“Palestine is the starting point for conquering the world”

“Palestine is the starting point for conquering the world”

Palestinian Islamic scholar Mohammad Afeef Shadid May 11 2022 sermon. Muslims conquer Palestine Europe

We were expelled from Palestine, 8 decades ago, and we will return to it, to every inch of it – not only to the homes which we left, carrying the house keys and nothing else. This is a reduction of our right. As the nation of Muhammad we have the right to Palestine in its entirety – every grain of its soil, every drop of its water, every whiff of its air. But that is not all. Palestine should be a center, a capital, and a starting point for conquering the world. Our sympathizers in the world, as well as our enemies should know, that the cause of our right of return does not pertain only to Palestine. The whole world is our battlefield. Our goal is not to liberate Palestine alone, but to liberate this sick world and deliver it from darkness to light (of Islam).

Muslims will Break the Cross Smash the Church and Establish a World Caliphate

Early Muslim Conquest

There are many academics and interfaith clergy that are promoting the idea that if the Israel “problem” were to be solved then that would bring an end to Muslim jihadist violence in the West. However that is not in keeping with the lectures of numerous Muslim leaders in the West. Many of these leaders are leading voices of Muslim organizations that promote Islamic supremacy and the establishment of an Islamic state that will rule over Muslims and non-Muslims.

The following links provide contextualization that will dispel misunderstanding of the Muslim leaders concerning interfaith dialogue. The following links explain how Islam will dominate Europe and North America and Canada.

Muslims conquer Palestine Europe

Islamic World Order Conference 2020

Islamic World Order Conference 2020

Hizb ut – Tahrir Britain|hizb.org.uk From Pandemic to BLM an Alternative

Hizb ut – Tahrir was founded in 1953. Hizb ut-Tahrir has spread to more than 50 countries. Of the Western Countries they are well established in Canada, England, and Australia. Hizb ut-Tahrir states its aim as unification of all Muslim countries. headed by a caliph elected by Muslims.[10][11][12] This, it holds, is an obligation decreed by God, warning that Allah will punish those Muslims “who neglect this duty.”[61] Once established, the caliphate will expand into non-Muslim areas, through “invitation” and through military jihad.

HOST: Brothers and sisters welcome to our online conference the return of the Islamic world order. Jaleel’s role today will be to set the background and the context of what’s happening.

Imam Jaleel Abdula – Adil (U.S.): Humanity has finally and urgently awakened to these chronic capitalist problems. This awakening is embodied in the public protests of the Black Lives Matter movement. But the reality of the return of the Islamic world order has always been on the horizon when we Muslims look with our Islamic vision. Humanity around the world is looking for a solution and we Muslims must turn the world’s attention towards Islam as not only a neglected alternative but the ultimate time tested solution. Many of us today have mistakenly focused on trying to reform capitalism rather than replace it. But we Muslims are carrying our message of Islam and that is not designed just to assimilate or integrate into secularism. We cannot follow the crowd. We Muslims must create the crowd moving toward an Islamic world order.

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  • Warning against ruling by other than what Allaah has revealed: “. . . and follow not their vain desires . . .” [aayah 49]
  • Warning against compromising on any detail of Sharee‘ah, no matter how small: “. . . but beware of them lest they turn you far away from some of that which Allaah has sent down to you . . .” [aayah 49]
  • The statement that it is obligatory for the Muslims to judge according to what Allaah has revealed, even if those who seek their judgement are not Muslim

Toronto Masjd Imam Abdool Hamid: “I don’t mean we want to take over for the sake of taking over. What I mean is to improve the lives of people changes have to be made. So it may seem from one perspective that Islam took over, so to speak.” Video

Canadian Imam Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips: “Islam is essentially a moral message. To implement that message it might require weapons. Primary goal of jihad is not to spill blood or acquire people’s land & property. But…”