Does NDP want to Establish Ministry Of Religious Truth?

Peter Julian NDP MP for New Westminster Burnaby

Peter Julian tweeted on March 3rd 2022

Some Canadians are being radicalized thru social media, Fox News & are getting a distorted picture of reality.

Promote Truth & Cancel Falsehood. Is Peter Julian the one who can be trusted to never make a mistake?

In Canada at the moment there are many topics that are subjected to a variety of views and opinions. It seem, according to NDP MP Peter Julian, that this type of diversity is not to be accepted or tolerated.

Some believe only God or a God can Promote Truth & Cancel Falsehood.

Justin Trudeau says the Canadian government follows science because it is the truth. Religion is a belief system that is not science. Therefore, according to Peter Julian, all religion is disinformation.

Peter Julian has determined there is one truth and all others are mis- or disinformation. Once the Ministry of Truth has identified the true religion, all others will be classified as false.

Diet. Which one should Canadians be permitted to advocate or speak of? Should it be carnivore, vegan, vegetarian or herbivore? Once the Ministry has determined what is true and best, all others will be placed on the misinformation list.

Movies are structured with a narrative that conveys a meaning or many meanings. Verifying & Accrediting the Truth of movie narratives is the responsibility of the Ministry. It will have a department dedicated to purging past and present movies with narratives, deemed false, harmful or undesirable.

Man 50 years old glasses  blue yellow lapel blue jacket shirt is light blue. tie with blue with very pale blue dots Promote truth cancel falsehood
NDP MP Peter Julian advocating for censorship

Horoscopes are deemed to be unscientific and a source of misinformation. They will be placed on the misinformation list and purged from society.

Citizen cohesive inter funding community developmental project

COVID 19 has placed a strain on Canadian finances. It is proposed all smart phones, tablets and laptops  will be subject to an additional 3% tax to help the government offset the funding for the Ministry of Truth headed by NDP MP Peter Julian.

NDP MP Peter Julian call for censorship is very much in harmony with that of the Islamic leaders of Canada, America and Europe. They are calling for introduction of legislation to punish individuals or organization that promote misinformation. This legislation will also punish those that insult and ridicule Islam, Muslims or Prophet Mohammad PBUH. This will promote peace, social harmony.

For more information on the proposed Truth Ministry, contact the constituency office of Peter Julian.

604-775-5707 or      613 992 4214                                                       [email protected]

Peter Julian@MPJulian · Marc 3 2022

Some Canadians are being radicalized thru social media, thru fox news & getting a very distorted picture of reality. This is threatening to those who’ve been & continue to be targets of violence & oppression. We gotta make sure Canadians are getting facts not propaganda #cdnpoli

Canadian government will Promote truth cancel falsehood

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