Distinguishing Between Lawful & Unlawful Sex with Slave Girls in Islam

Distinguishing Between Lawful & Unlawful Sex with Slave Girls in Islam

Welcome to Islam moving forward In Canada. In recent days British Muslim supporters of Palestinian Islamic groups, Hamas & Islamic Jihad, have paraded in Jewish neiborhoods of London UK, publicly & loudly been calling out  >>> “F the Jews, we will rape you daughters”

Do these individuals represent the true message of Islam as conveyed by Prophet Mohammad P&BBUH? – Is rape of non Muslim women Islamicly permissible? I will share the contextualized context that will aid in dispelling misinformation that lead to misunderstanding of the TRUE Islam.

We will also learn about slave girls that are possessed by the Right hand of Muslim men, according to Islamic law

Dr. Ewis El Nagar senior scholar with the Quebec Council of Imams (Conseil des Imams Québec) who in 2011 said

>>>An important question still remains open. Are the [Quranic] verses dealing with ‘right hands possess’, abrogated or not? And is this ruling still applicable or not? And the answer is that [the Quranic verses dealing with ‘right hands possess’] are not abrogated and the ruling [‘right hands possess’] is applicable once the reason for it exists. Jihad returned, wars returned, then the ruling [‘right hands possess’] is not abrogated”>>>

Who are the women that are possessed by the right hand of Muslim men according to Islamic law?

For this answer we turn to the book modern commentary of the Quran explains  <<<“slaves or war captives who had polytheist husbands” >>>

In 2014 the practice of owning slave girls was again established in the Islamic State and parts of Africa. According to scholars, during the jihad, men are killed, the women are captured. Hence they become war booty. For the slave girl to become lawfully permissible in order to avoid the sin of adultery, the man holds his right hand over the women’s head. This is also done when transferring ownership of a slave girl.

Returning to Toronto Ontario we next learn from Imam & scholar Shabbir who was interviewed on Let the Quran Speak Sep 4th 2020

Hostess Aisha Khaja asked:

It seems to be a fact that in the Islamic classical law one can own a female slave. Can you talk to me about that?

Imam Shabbir Ally’s response

Quran has left it open people can own slaves. Slave girls were to be married off rather than simply taken by the owner against her will… In the aHadith and in classical Islamic tradition it is widely recognized that the slave owner would have the right to have sex with the girls his right hand posses through the booty of war.

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So enjoy what you have gotten of booty in war, lawful and good”  And the Prophet PBBUH used to do this in his wars and his jihaad against the kuffaar, when he confiscated their property, wealth & women.

In conclusion

Islamic law teaches us that when Muslim men have obtained females sex slaves through lawful means such as war booty or transfer of ownership, sex is lawful & the female is obliged to comply regardless of her personal feeling. However sex with slave girls outside of the mentioned lawful parameters of Islamic law is considered Un-lawful

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Toronto Imam “Sex Slavery” Recognized in the Islamic Tradition

Toronto Imam “Sex Slavery” Recognized in the Islamic Tradition

Sep 4th 2020 Shabbir Ally Imam, scholar & president of, The International Toronto Dawah Center was interviewed on Let the Quran Speak an online You Tube channel. This channel began in 2001 and states as it’s mission “Let the Quran Speak subverts those misconceptions and reveals the truth about Islam and Muslims.” Bellow is an excerpt of this interview.

Aisha Khaja: Dr. Shabbir welcome to let to the Quran speak. Now we have spoken about slavery before. I want us to revisit that topic because I feel like, and I think we both felt that way, that we hadn’t completed talking about it. I there was some unfinished questions that we need to answer. One of those is about agency and ownership and the fact that in the Islamic classical law it seems like one can own a slave. Can you talk to me about that?

Shabbir Ally: Yes and this is rooted in the Quran itself. We should also acknowledge that the Quran left the matter somewhat open. In that one can still argue in a very traditional way today that since the Quran has left it open as a possibility people can own slaves. Well who are we to cancel it all together. We human beings have no say in what God has allowed…

Aisha Khaja: I’m going to ask you a hard question. Let’s talk about concubines. Because Daesh or otherwise known as ISIS or Islamic State comes and says well, you know, capturing concubines in time of war is acceptable. It’s allowed in Islam. It’s even a moral good. So how would you respond to that?

Shabbir Ally: The one problem that remains to be discussed squarely is the problem of concubinage. Where in classical Islamic law it was recognized that if a man owned a female slave he had the automatic right to have intimacy with her… There’s nothing in the Quranic texts properly interpreted which would necessitate that this has to be done, or even, that it was actually done. So we couldn’t prove from the Quran itself that one would have this automatic right. When the female slaves are spoken about in the Quran for example, in sura 4 verse # 24 it is apparent that this slave women were to be married off rather than just simply taken by the owner against her will and treated as his concubine. Of course in the Hadith and in classical Islamic tradition it is widely recognized that the slave owner would have this right.

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by al-Bukhaari (2542)  And we captured some prisoners from among the Arabs. We desired women and the period of abstention was hard for us, and we wanted to engage in ‘azl (coitus interruptus). We asked the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and he said, “There is no point in doing that, for there is no soul which Allaah has decreed should exist until the Day of Resurrection but it will come into existence.”

Allaah has permitted intimacy with a slave woman if the man owns her. 

Once this is understood, it should be noted that what is suggested in the question, that this was zina, never occurred to the Sahaabah (may Allaah be pleased with them). What they were asking about was the ruling on practicing ‘azl with the slave women whom they had acquired in the course of jihad.