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My Journey – My Struggle 

Inner Jihad

I was incarcerated in a maximum security facility for three of five years

waiting trial for Islamophobia and hate.

Everything changed during the aftermath of the 2018 Danforth shooting. A man who self identified as Muslim started shooting in to the evening crowd. He shot 13 people, killed two young girls and put a 3rd in a wheelchair. Alexander the Great parquette became the unofficial official memorial site. Hundred – thousand came to mourn. Soon an elaborate memorial took shape. Men in blue T-shirts carried signs reading “Love to all. Hate towards none” as they paraded around the parkette’s central fountain. I joined with my sign

“Little Mosque on the Prairie – Two Dead Girls in Greek Town”.

My sign was insinuating Islam was the cause of the shooting. A skirmish took place and I was thrown into the fountain.

I experienced a baptism. I was reborn

I now write books to help others dispel disinformation about Islam. I founded the NFP FightIslamophobia.ca. We proactively seek out individuals that have Problematic thoughts predicated on disinformation about Islam. 


I have been in the very bowels of the Islamophobia industry.

With help of the community I was rescued from hate and Islamophobia

Today I want to give back, make amends for my past. I do that by helping individuals who suffer the stigma of Islamophobia find their way back to being

 contributing members of society.

Two voices are

Battling for the soul of Islam and the Muslim community.

The winner defines Islam’s contribution to Western Civilization. 

Professor Irshad Manji and Dr. Zudhi Jasser are leaders in the North American

Progressive Muslim Reform Movement.

Pro free speech and human/gay rights, separation of mosque and state.

Mainstream Fundamentalists are in varying degrees simpatico

with Traditional Fundamentalist Islam.

Muslim Reformers are doing their best to promote their version of Islam. 

They write books and give University lectures.

Traditional Fundamentalists give the Friday sermon

in 90% of mosques in North America, Europe and Australia.

Muslim Reformers VS Fundamentalist

Will help you Understand and Meaningfully

Engage in the Conversation

A perspective like no other

When it comes to religion, there is no right or wrong. However, most will agree that 2+2=4, not 3. Believing 2+2=4 is fundamental to a mutual agreement or mathematical understanding. 

If some perceive 3 where others calculate 4, society will eventually cease to function.

People and communities can have preferences that are different to other

communities. Those preferences can conflict in various ways. It is pointless to

debate which preference is right, since right is not at issue.

Differing Values

Are Palestinian demonstrations that shut down train stations or vandalize museums wrong? Some will say yes. However from the perspective of Palestiniansthey are fighting to prevent genocide.

Some prefer to not be inconvenienced by a blocked train station. Some prefer to stop genocide. Those preferences are very different. They are on a collision course. Which one is right? Which one is wrong? It depends on perspective.

Voices at Opposite Ends 

Muslim reformers and fundamentalists are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Who is right and who is wrong? That question is irrelevant. Of fundamental importance is the clash. We can find fault with a 15-car smash up that kills 6 and maims 9. But that is of no value to those dead, maimed.

What is the result of this clash between progressive Muslim reformers and mainstream Muslim fundamentalists? How will this affect Western Civilization?

Uncompromising Culture Clash

Similarly, Christians do not regard music as the call of Satan

Christians encourage men and women to meet and become acquainted at a dance. 

Muslims regard music as the call of Satan. Men and women mingling are absolutely can be a capital offence. 

Which culture is wrong, which is right?  

It depends on perspective.

In Canada It is mandated that all cultures are equal. Ergo, 

all perspectives are equal. Ergo, Mainstream Fundamental Islam is equal to Progressive Liberal Reform Islam

Non-Muslims prefer progressive reform Islam

Is it discriminatory to prefer one Islam over the other? 

Is that otherizing? Is that Islamophobia? It depends who you ask.

To help you navigate the world of Islam and Islamophobia

I have prepared two books.

Learn about Islam 99 Attributes of Allah

Muslim Reformers VS Fundamentalists

Learn to Understand Islam from the perspective of Diversity that 

is shaping Western Civilization and the Culture you live in

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