Texas Imam: “Christian Trinity Is Morally Repugnant”

After the beheading spree in France, spurred on by depiction of cartoons of Prophet Mohammad PBUH, Yasir Qadhi gave a sermon that touched on Shari’a law’s permissibility guide lines allowing for belief and practice of religions other than Islam.

The Islamic Ruling on Blasphemy (And Its Application In the Modern World) | Ask Shaykh YQ  •Premiered Nov 4, 2020

Yasir Qadhi is a Texas born Imam & PhD Yale scholar and world lecturer.

“We are not talking about a non-Muslim doing what is part of his faith or her faith. And that might include something that is derogatory for us for example, worshiping other than Allah. This is something that we find offensive, morally speaking. But they are allowed to do this in the privacy of their places of worship. There’s nothing that the Sharia will come between them and their rituals. For the Christian to claim that they believe in the trinity, well of course they believe in the trinity, and the Quran says that do not say trinity. Meaning do not say it morally but the Christian is allowed to say it politically, even in the lands of Islam. That if a Muslim was to ask him what do you believe and the Christian says I believe in the Trinity this is a factually correct statement that is morally repugnant.”

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Islam is the religion of guidance, mercy and love, but there are people who force the Muslims to fight when they stand in the way of their conveying the guidance to mankind. The Muslims do not fight anyone until they have told them about the religion of Allaah and given them the choice between two things, either accepting Islam or, if they refuse Islam and keep their own religions, paying the Jizyah (tax) to the Muslims in return for protection. If they refuse both of these choices, then they are to be fought.

When we Muslims fight, it is for the sake of saving people from worshipping other people, and teaching them to worship the Lord of the Worlds, and bringing them out of the injustice of other religions to the justice of Islam, and freeing them from the constrictions of this world so that they may enjoy the bounty of this world and the Hereafter.

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