Islam More Humane for Conquered People than Christianity – Canadian Imam

Islam More Humane for Conquered People than Christianity – Canadian Imam

In this episode of Islam moving forward in Canada we learn from Canadian Shia Imam Sayyid Rizvi about how Islam is more humane to its conquered peoples than Christianity. This lecture was made on June 25, 2012. We also learn from Sunni Imam Suliiman Anwar Bengharsa from a lecture made at Abu Huraira Center in August 6th of 2010.

Shia Imam Sayyid Rizvi

There followed this example and I would like to put it in a current context of Canada here. That a Muslims, following the example of Rasoul Allah, even when they conquered other nations around the Arabian Peninsula they never went around eliminating the language and the culture of those people. Yes, Islam influenced the cultures wherever Islam became the dominate political force, but they didn’t say, okay, no Swahili. You know so if the influence was there. But it was not an issue of totally eliminating the culture of people, the religion of people. You know, and definitely nothing like forcefully taking away the children of others to change their language and culture and religion. As we see what happened here in Canada to the indigenous children.

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We are now learn from Sunni Imam Anwar Suleiman Bengarz who presents a perspective that seems to differ to that of the previous perspective presented by Sunni Imam Suliiman Anwar Bengharsa

And turkey in particular it was not a result of merchants coming with dawa’h. It was a result of jihad. Muslim came, people became Muslims as a result of the fact that Muslims came with the sword… The benefit may not be at the time of the people accepting Islam sincerely out of belief but rather out of fear. But the generations to come, now you as a Muslim, you are happy that your forefathers, what happened? They accepted Islam even though it may have been under the sword. Right? …There are some Muslims amongst us these days who want to go around and say: “Oh, Islam was never spread by the sword.” That is a blatant lie. It was spread many times by the sword. The shari’a was spread by the sword. The implementation of shari’a was spread by the sword.

In conclusion we have learned that both Shia and Sunni imams agree that Islam expands by military conquest. We also learn that Islam tolerates & accepts diverse opinions as to what defines humane treatment of a conquered people.

What Is to be done With Jews & Christians in Muslim lands?

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Hadith about the conquest of India

Was Islam spread by the sword?

Will Islamic Leaders Save Canada with Allah’s Guidance?

Will Islamic Leaders Save Canada with Allah’s Guidance?

Shia Imam Syed Rizvi & Sunni Imam Iqbal Nadvi Unite under the banner of The One TRUE Religion for all Mankind along with ICNA Canada to propose Islam as the solution for Canada.

Shia Imam Syed Rizvi Explains that Muslim in Canada should only enter politics to advance, minorities Muslim people and the religion of Islam in Canada as well as internationally.

Answer the other choice is what we call smart engagement. This is where you had to study the political system of Canada how it works and how you can engage with the system for the betterment of the country as well as the minorities. Especially for the Muslim minority.  And from our point of view when we look at this issue the ultimate purpose should be to promote Justice in society for all citizens especially the minorities…. Especially the minorities because we (Muslims) are a minority… I think you had to look at you know other minorities around yourself in Canada and you will see almost all of them religious and ethnic communities, especially those who are minorities, they’re fully engaged with the system in order to safeguard their own interest locally as well as international.

The following is from the book Human Rights in Islam & common misconceptions. This book that is distributed Islamic Booth at Toronto Dundas sq. portrays Jihad as a knobble endeavored. Islamic Booth

Jihad is… an honorable ‘struggle’ and resistance against those who oppose the peaceful spread of Allah’s Word and faith in Him and His religion of Islam

A ‘Mujahid’ (Muslim fighter for the cause of Allah)… has a clear understanding that Jihad is only for just reasons: to protect Islam and the Muslims, and to spread the message of Islam and Word of Allah.

This book available at Toronto Dundas SQ. helps us to contextualize what we will hear from Canadian Armed Forces Chaplain and ex President of Canadian Council of Imams

Islam has become a kind of solution for humanity. It is only we Muslims, if Allah uses us it is the best service we can do to make Islam the real solution for humanity. If we do this thing I can tell you that it will be not only for us for this country (Canada) but for all humanity as well.

Now we learn from the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) a registered Canadian charity (Registration No. 118951169RR0001) working for the welfare of the community since 1970.    AIQ

The objective of jihad warrants that one must struggle against kufr – disbelief and shirk – polytheism and the worship of falsehood in all its forms. Jihad has to continue until this objective is achieved. The jihad will continue till the day of Resurrection. It is incumbent on the Muslims to wage jihad against them to wipe out disbelief and shirk. And raise the banner of oneness of God everywhere. This Hadith strongly refutes the people who distort the Islamic concept of jihad and hold that Islam preachers defensive war only.

Jihad aims to set them on the path of worship of Allah and to provide a just and equitable society to mankind. Wherever in the world there is tyranny ignorance and heresy Muslims are bound to fight such evils and finish them by means of jihad

In Conclusion we now better comprehend the means by which the Muslim community will help Canada transfer to an Islamic society that embraces Peace and Justice as defined by the wisdom of Allah MHNBE, as transmitted by the Prophet Mohammad PBUH, as practiced by the Rashidun MABPWT.

Toronto Imam; We Draw the Line at France Limiting Women’s Hijab Rights

Toronto Imam; We Draw the Line at France Limiting Women’s Hijab Rights

In light of the beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty and the displaying of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of the Islamic Prophet Mohammad in public, senior respected Canadian Muslim leader Sayyid Rizvi released a statement that was uploaded Nov 21, 2020 concerning Emanuel Macron’s French values charter.

Bellow is an excerpt of the video titled Appropriate Reactions to Inappropriate Cartoons; France ‘Fighting Extremism’

The country that gifted the Statue of Liberty to the Americans itself is now curbing the rights of Muslim women to wear the hijab in government buildings. And now, on the pretext of fighting extremism, President Macron has asked Muslim leaders to accept a charter of Republican values… What they will do through this Charter is monitor and control the accreditation of the Imams. And this is where we have a problem with it. The charter also says that foreign interference in Muslim groups will be prohibited.

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Toronto Imam on Reactions to Inappropriate Cartoons – Fighting Extreme Secularism

After the beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty Toronto Imam, Maulana Syed Rizvi, gave a lecture on the crisis surrounding free speech that was uploaded Nov 20, 2020.

Imam Rizvi makes the point that free expression has limits. He also points out “Insult of the Prophet Mohammad is where we (Muslims) draw the line.”

Imam Rizvi: The recent events in France and the reaction of President Macron to them is a matter of concern for us. In the west, especially in Canada, because whatever happens in France has a ripple effect in Canada in Quebec, which is our French-speaking province. We have previously seen anti-Muslim sentiments in France. But the recent beheading of the teacher which showed the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad in a classroom discussion last month, this incident was exploited by the French government to control and curb the freedom of thought of Muslims in France. Muslims are not against freedom of expression. But freedom of expression has its own limitations especially when it ends up creating hatred towards a visible minority. No Muslim would ever object to an academic work which criticizes Islam and the prophet of Islam but when it is done to abuse, demean and insult the prophet of Islam that is where we draw the line.


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QUESTION: Is it essential to respond to those who defame the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

It says in al-Mawsoo‘ah al-Fiqhiyyah (40/61):  If the one who impugns the Prophet PBUH is an apostate, then the punishment prescribed for him in sharee‘ah is execution; there is no difference of scholarly opinion concerning that. 

Verily, those who annoy Allah and His Messenger (SAW) Allah has cursed them in this world, and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them a humiliating torment.