Muslim Child Suffers Anxiety of being Labeled a Kafir


May 8th 2023 Imam Assim al-Hakeem Uploaded a YouTube. It is titled “Accidentally drew the cross sign instead of the plus sign on my book, am I a kafir?” Muslim Kafir Blasphemy Anxiety. Muslim Kafir Blasphemy Anxiety

Drawing a what could be seen to be a cross without intention is not blasphemy. You are not a Kufar. You have not committed Kufar

We learn that being labeled a Karir can lead to execution

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When non‐​Muslims are seen in such terrible light, a Muslim who joins them is seen as an unforgivable traitor. That is why such murtads, (apostates) are given the death penalty in classical Islamic law — although it has no basis in the Quran. Meanwhile, terrorist groups like IS or Al Qaeda target fellow Muslims by using these labels. LINK

 Six Libyans face death penalty for converting to Christianity

The six Libyans have been charged under article 207 of the penal code. This code punishes any attempt to circulate views that aim to “alter fundamental constitutional principles, or the fundamental structures of the social order”, or overthrow the state, and anyone who possess books, leaflets, drawings, slogans “or any other items” that promote their cause

Last year, seven activists were arrested by the ISA for alleged atheism. Two of them were released but the rest of the group are still behind bars

Shabir Ally explains death penalty for “criticizing” leads to Muslim Blasphemy Anxiety

There are classical books written that explained the religion of Islam. And these classical interpretations of Islam make it so objectionable to criticize God or the prophet or the scriptures of Islam to the extent that they prescribe the death penalty for the critic.

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