Duty of World Muslims Community to Liberate Palestine

Today we hear a statement from Imam  Karim  AbuZaid made on June 15 2021, regarding Palestine and how it is not a political issue but a religious one for all Muslims.

What I want every Muslim to know is Masjid Al-Aqsa is not a Palestinian thing. … Our brothers and sisters in Palestine are the immediate individuals who are dealing with the situation. But no this is a Muslim thing.

In Summer of 2018 in the Salah Udeen Islamic Centre in Toronto run by Imam Ally Hindy – Imam Karim abu Zaid gave a weekend workshop on the book Islamic Guidelines For Individual and Social Reforms by Jamil Zino.  Here are experts from the section on Jihad

Jihad is obligatory on every Muslim: in one of two ways, By spending one’s wealth, or offering oneself for fighting…  – Every Muslim will be guilty unless he expels the Jews by money or physical fighting… – Example, Call to Islam until all countries embrace it and make it their way of life. If someone makes any obstacle in the way of propagation of Islam, Muslims are allowed by Allah to fight them until Islam becomes the governing authority. Jihad will not stop until the Day of Judgment.  – Teach your children the love of justice & revenge. Consequently our youth would know that Palestine should be freed and Jerusalem must be of the Muslims. They have to learn Islam and Jihad as per the Qur’an and that holy fighting for Justice is supported By Allah. MHNBE.  Jihad against disbelievers, communists and aggressors from Jewish – Christian Nations can be by spending on jihad or participating in it personally

We learn from senior Colorado Imam Karim Abu Zaid and Imam Jamil Zino (1925 – 2010), who’s books have gained popularity especially in Western countries, that it is a collective, religious, obligation for Muslims to fight for Justice  – peace – And world Islamic Rule

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Ultimate Victory Establishing Law Of Allah In Canada

Ultimate Victory Establishing Law Of Allah In Canada

Establish law of Allah. May 2021 Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada gave a sermon to the Muslim community gathered in a Vancouver park.

Imam Younus Kathrada

Imam Younus Kathrada

My dear brothers the question then arises because we all know what is happening there right now. What is happening in al-Quds? What is happening in Masjid al-Aqsa? The question that arises, we as Muslims what are we supposed to do? How can we help?

Islamic leaders consistently tell the Muslim community it is their religions duty to establish Islamic dominance.

How can we help this cause, the cause of al-Quds and Masjid al-Aqsa? As a matter of fact, how can we support that cause and the cause of Islam and the Muslims in general? In response to that I say, in addition to what is obvious to all of us, that we have to make duas (pray) and supplicate to Allah. In addition to aiding them and assisting them with our wealth, in addition to bringing about awareness of this crucial issue.

We have to know that our obligation, our first obligation is to establish al-Islam in our lives. Our first obligation is to establish al-Islam, to establish this religion, in our daily lives. We have to know and rest assured that ultimate victory comes from none other than Allah.

Establish the law of Allah in Canada, Europe and all the world.

The United Nations will not help us. Trudeau will not help us. Western governments will not help us. Know and rest assured that that they are all the enemies of Allah and the opponents of Allah. Don’t take my word for it but rather listen to the words of Allah.

“He will cause his ummah to gain authority in the land, i.e., become leaders of people and rulers over them, and by means of them the people’s affairs will be put right and the people will submit to their rule.”

Canada Transforming to better reflect Muslim perspective NCCN National Council of Canadian Muslims.

Limiting Free Expression Promotes Social Harmony

al-Aqsa Issue not Political BUT Religious – Miracle of Night Journey

al-Aqsa Issue not Political BUT Religious – Miracle of Night Journey

Zionist Jews Control Al-Aqsa mosque. From a lecture given in May 2021 we learn from Imam Younus Kathrada how the Prophet Mohammad PBUH flew to the seven heavens. And the absolute non negotiable status of al-Aqsa Mosque. And how this conflict is not about Palestine or politics but the Religion of Islam. Imam Kathrada makes it clear this issue regarding al-Aqsa Mosque is the responsibility of Muslims in Canada, America & Europe.

al-Aqsa Issue not Political

Also know that al-Masjid al-Aqsa was the final destination of the night journey of the Prophet BBUH. And the beginning or the first station, if you will, of the ascent of the Prophet PBUH to the seven heavens and beyond. We find in saheeh al-Muslim… it is a long hadith. In it he relates to the prophet PBUH al-Buraq was brought to me. So I rode it until I arrived at … He says, I then tied it where the Prophets before me used to tie the Buraq. In other words, Allah MHNBE  showed the Prophet PBUH that place were the other Prophets prior to him would tie the Buraq.

Burāq, in Islāmic tradition, a creature said to have transported the Prophet Muḥammad to heaven. Described as “a white animal, half-mule, half-donkey, with wings on its sides . . . ,” Burāq was originally introduced into the story of Muḥammad’s night journey (isrāʾ) from Mecca to Jerusalem and back, thus explaining how the journey between the cities could have been completed in a single night.

He says then I entered the Masjid and I prayed two raqqa in it. And then I was ascended to the heaven. This my dear brothers is al-Masjid al-Aqsa. And we have to know the value of this land. And we have to help the Muslims. They are part of us and we are part of them. And it is not acceptable in anyway shape or form for us to look at the issue of al-Quds, the issue of al-Masid al-Aqsa as our enemies want us to look at it. In other words, you know what they wanted to sound like, they want it to seem as though this is a political issue, that this is an issue that has nothing to do with faith. Do you know that in the beginning this was deemed to be an Islamic issue by Us, by the Muslims, and then it was made into an Arab issue, and then it was made into a middle eastern issue, and now they say it’s a Palestinian issue alone. So nobody else has the right to speak about it. But in reality this is the issue of the Muslims. This is an Islamic issue.


Imam Kathrada would like all Muslims of the world to rise up in an effort to free Palestine.

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al-Aqsa Issue not Political