European Ancestry Cultural Annihilation by Third World African Migration

European Ancestry Cultural Annihilation by Third World African Migration

Deputy IRGC Commander-in-Chief For coordination General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi on Iran TV March 31, 2022 predicts that by 2060 we will see the Annihilation of European Culture & Ethnicity. Could this also happen in Canada?

Xenophobes and people suffering from Islamophobia as well as White Supremacists have been repeating this rhetoric since the early 90s. But not till the 2000s and the emergence of Ricardo Duchesne, with his book Canada in Decay, Mass Immigration, Diversity, & Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians did the Alt-Right seemingly increase its base and attain limited political influence with the Progressive Conservative & PPC led by Max Bernier

Read the excerpts of the Iranian General’s interview followed by excerpts from the book Canada in Decay.


You expressed an opinion about the French national soccer team. You said that out of 23 team members 15 were Africans, and that of the 12 members of their national basketball team 10 are Africans. You inferred that France has no National identity.


The West delineates certain lifestyle for other societies, and tells us how we should live. What has this done to the West itself? It has caused negative population growth, which forces them to import populations from abroad. European societies will reach a point, within several decades, where you will have to search for a single person of the European race in France or in England for example.


But many countries do this. In the Persian Gulf, for example, Qatar and UAE do this.


But they cannot become citizens. According to statistics, if you hold free elections in England in 2060, a Pakistani or an Indian will be the prime minister, and immigrants from Iraq, India and so on will fill the British Parliament. What will be the meaning of national identity there? There will be no such thing as English people anymore.

Mohammad PBUH did promise the destruction of Christianity and the conquest of Rome

In a few years, you will have to find the European race in museums, and they will tell about the people who used to live in Europe with light colored eyes, blonde hair, and white skin, and they spoke in such a manner. Is this a desirable process for any society? The reason that the Africans went there and took over the national teams … They swarmed society as a whole, not just the national sports teams. Those sports teams constitute a reflection of society. The reason is that within their own societies, those immigrants have not embraced the European lifestyle. They give birth to children, starts families, grew in number, and took over that society. If those Africans embrace the Western lifestyle, they, too, will head towards extinction.

Leftist Globalists and Corporations have promoted European Culture Ethnicity Annihilation

White European Settlers built Canada not Asians, Africans or Third World immigrants argues Ricardo Duchesne. In his book Canada in Decay he devotes many chapters and cites early Canadian population statistics in an attempt to give his argument credibility. Ricardo argues that different races have different temperaments and that Western civilization could not have been built by an other race. He agues that Western civilization is a unique product of Western culture that is unique to the history of European man. In his book he also argues that all other races have a collectivist mindset and therefor remained tribal long after Europeans. Diluting Western culture with other cultures/races will inevitably lead to balkanized nations that are governed by diametrically opposed tribal interest groups.

Main stream professors forced Ricardo Duchesne out of his tenured teaching position at the University of New Brunswick Canadas oldest English University and among the oldest public universities in North America. UNB was founded, in 1785, by a group of seven Loyalists who left the United States after the American Revolution. The moto of UNB is Sapere aude – Dare to be wise.

Stats Canada 1921 97.5% of Canada was white European.

Canada in Decay p.62

America and Canada were built on Christian religion, Protestant values and moralism, a work ethic, English language British traditions of law, Justice and limited government power and a legacy of European art, literature, philosophy and music.

Canada in Decay p.65

Distinction between settlers, pioneers and immigrants has been explicitly obfuscated by current historians’.

Canada in Decay p.65
Are those that believe there is a conspiracy to eliminate White Western People and their heritage suffering mental illness?
Black & white pic - 60 year old man. wears a tie white shirt and a vest under a jacket
King was Canada’s longest-serving prime minister. He steered Canada through industrialization, much of the Great Depression, and the Second World War. By the time he left office, Canada had achieved greater independence from Britain and a stronger international voice. It had also implemented policies such as employment insurance.

Don’t believe mainstream press that we are all descendants of immigrants and refugees. Globalists leftists and corporate right is destroying National identities and heritage of European people.

Canada in Decay p.68

Mackenzie King (prime minister of Canada 1921–26, 1926–30 and 1935–48) “Races of the orient.. would change the fundamental composition of Canada.” The Canadian population agreed with this statement well into the 1960s and early 70s.

Canada in Decay p.80

On the surface immigrants are integrating into Canada insofar as only a small number have engaged in Islamic terrorist activities.

Canada in Decay p.110

Even supporters of multiculturalism admit it was implemented in secret by executive directives, and administrative discretion rather than legislation…

Canada in Decay p.119

Charles Taylor pushes for a stronger communitarian liberalism that recognizes the wishes of immigrant groups to retain their traditional traditions survive as different communities, and enhance themselves as members of a particular culture, even if this entails collective demands by minorities that are inconsistent, with the principles of individual rights.

Canada in Decay p.136
Man with long beard. stern look - judge seems angry. Two men in prisoners box. accused of terror to blow up a via rail passenger train
Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier guilty 2015 terror al-Qaida derail passenger train travelling between the United States and Canada.

Thobani is typical among immigrant intellectuals in European countries who exploit ideas of leftist whites to advance their own ethnic interests.

Canada in Decay p.148

Bissoondath implies that before diversity arrived, Canada had no identity other than being racist in excluding minorities.

Canada in Decay p.173

Multiculturalism weekends our resolve to fight radical Islam, while defending a thoroughly multicultural Western universalism against… Bruckner is another trickster pretending to be for the West while celebrating the destruction of white Gaelic France

Canada in Decay p.183

At the time of Canadian Confederation 70% spoke English 30% French the fathers of Confederation took it for granted that with language came culture.

Canada in Decay p.193

Refuting left and right liberals

There is nothing illiberal about discriminating among immigrants on ethnocultural grounds since immigrants are not citizens.

Canada in Decay p.220


Both these men, Duchesne and Naghdi agree that Western civilization is on a downward spiral heading toward annihilation. They both agree that Third World immigration is the cause. The difference between these two is one man takes pleasure in the demise of Western civilization and the elimination of the white race. The other difference is if one of these men attempted to give a lecture at a Canadian university the student body with the help of the professors would disrupt using any means to shut him down, preventing his ideas from being heard. Using violence, threats, intimidation, vandalism is not unprecedented.

European Culture Ethnicity Annihilation

This book Canada in Decay contains 366 dense pages. Much to much to attempt to summarize on a blog post.

France Closes Mosques “Preaching Hate” But Canada Fights Islamophobia

France Closes Mosques “Preaching Hate” But Canada Fights Islamophobia

France Shuts Down Mosques. Emanuel Macron President of France in 2019 said “The whole nation (must) unite, mobilize, act… We will only win if our country gets up to fight against this underground Islamism that corrupts the children of France.” This was said in relation to 4 police man being stabbed by a 20 year old administrative worker.

French President Emmanuel Macron present his strategy to fight Islamist separatism Oct. 2, 2020, in Les Mureaux, outside Paris

As of April 5th 2022 French authorities have closed 22 mosques over the past 18 months, according to the interior ministry. Authorities have investigated some 90 out France’s total of roughly 2,500 Muslim places of worship on suspicions of spreading “separatist” ideology.

Justin Trudeau Canada’s prime minister, unlike France’s Emanuel Macron, aligns himself and the Liberal Party with the cause of the Muslim leaders and Muslim lobby groups.

France. after Macron became president – the French parliament adopted a new anti-terrorism law that bolstered police surveillance powers and made it easier to close mosques suspected of preaching hatred or cessation.

Canada in contrast in 2017 Omar Alghabra the honourable minister of transport revealed at a Muslim fundraising event.

Minister removes suspicion from Islam

I am here to tell you that next week the word Shia, Sunni and Islam will be removed from the terror watch list.

This was done under the auspices of minister of security Ralph Goodale.

Omar Alghabra stated the following on a Toronto local ethnic TV broadcast.

We reformed the dual citizenship controversy  and the anti-terror laws of the conservatives … We created an appeal process. So whether you are accused of terrorism, pedophilia even if you are guilty of pedophilia or terrorism your citizenship will not be revoked.

Canadian minister comforts the Muslim community

France in Contrast, Interior minister Gerald Darmanin, highlighted the government’s move on social media.

The sermons preached in this mosque legitimized in particular the use of armed jihad while cultivating a feeling of hatred towards France.

Literature available in all Canadian Muslim book stores:

[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].


It is evident from this Hadith that so long as Kufr [heresy] is present in this world, it is necessary to wage Jihad against it to finish it off, and so long as all the disbelievers do not openly accept Islam and adopt the Islamic way of life, Muslims are duty- bound to make Jihad against them.

France. The White Memo also lists five books found at the mosque that it identifies as “radical.” according to Daoud Riffi, who teaches Islam studies at the Lille Institute of Political Studies, four of them (bools) are widely available in specialist bookstores and online. The other one is, ‘Riyad as-Salihin’ or The Gardens of the Righteous.

Canada, Gardens of the Righteous. Is sold by the Canadian Charity ICNA Canada. This books makes clear that it is the duty of all Muslims to wipeout all unbelievers and secular governments and establish the supremacy of Islam. Violent jihad is a legitimate means to achieve this goal.

French government alleged in the white memo that preachers told worshippers France was a depraved country that would be punished by Allah, that they glorified armed jihad, and that some worshippers were heard calling for violent combat. France sees this as a reason to have closed this mosque.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party in contrast are big supporters of free Muslim religious speech. When Imams openly show support for the rise of the Taliban, subjugation of women or preach of death or killing Jews and Christians the liberal government keeps silent.

Justin Trudeau Supports Canada being Culturally Enriched By Islam and the Muslim Community

Spilling Blood Acquiring LandsMuslim Voices Concerning Taliban’s Rise to PowerEndorses Taliban’s Policies on Women Commanded by Allah to Hate the Jewsdestroy accursed JewsChurch Bells are Satanic Inferiority of Jews & Christians Contextualized

French President Macron launches crackdown on ‘Islamist separatism’ in Muslim communities

PARIS (Reuters) – French President Emmanuel Macron pledged on Friday to fight “Islamist separatism”, which he said was threatening to take control in some Muslim communities around France. LINK

French President Macron outlines new law to prevent ‘Islamist separatism’ in France

France offends French Muslims

Emmanuel Macron has announced a law against religious “separatism” aimed at freeing Islam in France from “foreign influences”. The country has been hit by Islamic terrorism since 2012 and we have progressively rearmed against this threat,” he said. LINK

Mustafa Farooq Advocates Creating Mini Islamic States within Canada

Sharia States within Canada. Canada in contrast celebrates those that call for establishing Sharia enclaves. Mustafa Farooq CEO of Canadian Council of Canadian Muslims did in In 2012, publicly advocated for Muslims to eliminate secular law and establish Sharia’h mini states in Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto.


Advocacy: The NCCM frequently appears before federal and provincial parliamentary committees on legislation and public policy measures. We monitor legislative initiatives, submit briefs that articulate a vital perspective and engage with government officials, parliamentarians and other elected officials.

Trudeau Advises Canadians to Respect Islam.

In France, after the beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty, president Macron pushed against the Muslim communities demand for censorship by publicly broad casting images of the Prophet Mohammad PBUH that are offensive to the Muslim community in a show of solidarity with secular values. France Shuts Down Mosques

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau made several statements in which he promoted the idea of censorship and sensitivity to the sensibilities and feelings of the Muslim community. He also made a point of never linking the word Islamic, Islam or Muslim with terror. LINK LINK Freedom of expression has limits


France is suffering suffering extensive Muslim jihadist attacks at a rate far greater than Canada.

France Shuts Down Mosques

Are Muslims Permitted to Behead those who Insult Islam?

Are Muslims Permitted to Behead those who Insult Islam?

French Teacher Patty Beheading is it permissible? The answer could be yes. However, it must be contextualized. French teacher Samuel Patty’s beheading happened in the street of a Paris suburb. The Chechen refugee who beheaded him was shot to death by French police. This man did not attempt to escape. He sacrificed his life for Islam. He is a hero to some in the Muslim community.

Not all Muslims were pleased with the French Teacher Patty Beheading.

Some people were outraged by this act of beheading a teacher. Many labeled this to be a savage, barbarian act. Many were quick to denounce this act of beheading as unacceptable. It was condemned  for all the regularly stated reasons. Others said this act of beheading does not represent the TRUE Islam. Others said the Moscow-born Chechen refugee who beheaded the teacher was misunderstanding.  

Contextualizing the Islamic Perspective on Beheading those who Insult Islam or Prophet Mohammad PBUH.

Imam Shabbir Ally

(Biography) was interviewed on Let The Quran Speak

There are classical books written that explain the religion of Islam. And these classical interpretations of Islam make it so objectionable to criticize God or the prophet or the scriptures of Islam, to the extent that they prescribe the death penalty for the critic.

Question: Are you saying that this is part of Islamic law then?

There is a report saying that the prophet Muhammad PBUH validated the actions of a person who took the matter into his own hands and slaughtered the critic.

Imam Jawed Anwar

Muslims have requested that blasphemy, ridiculing, insulting and disgracing against Prophet Muhammad be made a punishment, crime felony. Muslims can tolerate anything… But whenever someone insults Prophet Muhammad, they always react, they get revenge. They cannot control their sentiments. The word tolerance doesn’t apply here. Enough will be enough. It has been proven in history again and again. Whenever someone dishonored and insulted Prophet Muhammad, Muslims always first try to convince them not to do that. But if they do not abstain and ignore the collective demands of the Muslims, some young blood comes forward to make a score. The non-Muslim world, the courts, convicted and hanged them, but in the eyes of Muslims they are martyrs.(heroes)

Muslim Community has given Repeated Warning that Perceived Insult Would be Severely Punished with Execution.

Imam Yasir Qadhi


We also have to conclude that there is a strain or narrative within the Muslim community that uses Islam to justify such actions? (beheading for insulting Islam) And our history is replete with such devotion towards the messenger.


Like all discussions, we have to start with the revelation. How does Islam ask us to respond to such deliberate provocation against the messenger of Allah?… We have to acknowledge that we do have two sets of principles or paradigms depending on our context. There is indeed a Mecca phase and a Medina phase.

Because again, in Mecca, no Muslim committed any act of vigilante justice against those that persecuted him. Now, obviously in the Medina phase, Muslims have political power and there is a very different set of rules.

The Beheading was not actually Condemned but the Political Effect was seen as Unfavorable.

Imam Karim AbuZaid

Someone is insulting Mohammad and depicting him in cartoons. The whole Ummah is rising, saying we cannot take that! You see, I understand if a non-Muslim feels this way. Because they are not educated about the love, they are not informed about the love which Allah has placed into the hearts of every Muslim for the prophet Muhammad.

So, why are we blamed (for beheading French Teacher), rebuked, for showing this love?

Is the Perspective of Execution being Uncivilized a form of White Colonialist Islamophobia?
Saudi Arabia Leading Authority Provides References that Unequivocally Supports Execution for Perceived Insult to Islam

Islam Q&A is an academic, educational, da‘wah website that offers advice and academic answers based on evidence from religious texts. These answers are supervised by Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid. 


There is no one among us who is unaware of what the Christians say defaming the Prophet. What should be done?


Defaming the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is a kind of kufr. If that is done by a Muslim, then it is apostasy on his part, and the authorities have to defend the cause of Allaah and His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) by executing the one who defamed him. If the one who defamed him repents openly and is sincere, that will benefit him before Allaah, although his repentance does not waive the punishment for defaming the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), which is execution. 


With regard to the Muslim who impugns the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) in secret and conceals it, if he repents before he is executed, will Allah accept his repentance? Or does he have to announce what he did so that he will be executed before Allah will accept his return to Islam?


Ibn al-Mundhir (may Allah have mercy on him) said: 

The majority of scholars are agreed that the one who impugns the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) is to be executed. 

Al-Khattaabi (may Allah have mercy on him) said: 

I do not know of any of the Muslims who differed concerning the obligation of executing him.

Ma‘aalim as-Sunan, 3/295 


If the one who impugned the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) repents and regrets what he did, and he comes back to Islam, that repentance will benefit him in his relationship with Allah. So before Allah he will be a believing Muslim. But the obligation of executing him will not be waived.

French Teacher Patty Beheading


According to what we learn in this article, Muslim leaders and Islamic doctrine sanction execution for insult. Insult cannot easily be separated from annoyance or disagreement. Therefore, if a Muslim disagrees with a statement, he can feel insulted. Insult is not usually a fact, but an opinion based on perception; however, people can be hunted and executed because of a perception.

Texas Imam “killing civilians and whatnot” “But we cannot ignore provocation”

Texas Imam “killing civilians and whatnot” “But we cannot ignore provocation”

Premiered Nov 2, 2020 Imam Yasir Qadhi is responding on, Thinking Muslim’ Podcast: Difficult Questions About the Situation in France, the increasing tensions in France, that has, in the last several days, been stricken with two jihadist attacks. French teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded & 3 people in church in Niece were killed an elderly woman was decapitated.

The following description is from Imam Yasir Qadhi’s you tube channel: Shaykh, Dr. Yasir Qadhi speaks about the French Policy towards Muslims, the potential for the ‘French model’ to be exported to other countries where Muslims are a minority. He also touches on the Islamic justifications for violence, how we (Muslims) should defend the honour of the Messenger of Allah. (SAW) Below is an excerpt of this interview.

If you listen to my lectures throughout Al Qaeda and ISIS era I was always without exception bringing up American foreign policy as a primary cause of those jihadist movements. I gave a number of lectures that went viral. That once again, yes I criticize the beheading of journalists. I criticize a lot of the errant views that Al Qaeda and ISIS had and the killing civilians and whatnot. But I never stop speaking of the broad picture which is, these movements are, a reaction to your invasion

The same applies over here now. What we’re seeing now is wrong. What these people are doing is wrong. But we cannot ignore provocation. We cannot ignore…

This is what I call it asymmetric warfare. You have the state on one side, you have the media, you have the president, on one side that is prodding and poking and provoking and wanting to incite, continuously demonizing the entire faith. And on the other side you have a bunch of citizens like us expected to monitor each and every individual. That’s impossible… It is the government that should think about its future course of action. Not as a threat to for a future attack but as a sensible policy. In this case secularism has become an excuse to be anti-Muslim. Therefore even when this one attack happened, or three attacks or two attacks, we criticize those attacks. But we always jump to the broader narrative. And Allah knows best this is what has been my philosophy pretty much from the beginning.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi is a Pakistani-American Islamic scholar, theologian and preacher. Since 2001, he has served as Dean of Academic Affairs at the Al-Maghrib Institute, an international Islamic educational institution with a center in Houston, Texas. He also taught in the Religious Studies department at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. He is currently the resident scholar of the East Plano Islamic Center in Plano, Texas.

Qadhi has written numerous books and lectured widely on Islam and contemporary Muslim issues. A 2011 The New York Times Magazine essay by Andea Elliott described Qadhi as “one of the most influential conservative clerics in American Islam.

Qadhi was previously affiliated with the Salafi movement but has since left the movement and now identifies as a Sunni.