Texas Synagogue Hostage Terror “Jew behind – kill Him”

Texas Synagogue Hostage Terror. January, 15, 2022 a man identifying as a Muslim took several worshipers hostages. People want to know if this action sanctioned by mainstream Islam?

The answer depends on context. Muslim leaders believe the last hour will not come till Muslims fight and kill the Jews and the Christians.

“We will turn their wives into widows their children into orphans

Prominent Muslim organizations did issue a statements on Texas Synagogue Hostage Terror.

Council on American-Islamic Relations responds to hostage taking at Texas synagogue: We stand in solidarity with the Jewish community.

However there are those Muslim leaders that do not support the Jewish community and call for their murder.

Kill the Jews  that Hide Behind Stones and Trees – Imams Preach it in California and Montreal.

There are those in the Muslim and Jewish community that say Islam is a religion that preaches peace and tolerance. The following brings this statement into question.

Is Prayer to Allah “destroy accursed Jews” reflecting Islamic values?

Statement from the Islamic Circle of North America

ICNA is greatly disturbed by the hostage situation

The following demonstrates diversity of opinion.

Senior Canadian Imam teaches that Jew hatred is mandated by Islam


Jew behind – come and kill him is a controversial statement that does not have the support of all individual persons that identify as Muslim. However it does have the support of many Muslim organizations. Therefor we recommend that you visit the local Mosque or Dawa’h center to seek clarification.