Help Dispel Disinformation about Violent Jihad in North America

Help Dispel Disinformation about Violent Jihad in North America

Disinformation about Violent Jihad in North America. Imams teach that followers of Islam have a duty to instill peace, justice and equity in the world wherever possible. Islamic literature makes clear that true Muslims are to wage jihad and wipe out disbelief and raise the banner of Allah.

December 17th 2021 a Canadian national  pleads guilty to funding ISIS that calls for Violent Jihad in North America.                              

Tom Yun, writer, reports @thetomyun Contact   Published Saturday, December 18, 2021 11:00AM EST

Between November 2013 and March 2014, Abdullahi wired money to his four cousins as well as San Diego resident Douglas McCain for plane tickets and living expenses. This included US$3,100 to McCain, who was the first known American to die for ISIS.

“The defendant committed violent, criminal acts to obtain money to help fund Douglas McCain’s travel overseas to fight for ISIS, where McCain was ultimately killed,” FBI special agent in charge Suzanne Turner said in the news release.

Abdullahi Ahmed Abdullahi 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, December 17, 2021

Former San Diego Resident Pleads Guilty to Funding ISIS Terrorist Activities in Syria

District of California Press Release Number:  CAS21-1217-Abdullahi

According to his plea agreement, Abdullahi admitted that he provided money to his four cousins, including an 18-year old Minneapolis resident, as well as former San Diego resident Douglas McAuthur McCain, to support their terrorist activities in Syria.

From November 2013 through March 2014, with financial assistance from Abdullahi for the purchase of airline tickets and subsistence abroad, Douglas and the others traveled from the San Diego and Minneapolis and Edmonton, Canada to Syria, where they joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a foreign terrorist organization, and engaged in armed battles to gain control of the territories and civilian populations within Syria on behalf of ISIS. All five individuals were subsequently reportedly killed fighting for ISIS. 

Pursuant to the plea agreement, Abdullahi also admitted that in order to finance the travel of others to Syria, members of the conspiracy encouraged Abdullahi and others to steal and commit fraud against the “kuffar”, claiming that such criminal activity was permissible under Islamic law.

Disinformation about Violent Jihad. Abdullahi admitted that on January 9, 2014, he committed an armed robbery of an Edmonton jewelry store for the purpose of raising funds to support ISIS activities in Syria.

Civilized people do agree that it is morally justifiable in some cases to commit a crime to save a life. Serious conflict arises when the victims of the crime strongly disagree with the motives of the one committing the crime, or if the victims conclude that the perpetrators’ motives would ultimately lead to their own annihilation.

Imam Shabbir Ally

Leading Voices in the Muslim community give context to the issue of violent jihad for the sake of Allah.

Disinformation about Violent Jihad – ISIS Manifesto Cites Quran, aHadith and Rulings of Muslim Scholars.

How can we take a balanced approach to problematic aHadith related to violence?

What is the primary reason Islamic doctrine prescribes jihad for the sake of Allah?

1 – The main goal of jihad is to make the people worship Allah alone and to bring them forth from servitude to people to servitude to the Lord of people. Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):  [al-Baqarah 2:193] 

ICNA Canada

Jihad against infidels, polytheists and the people of the Book (Ahl-ul-Kitab) then before waging war against them, they should be invited to Islam. 


Muslims who live in North America believe it is their duty to bring about Islamic rule. Bilal Philips has said “Islam is a moral message that may require weapons”. What Bilal Philips claims about the implementation of Islam’s moral message contradicts the popular narrative that Islam is a misunderstood religion of peace. Those who deny that Islam promotes offensive violent jihad are spreading disinformation.