Un-Approved Thoughts in Islam are Better left NOT Thought

Un-Approved Thoughts in Islam are Better left NOT Thought

Un Approved Thoughts are Better left NOT Thought. Toronto Imam warns Quran 5:101 “Do not ask questions that if the answer were revealed it could cause you to doubt.”

Approved thoughts in Islam was uploaded in December of 2021.

Imam Syed Rizvi: 1972-1982 Islamic studies: Hawza-e ‘Ilmiyya, 1991 MA in History: Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, 1983-1991 Resident ‘Alim & Imam, Shí‘a Muslim Community of BC, Vancouver. 1991-1996 Executive Director, Islamic Education & Information Centre, Toronto. Authored and translated more than 15 publications.

Canadian Imam Syed Rizvi

Ask questions in order to seek understanding. Do not ask questions in order to create confusion and then you get yourself into more complications… 5:101-2  ‘All you who believe do not ask about things that if we disclose them to you will upset you up.’  Don’t ask questions which are not relevant… And if you still continue that that habit of asking irrelevant questions to Prophet Mohammad, while the Revelation is still coming you will be exposed in a way you wouldn’t like. View Clip

Limiting individual thought is logical when viewed from the Islamic perspective

Thinking thoughts will inevitably lead to ideas. Developing concepts and realizations is viewed as threatening to the Islamic collectivist ideology. Why? Because independent thinking is the antithesis of collectivist thinking. Some will argue that this is circular logic which is illogical. Circular logic from a Western perspective is illogically. Imam Yasir Qadhi lecture a Muslim Student Association in Detroit “Beyond the scope of human intellect” View clip

Hizb ut-Tahrir was founded in 1953 as a political organization in then-Jordanian-controlled Jerusalem. Since 1953, Hizb ut-Tahrir has spread to more than 50 countries. Hizb ut-Tahrir is particularly well established in Canada, Britain and Australia.

Muslims cannot express any opinion that contradicts Islam. Accordingly, he is not allowed to call for the liberation of women or a kafir principle like capitalism or socialism. Muslims are not allowed freedom of opinion which the capitalists call for.

The Prophet told us how to think, how to worship, what is acceptable, what is dignified undignified. As to the individual, how to dress, what is hygiene, which hand to eat with how to treat women, every aspect of trade, business, economy. There is a certain way to think when we are Muslims.

Colorado Imam Warns Intellectual Thoughts Can Cause Muslims to leave Islam

Questioning why Beard Must Be Grown is a Satanic Thought

Approved thoughts in Islam


According to Islamic scholars Thoughts that lead to Unapproved thoughts are better left NOT Thought.

How to Think Thoughts that are Islamicly Permitted

How to Think Thoughts that are Islamicly Permitted

Muslims permitted thinking process. Hizb ut-Tahrir – Islamic Community of Liberation was founded in the1950s. This Islamic group is active in 50 countries. It is particularly well established in Britain, Australia and Canada.

Since 2011, Hizb ut-Tahrir is making significant inroads into Sweden, Denmark, Brussels &, Holland. The number of Active members as well as sympathizers is consistently growing.

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O Muslims! rise & proclaim khilafah (Islamic State) is the only solution to restore justice & peace”

Imam Mazin Adhim in a lecture said:

Our Loyalty is to the Caliphate Islamic state if it exists or not. Because the only thing Muslim are allowed to have loyalty to. It is the full implementation of Islam.

The following is from a book published by Hizb ut Tahrir

Trudeau to enforce social media platforms to remove hate speech within 24 hours or face severe penalties

Trudeau to enforce social media platforms to remove hate speech within 24 hours or face severe penalties

Here is an excerpt from the mandate letter sent by Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau to Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Canadian Heritage:

I will expect you to work with your colleagues and through established legislative, regulatory and Cabinet processes to deliver on your top priorities. In particular, you will:.. Create new regulations for social media platforms, starting with a requirement that all platforms remove illegal content, including hate speech, within 24 hours or face significant penalties. This should include other online harms such as radicalization, incitement to violence, exploitation of children, or creation or distribution of terrorist propaganda.