Advancing Islam Using North America’s Political Systems

With the passing decades the Muslim community is increasingly shaping & enriching the Western world. In March of 2017 the Canadian parliament passed a landmark anti-Islamophobia motion. This monumental initiative calls on the government to ‘quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear’. This monumental undertaking was spearheaded by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid. Canada and America both have thriving, vibrant Muslim communities that are contributing to multiculturalism, diversity and cultural values. The numbers below reflect the continuous yearly progression that Islam is making in America.

  • 2018: 57 Muslims elected to office
  • 2019: 49 Muslims elected to office
  • 2020: 62 Muslims elected to office

2020 preliminary statistics: (awaiting certifications of elections) Congress: 22 candidates, 14 states ran; 5 in general election; 3 won re-election: Omar Ilhan, Rasida Tlaib, and Andre Carson.

Ilhan serves on the House Foreign Relations Committee and Carson on the House Intelligence Committee.

  • 13 Muslims won municipal seats.
  • 48 ran in 22 states for state legislatures; 22 won.
  • 16 ran in 10 states for county seats; 6 won.
  • 35 ran in 5 states for school committees/boards; 12 won.
  • 6 ran for judiciary; 4 won.

MPOWER CHANGE: largest Muslim-led social and racial justice organization in the US. Director: Linda Sarsour (mentor: Siraj Wahhaj, the father of the man with the same who was training children in the New Mexico desert compound to conduct mass shootings at schools)

CAIR: Muslim advocacy organization focused on protecting civil rights, enhancing understanding of Islam, promoting justice, and empowering Muslims.

JETPAC: Trains Muslims to run for office and funds their campaigns.
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