Does Jagmeet Support Terrorism to Archive Khalistan Independence?

Jagmeet Singh at a 2015 rally in San Francisco. Photo by Sikh Roots

32 years after the bombing of Air India, Sikhs in Canada uphold chief bomber, Talwinder Parmar, as a martyred hero. His portrait is permanently displayed at major Sikh temples in Ontario and B.C Terry Milewski reports. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh visits these temples. Does Jagmeet Support Terrorism?

2015 rally in San Francisco Jagmeet Singh spoke at an event focused on Sikh sovereignty. Some argue his presence at such events should not be taken lightly.

Jagmeet Canadian NDP leader advocates for Khalistan

In February 2016, Singh appeared at an event organized by the U.K.-based National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF). The NSYF advocates for an independent Khalistan.

Left to right: Harwinder Singh, Shamsher Singh and Jagmeet Singh at an event hosted by the National Sikh Youth Federation, which advocates for an independent Khalistan

Balpreet Singh, legal counsel for the World Sikh Organization of Canada, said many Sikhs are interested in the concept of Khalistan, though not in actually creating a separate state. “These are discussions that happen all the time, and there’s nothing wrong with that,” he said. “It’s not anything close to radicalism.”

He expressed frustration at the recent focus on Sikh extremism, and said many Sikhs came to Canada in the 1980s and 1990s to escape persecution, and carried that trauma with them. “It’s been difficult as a Sikh just to see my community under that eye of suspicion again,” he said.

Jagmeet attended 2016 seminar with Sikh youth leader who advocated terrorism.

Globe & Mail published the following March. 2018

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh participated in a pro-sovereignty seminar in 2016. He did this with the co-founder of the British-based National Sikh Youth Federation. This federation endorsed the use of political violence. as a “legitimate form of resistance.”

In June of 2015, Mr. Singh, appeared on stage at a Khalistan rally in San Francisco. This rally featured a poster of Jarnail Bhindranwale, the leader of an extremist group. This group occupied the Golden Temple. The leader was killed in a shootout with the army after he had stockpiled weapons in the Golden Temple complex.

Does Jagmeet Support Terrorism?

Multiculture Brings Sikh Terrorism & Murder to Canada  

Multiculture Brings Sikh Terrorism & Murder to Canada  

June 2023 a man deemed the leader of the Khalistan movement was assassinated in Canada. Sikh Terror in Canada

This follows on the heels of a Brampton, Ontario Khalistan parade featuring a depiction of the assassination   Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Was this a case the Indian government taking care of their internal business, all be it on Canadian soil?

There are those in the Sikh community that have put the blame on the Canadian government for not providing a security detail.

Others ask why this India Khalistani issue is a Canadian problem. People critical of multiculturalism point to the Singh decision as a nail in Canada’s coffin

Entrenching Refugee Rights in Canada: The 1985 Singh Decision

Up to the early 1980s, refugee claimants had the possibility of appealing a negative outcome to their refugee claims. However, Canada’s refugee determination system remained partial to the interests of the Canadian government rather than the claimant. The latter was not afforded the right to state their case before federal officials and to know the case criteria that they would need to meet under the principle of fundamental justice.

Challenging Canada’s Refugee Determination System before the Courts:

Between 1977 and 1980, seven foreign nationals including six Sikh Indian citizens and one Guyanese citizen claimed refugee status, under the 1976 Immigration Act, upon arriving in Canada.[2] The individuals based their claims on the 1951 United Nations Convention

Singh v. Minister of Employment and Immigration

The seven refugee claimants then appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) where six (of nine) justices of the court agreed to hear the appeal… The Federation of Canadian Sikh Societies and the Canadian Council of Churches were also represented as intervenors in the case.[7] Before the SCC, Satnam Singh’s lawyer, C.D. Coveney, argued that the process in which a recently-arrived individual made their claim for refugee status violated their rights to life, liberty, and security of the person (Section 7 of the Charter)

Canadian government argued that since Singh and his co-appellants were not Canadian citizens or permanent residents they had no legal standing before the courts. They argued that the Charter did not apply to “aliens.”[8

Supreme Court Ruling in Singh v. Minister of Employment and Immigration

On 4 April 1985, the six members of the court (Chief Justice Brian Dickson and Justices Bertha Wilson, Jean Beetz, Willard Estey, William McIntyre, and Antonio Lamer) who gave leave to appeal before the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) ruled in favour of the appellants. The six justices were evenly split (3-3) in their decisions.[14] A fellow judge of the court, Justice Roland Ritchie, sat in on the proceedings but did not take part in the judgement.[15] Justice Bertha Wilson, who wrote the majority opinion on behalf of Chief Justice Brian Dickson and Justice Antonio Lamer, found that the system for determining refugee status claims under the 1976 Immigration Act was “inconsistent with the requirements of fundamental justice”

The Singh decision helped make Canada one of the most liberal refugee systems in the world, it also became one of the most expensive to operate.

The Singh decision remains controversial to this day. Supportive legal and immigration scholars note that before the 1982 Charter and the 1985 Singh decision, the lack of a constitutionally-enshrined bill of rights and the use of “privative clauses” in immigration statutes saw Canadian courts display extraordinary deference to executive and administrative officials when it came to the formulation of Canadian immigration policy. Courts were also less likely to police deficiencies in immigration processes and procedures.[29] Since the Singh decision, refugee advocates view the SCC’s majority ruling as a progressive response to the need to be considerate of legitimate refugees in need of protection. Critics believe the decision has led to an increase in fraudulent refugee claims, which clog the refugee determination system in Canada, and often lead to improper admissions to the detriment of legitimate refugees.[30] Nonetheless, the Singh decision remains one of the most important legal decisions in Canadian immigration history due to its impact on immigration, Charter, and administrative law.[31

Is Muslim School Prayer Ban in Quebec Hate?

Is Muslim School Prayer Ban in Quebec Hate?

Following news reports about at least two Montreal-area schools allowing Muslim students to pray, Education Minister Bernard Drainville banned schools from offering dedicated prayers spaces, citing the province’s policy on institutional secularism. June 14, 2023 The Canadian Press Quebec Bans Muslim Prayer

Quebec judge rejects request from Muslim group to suspend ban on school prayer rooms

The judge Granosik said there are “serious questions” about the constitutionality of the ban,

There is a head-on collision regarding the use of public space, between the prohibition of overt prayer and religious practice and the secular status of this space; it is a given that the infringement of religious freedom continues.

The plaintiff’s situation is representative of many students and kids in elementary and high schools in Quebec who are now not able to freely practice their faiths.

Understand why Quebec Bans Muslim Prayer

Imam Osman Haji Madad, Sahaba Masjid. Edmonton, Alberta:

Those who were cursed by Allah. Allah was angry at them and turned them into monkeys and pigs.

Imam Muhammed Alshareef is the founder and President of Huston (TX) based AlMaghrib Institute:

Who are those that evoked Allah’s anger? That made Allah angry at them? And the Prophet, blessings, and peace of Allah be upon him, said: “Houm Al-Yahood” [Arabic], they are the Jews.

Mirzā Ghulām Ahmad, the leader and the founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement:

All commentators are agreed that those who incurred Divine wrath and those who went astray are the Jews and Christians respectively.

Commentary on The Holy Quran SURAH FATIHA (Volume 1, SURAH AL-FATIHA), (p. 338-340)

In a secular democratic country, no government should be telling anybody, much less children, how to pray,” said NCCM CEO Stephen Brown. “Our children should not be contending with the state meddling in their spiritual lives. We cannot allow for the state to police our children in schools – a place where they should be learning and growing in a safe and supportive environment regardless of their religious background. This is why we will not stop until this Decree is struck down.

No actual evidence of irreparable harm

This Decree is hurting Quebec students. After the Decree was issued students have told us that their schools have prohibited them from praying at school all together,” said Harini Sivalingam, Equality Program Director at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. “Today we are in court to stand up for Quebec students. This Decree must be suspended due to the significant harm to children in Quebec schools.

In announcing the prayer space ban, Drainville had said that students would still be allowed to pray discreetly and silently.

But the two groups, NCCM & CCLA argued in court Tuesday that Muslim prayers require physical action and that students had felt excluded and demeaned for attempting to pray on school property.

Quebec Bans Muslim Prayer

Bill C-20 NCCM Recommendations to Strengthen CBA Oversight

Bill C-20 NCCM Recommendations to Strengthen CBA Oversight

National Council of Canadian Muslim, formerly known as CAIR Canada mandate is to promote Muslims in Canada, Muslim community in Canada, growth of Islam in Canada. Bill C-20 NCCM Recommendations

Look to the future to meet the growing needs and aspirations of Canadian Muslim communities.

Following is a partial transcript of NCCM’s presentation on Bill C-20.

Training non-Muslim children to fight Islamophobia..

NCCM has heard countless stories over two decades about the challenges that Muslims face at the border. That is why one of our key battles over two decades has been in calling for oversight over the Canada Border Services agencies. While we support the passage of this bill, we would like to see three key amendments, without which we have grave concerns that the impact of this bill will be a very limited first step. Rather than the kind of comprehensive reform we need to see. Now, firstly we suggest that the definition of National security in C-20 needs further clarification. We believe the current language of the bill means that there could be unforeseen consequences arising from section 31 subsection 2 as the bill is currently drafted …

We recommend an amendment to section 8 subsection 1 that requires a timeline of 3 months for the oversight body to deal with the first step of a review process for the complaint, rather than leaving it to the commission and the RCMP to establish the timeline.

Finally, although the bill identifies the need to protect unreasonable search and seizure, we recommend a zero tolerance for racial discrimination. We have seen a number of Muslim clients mistreated with Islamophobic or racist conduct. Recently research conducted in March 2020 found that over 75% of CBSA officers surveyed said they witnessed a colleague discriminate against Travellers based on their National or ethnic origin. We are aware that in one instance a CBSA officer cited sources in a decision that drew on well-known Islamophobe Daniel Pipes. And in one instance cited information that link to hateful accusations leveled against NCCM and other prominent Canadian Muslim organizations. To the best of our knowledge the CBSA has never publicly apologized for relying on such nonsense. As such, considering the history of CBSA and the clear presence of Islamophobic prejudice in its work and culture a zero tolerance for hate clause should be instituted. We will expand significantly on the submissions before you today in a follow-up brief to be submitted. Subject to your questions that concludes our submissions.

Bill C-20 NCCM Recommendations

“Wife Beating Stays Behing Closed Doors”

In 2020 Sheikh Assim Huda answered a question about wife beating.

Following is a partial transcript. For further clarification links to a diversity of Islamic sources will be included at the bottom of post.

The general trend is Allah ordered men to be kind to their wives. You have to live with them – in what is normal, what is well known to people to be accepted.

However, what goes behind closed doors is something… There should be no outside interference.

 The Prophet told the companions that a lot of women visited my wives and complain to them of their husband’s beating them.

By Allah, they are not from among the best of you. Meaning these men that beat their wives are not the righteous.

Now when we judge things, we don’t refer to the United Nations we don’t refer to the Geneva convention we don’t refer to man-made laws made by the disbelievers the kafir

If you go to verse 34 chapter 4 – you feer their disobedience… Third and final step you beat them… Do not draw blood or hit the face….

Beating Wife in Islam – Islam Question & Answer (

“As to those women on whose part you see ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (next) refuse to share their beds, (and last) beat them (lightly, if it is useful); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means (of annoyance). Surely, Allah is Ever Most High, Most Great” [al-Nisa 4:34] 

If a woman rebels against her husband and disobeys his commands, then he should follow this method of admonishing her, forsaking her in bed and hitting her. Hitting is subject to the condition that it should not be harsh or cause injury. 

“1. First stage: The stage of advice, counseling and warning against Allah’s punishment. A husband must remind his wife of the importance of protecting his rights in Islam. This stage is a very kind and easy one. But, if this treatment does not work and proves to be ineffective, then the husband may resort to the next stage.

“2. Second stage: To leave the wife’s bed. Or, if one sleeps in the same bed with her, he will turn his back to her, not touch her, talk to her or have intercourse with her. This stage, as noticed, combines both strictness and kindness, although it is a very harsh practice on both. But, if this treatment does not work, then the husband may resort to the final stage of discipline explained below.

“3. Third and final stage: Beating without hurting, breaking a bone, leaving black or blue marks on the body, and avoiding hitting the face or especially sensitive places at any cost. The purpose of beating her is only to discipline and never retaliation or with desire to hurt by any means. Islam forbids severe beating as punishment.

“The Prophet (Peace be upon Him) said: “None of you should beat his wife like a slave-beating and then have intercourse with her at the end of the day”. [Bukhari #4908]

On Honor Killings

“In some traditional and tribal custom based societies, custom gives the male such a dominant role that if the honor of his womenfolk are perceived, even without proper verification, to have been violated by an action of promiscuity on her part, the man kills her to protect his honor. This situation has been hyped up in the media because some unscrupulous people who continue to do this and others who allow it to continue.

“The answer to this is simple. To begin with, people are not allowed to take the law into their own hands and punish in this manner based on unverified accusations of promiscuity, as the rules of testimony in Islam are very strict. Therefore, this is a direct violation of the Islamic law. If the court assesses the case as an outright premeditated murder, after considering all circumstances and receiving proofs conclusively, it becomes punishable by the Islamic law of equity and retribution in cases of premeditated murder.

“The unfortunate reality is that because secular laws are in place in these countries, and because politicians appease tribal and other leaders for political advantages, these unjust customs are allowed to continue. If the Islamic laws were established and executed, the severe punishments for fornication, adultery, murder, etc, would satisfy the Muslim population; that justice has been done, and this would curtail the sense of vengeance that one needs to

Muslim Leaders Collectively & Categorically Reject Trudeau’s LGBTQ Agenda

Muslim Leaders Collectively & Categorically Reject Trudeau’s LGBTQ Agenda

Prior to Pride Month 2023, Canadian Muslim leaders signed a letter that reaffirms the Muslim community’s commitment to traditional fundamental Islamic values. Justin Trudeau, allied with several influential Muslim members of the Liberal Muslim caucus, is a strong promoter of LGBTQ rights. Muslim Leaders Reject Pride. Following are excerpts from this letter. Thet are interspersed with words of wisdom from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. complete letter

The Source of Morality for Muslims

Islam enjoys a rich tradition of jurisprudence that allows for diverse perspectives and accommodates various cultural norms. However, particular principles that are explicitly stated in revelation, known to be necessary elements of Islam, and unanimously agreed upon by qualified scholars are deemed immutable and not open to revision by any person or entity, including the highest religious authorities.

The following are excerpt from the letter signed by senior North American Muslim leadership. Purple line is a quote from Justin Trudeau.

Canadians are quick to point out ISIS is wrong. Islam is compatible with a free and open society like Canada. We are a country defined on shared values that go beyond religion or ethnicity or language.

Islam’s Position on Sexuality and Gender

By a decree from God, sexual relations are permitted within the bounds of marriage, and marriage can only occur between a man and a woman.

God defined humanity as consisting of males and females and declared that He “… created [humans] from a male and a female and made [them] into peoples and tribes.

After meeting thousands of Syrian refugees and listening more about their faith, I have learned to love Islam. Islam promotes peace and is in fact more peaceful than Christianity. Islam is the religion that I identify with.

In Islam, the sinful actions of an individual do not and should not dictate his or her identity. As such, it is impermissible for Muslims to take pride in identifying with labels that categorize them by their sins. It is important to note that the stance of Islam on illicit sexual relations goes hand in hand with its protection and promotion of the individual’s right to privacy. Islam prohibits prying into others’ private lives and discourages public disclosure of sexual behavior.

For me, this moment of Ramadan is a time to reflect on the values of empathy, generosity and compassion, charity and also discipline. They are not just Muslim values but Canadian values.

Our Constitutional Right to Hold Our Views

We recognize that our moral code conflicts with the goals of LGBTQ proponents. We acknowledge their constitutional right to live in peace and free from abuse. Nevertheless, we emphasize our God-given and constitutional rights to hold, live by, and promote our religious beliefs in the best manner (Quran, al-Naḥl: 125) without fear of legal reprisal or systematic marginalization. Peaceful coexistence does not necessitate agreement, acceptance, affirmation, promotion, or celebration.

We call on policymakers to protect our constitutional right to practice our religious beliefs freely, without fear of harassment, and to oppose any legislation seeking to stifle the religious freedoms of faith communities.

As Canadians we must be standing up against intolerance, standing up against homophobia, and we need to double down on what we know to be true: that compassion openness and respect and love is the only way forward for this world.

To Our Muslim Community

We urge Muslim public figures to uphold the sanctity of our faith and refrain from making erroneous pronouncements on behalf of Islam. We reject any attempt to attribute positions to Islam concerning sexual and gender ethics that contravene well-established Islamic teachings.

I attended the Reviving the Islamic Spirit in person 3 years ago. I have had the pleasure of sharing the message every year since. This is also about sharing our shared beliefs and justice, fairness and equality of opportunity and acceptance.

Freedom of expression is not unlimited. communities are experiencing huge discrimination in Canada today.. everyone must act respectfully, and not need to arbitrarily hurt someone. Our society is based on respecting others, listening and learning.

Muslim Leaders Reject Pride

Is There Only One Islamic Method to Kill Homosexuals?