Niqab: Muslim Women Can Expose One Eye Maybe Two

Niqab: Muslim Women Can Expose One Eye Maybe Two

There is igma (consensus) among Muslim scholars off all sects that hijab (covering) is wajib (mandatory). Non-compliance is considered a grave sin. Female Face Cover Mandatory

Colorado Imam Karim abu Zaid in 2020 clarified for two callers the ruling regarding the female face. Below are excerpts from his answers. Below that we learn a more progressive opinion from Canadian Imam Ahmed Kutty. That will be followed with Islamic rulings for the female face provided by Islam Q&A. All answers from Islam Q&A are based on evidence from religious texts and supervised by Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid.

One eye is enough to see were you walk.

Sheikh in Abbas illustrated how the hijab should be done. Only exposing one eye. And the niqab is to be worn so that you can see not so that people can see you… When women show this area from the temple this is not permissible to show. Link

Females must stay incognito.

… this is total segregation. You cannot see the faces of the prophet wives…. Command your wives, your daughters, and the women of the Muslim’s… This is more befitting that they are not recognized so that they are not harassed…. The face of a woman, as they say, is her identity. If her identity is open to all, this is what includes features of beauty, this is when she smiles, or frowns. This is where expressions happen. And if this is exposed then those with illness in their heart will be tempted. It is safer for a woman to hide her identity, her beauty so she is not harassed. Link

Shaikh Ahmad Kutty issued a legal Ruling Permitting Female Face

Hijab in the sense of modest attire for woman that covers the whole body excluding face and hands is ordained by Allah in the Qur’an. This is the understanding of the Muslims from the time of the Companions (the first addressees of the Qur’an) down through the centuries. There is not a single scholar or mufassir (interpreter of the Qur’an) of the past that I know who has questioned this ordinance.

 Once it has been proven to be the order of Allah, no Muslim or Muslimah can reject it on the ground that I am an adult, and I can decide for myself. Allah says: “When Allah and His Messenger have decided on a matter that concerns them, it is not fitting for any believing man or woman to claim the freedom of choice in that matter: whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger is far astray.” (Qur’an: 33: 36). May Allah inspire us to see the truth as truth and follow it, and to see the error as error and shun it—aameen. Link

Islam Question & Answer about Mandatory Female Face Covering

It is permissible for a woman to show her eyes. That is so that she will be able to see. But it is not permissible for men to look at the eyes of a woman. 

If the burqa’ [a kind of face veil] covers the entire face, leaving only the eyes uncovered, there is nothing wrong with that. But if it does not cover the entire face, rather it covers the mouth and leaves the rest of the face uncovered, that is not permissible,

The entire face must be covered, but the eyes may be left uncovered so that the woman can see where she is going. Link

Women should keep themselves completely covered except the eyes or one eye to see the way. Link

Female Face Cover Mandatory

How to dispel Misinformation about Islamic Sex Slavery

How to dispel Misinformation about Islamic Sex Slavery

To dispel Misinformation about Islamic Sex Slavery you must learn the context that allows or prohibits this practice. Muslim Scholar Shabbir Ally contextualizes how this practice, lawfully flourished in an era when the Islamic empire dominated a vast areas.

ICNA Canada

WHY-ISLAM project was launched in 1999. This was done by volunteers associated with Islamic Circle of North America (I.C.N.A.). It derives inspiration from the following Quranic verse that will dispel Misinformation about Stoning & Sex slavery

Invite all to the way of thy Lord, With wisdom and beautiful preaching, And argue with them, In ways that are best and most gracious” (16:125).

Islamic doctrine instructs the Muslim community on what is fair and just for all humanity male or female. After reading the following literature the reader will come to a better understanding of anything previously misunderstood thus helping them to dispel misinformation that leads to misunderstanding. Islamic Circle of North America

Book sold in Toronto explains the wisdom of stoning & sex Slavery.

The women and men guilty of illegal sexual intercourse. Flog each of them with a hundred stripes. Let not pity withhold you In their case. In a punishment prescribed by Allah. If you believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a party of the believers witness their punishment. [This punishment is for unmarried person guilty of the above crime but if married persons commit it, the punishment is to be stoned to death, according to Allah’s Law)

So for this reason Allah MHBE lays down a severe prescribed punishmentThat is stoning with stones till ones death, expulsion or exile from ones land for one year. This is done as a punishment because such a person could spread diseases amongst the people, and this is one of the things the religion prohibits greatly

And the woman who agrees to marry (have a sexual relation with) a Mushrik polytheist, pagan or idolater, or an adulterer, then she is either a prostitute or a Mushrikah (female polytheist, pagan or idolatress).]. Such a thing is forbidden to the believers (of Islamic Monotheism).

ICNA Canada’s online syllabus on slave-girls

Sep 4th 2020 Shabbir Ally Imam, scholar & president of, The International Toronto Dawah Center was interviewed on Let the Quran Speak an online You Tube channel. This channel began in 2001 and states as it’s mission.

Let the Quran Speak dispels misconceptions and reveals the truth about Stoning & Sex Slavery.

Sex Slavery Shabbir Ally:

Classical Islamic law it was recognized that if a man owned a female slave he had the automatic right to have intimacy with her… 


Become a recurring donor to keep supporting the message of peace. Islamic Circle of North America

Call Today! 877-WHY-ISLAM

Misinformation about Sex Slavery fuel Islamophobia

Quebec MD: Hijab is Oppressive Deemed to be Islamophobia 

Quebec MD: Hijab is Oppressive Deemed to be Islamophobia 

Is the hijab oppressive? Speaking negatively about Islam. In Canada the image of Islam and it symbols are protected from being disrespected.. Comment deemed to negatively reflect on Islam or symbols of Islam are met with accusations of Islamophobia.  This protects the religion of Islam and the sensibilities of the Muslim Canadian population.

NCCM ISSUES – ACTION ALERT: Tell CMAJ to Apologize and Retract their Islamophobic Article. Quebec Dr. said Hijab can be Oppressive.The action alert reads:

On December 20, the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) published a letter from Quebec Dr. Sherif Emil with deeply disturbing Islamophobic content targeting Muslim girls and women who wear the hijab.

Following are excerpts that are highlighted on NCCM’s web page:

… does not alter the fact that the hijab, the niqab and the burqa are also instruments of oppression for millions of girls…

… so many women have been traumatized by such an upbringing, which, I believe, frankly borders on child abuse…

NCCM: This article falls short of the standards of the Code of Ethics and Professionalism of the Canadian Medical Association. This article contributes to dangerously harmful stereotypes about a population that has been targeted by some of the most violent forms of Islamophobia in this country.

CMAJ retraction and apology

There are voices within the Muslim community that agree the hijab is female liberation. The hijab is Mandatory or voluntary?

We first learn this from a book Balancing Islam and Beyond that is distributed at Dundas SQ in Toronto:

For Westerners who embraced Islam the hijab is a symbol of ‘liberation’. The Islamic tradition of hijab frees women from being perceived primarily as sexual objects.”… Naturally when you see a woman scantily dressed versus when you see a woman modestly dressed, covering her head, not revealing any of her physical features, impressions that will come to mind do not need mentioning. Needless to say, dress represents her modesty, and through it she commands the respect in the society. Whereas when a woman chooses to show her body in one form or another, the message is only one: she wants attention and possibly much more.

Islamic Research Foundation International, Inc.

Many Muslim woman believe that wearing the veil, hijab or burqa is a form of liberation… When a Muslim woman moves to a Western country, for example, where wearing the veil is not compulsory, they are faced with a dilemma. To wear or not to wear? Of course, if your husband does not allow you to go without a veil, then there is not a dilemma.


A woman who adheres to the tenets of Islam is required to follow the dress code called Hijab which is liberating... Covering of the Muslim woman is not oppression but a liberation… She is immune from being portrayed as sex symbol and lusted after. Islam exalts the status of a woman by commanding that she “enjoys equal rights to those of man in everything, she stands on an equal footing with man ” (Nadvi, 11) and both share mutual rights and obligations in all aspects of life.


Ilhan Omar: “To Me, The Hijab Means Power, Liberation, Beauty, & Resistance

Toronto Imam Syed Rizvi is perhaps the most senior influential Shia Imam in all North America. He gave a lecture on December 17, 2021. Imam Syed Rizvi made it clear that Muslim women wear the hijab as a form of Jihad that empowers females to advance the cause of Allah.

Imam Shabbir Ally

Women who wear the hijab will be recognized and not molested. Some classical scholars say the woman should cover her face and hands when she goes out of the house.

Others can view the hijab as a sign of oppression.

Women in Iran Are Standing Up to Oppressive Hijab

Recent protests over compulsory hijab laws in Iran remind us all why International Women’s Day is important… Under this law, all women and girls over the age of 9 are required to wear a hijab in public. For any woman to remove her hijab in the public square is a crime and puts her at risk of incarceration

Shafia family: CBC News · Posted: Nov 23, 2011 

Confided in school and child protection authorities that she was being pressured to wear a hijab.

She also said that she was subject to verbal and physical abuse by her older brother and that her parents wanted her to leave school, the assistant principal told court.

It was all too much, so she took some pills in a suicide attempt, Josée Fortin told the mass murder trial.

“I had enough,” she said Sahar told her. “I wanted to die.”

‘I killed my daughter with my hands’

Aqsa Parvez’ murder on Dec. 10, 2007, sent shock waves prompting heated debate on the hijab, integration for newcomers, and whether her death was Toronto’s first honour killing or a terrible case of domestic violence.

In this instance it seems that the Hijab can be Oppressive

By Bob Mitchell & Noor Javed, Toronto Star, Staff Reporters, June 16, 2010.

She first refused his demands to wear the hijab and the traditional Pakistani clothing her four older sisters always wore… On the morning of Dec. 10, 2007, Aqsa was murdered in the basement bedroom of her Mississauga home.

Some interpret the following teaching as liberating but other interpret them as oppressive.

Sheikh Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips founder of Islamic online University

Hijab is quite simple. Hijab is an obligation on Muslim women. From the perspective of God she is in sin if she does not wear the hijab, meaning that she covers her body, the whole of her body, with loose garments from head to toe, nothing being seen of her except her face and hands.

In this case Islamophobic content does not negate the facts.

Shaikh Ahmad Kutty issued an Islamic legal fatwa opinion. Hijab – an individual choice or a mandatory duty?

Hijab is female liberation or Hijab can be Oppressive

Imam Faizal Kutty

Hijab in the sense of modest attire for woman that covers the whole body excluding face and hands is ordained by Allah in the Qur’an...Once it has been proven to be the order of Allah, no Muslim or Muslimah can reject it on the ground that I am an adult, and I can decide for myself

Hijab is Mandatory or voluntary?

Cabbage Town

How Hijab can be Jihad – Imam’s Lecture on Quebec’s Bill 21

How Hijab can be Jihad? Imam contextualizes how the hijab can be a tool for advancing political Islam using females as the vanguard.

It is the hijab which is the distinctive identity of Muslim women.”

Toronto cabbage town 2008

Toronto Imam Syed Rizvi is perhaps the most influential Shia Imam in all North America. He gave a lecture on December 17, 2021. Imam Syed Rizvi made it clear that Muslim women wear the hijab as a form of Jihad. Hijab is a political statement. It affirms the rights of the Muslim community to be recognized as a distinct people. Below is a partial transcript of the sermon regarding Quebec Bill 21.

Imam Syed Rizvi

The statement which has come recently, especially from the leader of the NDP, it is more powerful, especially in the press conference. He used a very good example: a brother and a sister from the Muslim background in Quebec, both of them trained and qualified teachers. According to this law, the brother can be a teacher in this school but the sister cannot be because she is a hijabi.

This hijab cannot be a barrier. This is where I would say that Muslim women who are being targeted because they practice their faith, they are actually not only doing something on a personal level to practice this faith. It is in a way jihad for them. Muslim men we can just go around because beard is very common in many cultures. Attire-wise there is no issue. It is the hijab which is the distinctive identity of Muslim women.

Progressive lesbian Muslim reformer and bestselling author Irshad Manji’s book Allah Liberty & Love P.181

Some women tell me by choosing the hijab they make a political point, not a spiritual world one.

Is this confirmation the Hijab is a Form of Jihad?

NCCM, National Council of Canadian Muslims has developed workshops to normalize the view of hijab and Islam as the champion of human rights. They have also developed workshops that specifically target teachers and parents.


The hijab is being used as a tool to inculcate Islamic culture as normative. This is a definitive signal that Western culture is on the wain. In contrast Islamic culture is in the ascendance

How Hijab can be Jihad

Hijab Interfaith Solution to Political Statement – Bill 21

Hijab Interfaith Solution to Political Statement – Bill 21

Is hijab mandatory in Canada. December of 2021, a teacher in Quebec who wears a hijab was reassigned. She was reassigned from her teaching position in accordance with Quebec Bill 21. This law prohibits the the display of ostentatious religions symbols such as the hijab or kipa.

Quebec judge wouldn’t hear case of woman wearing hijab

Muslim leaders in Canada mandate that people who identify as women and Muslim wear the Hijab in public

Muslim leaders state clearly that Muslims are bound by love and dedication to Allah to strive to establish Islamic dominance. This is achieved by displaying loyalty to Islam. NCCM has developed workshops to normalize view of hijab and Islam as the champion of human rights. They have also developed workshops that specifically target teachers and parents.

Is the hijab used to make a political statement or Is hijab mandatory in Canada?

We first learn from progressive lesbian Muslim reformer and bestselling author Irshad Manji’s book Allah Liberty & Love P.181

Some women tell me by choosing the hijab they make a political point not a spiritual world one.

Chicago School Faculty Professor Jaleel Abdul-Adil

The vast majority of Islamic scholars make it clear that democracy and secularism are not compatible with Islamic values.

Following are statements made by influential Imams and scholars regarding secularism and democracy.

Dr. Jaleel Abdul-Adil, speaking at the Islamic World Order Conference 2020. From Pandemic to BLM an Alternative.

We Muslims are carrying our message of Islam that is not designed to assimilate or integrate into secularism. We cannot follow the crowd. Muslims must create the crowd moving toward an Islamic world order.

American Scholar Imam Hayton

Islam is not here to integrate. Islam is here to dominate. This is an ideological struggle the sole purpose of which is to organize men’s affairs in accordance with the system revealed by Allah. There is no room for compromise. 

Many Quebecer believe women wear the hijab to signal the rejection of Quebec culture

Mustafa Farooq of NCCM  National Council of Canadian Muslims

How are Muslims going to recreate Cordoba [Islamic State] in Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, one in which we Muslims erase these artificial “nation-state” identities and move together to pursue jannah [Paradise]?

Sheikh Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips founder of Islamic online University

Hijab is quite simple. Hijab is an obligation on Muslim women. It does not mean that if a Muslim woman doesn’t wear the hijab she is no longer a Muslim, but she is in sin. From the perspective of God she is in sin. If she does not wear the hijab, meaning that she covers her body, the whole of her body, with loose garments from head to toe, nothing being seen of her except her face and hands.

Secularism directly conflicts with the foundations of Islam. Faith and worship are interwoven into the fabric of Islamic society.

Islam q&a  is an academic, educational, da‘wah website which aims to offer advice and academic answers based on evidence from religious texts

There is no separation between politics and the religion of Islam.

Imam Syed Rizvi

When I look towards Allah and I see he has affiliation with Iran, has no affiliation with Canada, with America, I say I have affiliation with Iran.

Imam Mazin Abdul Adhim

Our loyalty is to the Khalifa. Our loyalty must remain with it whether it is present or absent. The only thing we are allowed to have loyalty towards is the full implementation of Islam.

Imam Ahmed Kutty is a well-known Islamic scholar in North America. He is currently a senior resident Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto. He has previously taught as an adjunct instructor at Emanuel College of the University of Toronto.

Toronto Imam Shabbir Ally

Modest attire for women that covers the whole body, excluding the face and the hands, is ordained by a law in the Quran. No Muslim or Muslima can reject it on the grounds of that, I am an adult, I can decide for myself.

Shabbir ally

Women who wear the hijab will be recognized and not molested. Some classical scholars say the woman should cover her face and hands when she goes out of the house.

Islam Balancing Life distributed at Toronto Dundas Sq.

Hijab frees a woman being perceived as sexual objects. Whereas when a woman chooses to show her body in one form or another the message is clear she wants attention and possibly much more.


Some people on the “right” will argue that this teacher is simply pushing the Islamic agenda to bring about the normalization of all things Islam. They will point to the statements made by NCCM and leading senior Imams that say just that.

Some on the ‘left” will argue that we must respect this teacher’s right to express her religion because it is her right guaranteed by the Canadian charter. The fact that Islamic leaders in Canada say all Muslims have a duty to strive in establishing Islamic Law in Canada and the world, that her hijab may be a political statement, is not important because this teacher is very nice and many like her.


Perhaps Muslim women could wear a hat. That is an interfaith bridge building compromise.

“Canada is not strong in spite of diversity but because of it”.

Hijab Interfaith Solution to the Question Is hijab mandatory in Canada.

Are Females permitted to expose their face in public?

Are Females permitted to expose their face in public?

Toronto Cabbage Town 2008

Islam mandatory face cover. Females are sometimes allowed to expose their face in public. However there are occasions when a female is forbidden to expose her face in public. There are two main factors that decide this issue. The first factor is the desires of her male guardian. The second factor is her attractiveness to strangers, the likelihood she will be noticed.

The behavior of people in general is determined by what is deemed normative in the culture in which they are incubated. A simple illustration of this concept is a child raised in a home with a strong work ethic will by osmosis likely develop a similar attitude. It is evident that culture similarly plays a large role in shaping the attitudes of people living in that culture. Conversely the attitudes of the people shapes the culture.

In the Islamic or Arab culture it is accepted as normative that*… Women in Islam is distributed by the Dawa’h group at Dundas SQ. Toronto.

…*wicked minded, evil and violent men lurk about and seek to take advantage of women whom they find susceptible, gullible or traveling alone. Such wicked-minded men are of course either interested in robbery, trickery, seduction, or rape.

The theory is that all women know that predators are lurking about waiting for an opportunity to pounce. An apt analogy is, if a man knowingly goes swimming in waters that are heavily shark infested he should reasonably expect to be attacked by a shark. The shark is not blamed for doing what is natural to a shark. Men’s uncontrollable lustfulness is a trait that was put into them by Allah. Therefore once aroused it should not be denied. Women bear complete responsibility to not arouse men’s lustful desires.

Islam’s mandatory face cover if rejected can bring severe consequences.

Australian Muslim leader compares uncovered women to exposed meat. Sheik Taj Aldin al-Hilali

Toronto Cabbage Town 2008

If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside … without cover, and the cats come to eat it … whose fault is it, the cats’ or the uncovered meat’s? 

The view of women as uncovered meat was very controversial and led to condemnation by practically all the mainstream media. However…

Briton backs imam in ‘uncovered meat’ row

ONE of Britain’s most senior Muslims has defended as “a great scholar” the Australian imam who likened scantily clad women to uncovered meat that draws predators.

A hall mark of a civilized society is do men behave in a civilized manner because it is their manner or because they will be punished if they behave in an uncivilized manner? Are men honoust because they are honoust men or because they fear being cought and punished for being dishonoust?

Toronto Muslim street preacher

I blame women for getting raped because they dress provocatively.

Imam Karim Abu Zaid who has lectured in Toronto and other Canadian cities uploaded a lecture – Can they force me to wear Hijab? (Taliban in Afghanistan) on Aug 27, 2021. Below is a partial transcript.  

When somebody who is learned who knows how to read the Quran tells you that a hijab is not in the Quran, in the Sunnah, there is something wrong with your mind. Whether you’re a twisted minded person or you really do not know how to read, but hijab is an element of this religion… Hijab is in the revelation. Hijab is part of this religion.

We may debate the concept here… Hijab by the way means a screen, means a veil… The consensus of scholars that the hijab in Islam is to cover the entire body except the face and the two palms… But there is a place in the Sharia regarding what we call nikab. In Afghanistan it is called the burka. Covering of the entire face except for the two eyes. There are scholars who say it’s mandatory

Toronto Dawa’h distributes the book Islam balancing life at Dundas SQ. in Toronto.

Toronto Dundas SQ.

Human beings are conditioned by the society in which they live. Naturally when you see a woman scantily dressed and revealing her physical features, versus when you see a woman modestly dressed, covering her head, not revealing any of her physical features, impressions that will come to mind do not need mentioning. Needless to say, dress represents her modesty, and through it she commands the respect in the society. Whereas when a woman chooses to show her body in one form or another, the message is only one: she wants attention and possibly much more.

Imam Shabbir Ally: View full article

Women that are covered & Recognized will Not be Molested.

The obvious implication is that women not covered will be molested. If they are molested or raped it is their fault for not being covered. Ergo they were asking for it. Ergo they could be killed to restore the family honour.

Imam Seems to Endorses Taliban’s Policies on Women’s Face

Karim AbuZaid speaks at length on the Taliban policy concerning women. Below is a partial transcript of Imam AbuZaid’s statement uploaded on August 21, 2021.

Is the hijab an element of Islam? Yes it is. Hijab is mandatory upon every women who attains the age of puberty.

Hijab in Islam is the covering of the entire body except the face and the hands.

The bourka or niqab which is the covering of the face except the eyes this is a recommended not mandatory.

Complete article


The picture below is not extreme. It is mandated by the Liberal government that this attire be accepted in Canada as normal. Canada has enshrined the right of women to wear this during the citizenship ceremony. This is way of dressing is bizarre & insane. Covid mask studies reveal that masks stunt human development and hinder interpersonal reactions. The face is our most basic of human interaction. You cannot have a functioning society when a people you live with show open contempt.

Poetry love sonnet, song, dance, romance, heart ack, courtship, chivalry, do not exist in the Islamic culture as defined by Islam contained in the doctrine. Some if not all of what of these are expressly forbidden and defined as evil. There is no doubt that when able the Muslim community will attempt to impose their values on all people. They will do this because it is the will of Allah clearly mandated in the Quran. Of course that is not a worry of anyone alive today. This will only be a serious concern in 5 generations or about 120 years. Montreal in the mid 80’s Islam had no presence in the city. It had no presence on or in the news. The word Islam I never heard spoken.

How to Ensure the Cause of Allah is gaining Forward Momentum