Homosexual Perversion Causes Aids, Covid, Mad Cow, Chicken Pox

Homosexuals‘ are responsible for covid and HIV. Imam goes into depth explaining how the perversion of homosexuality is destroying civilization. Imam Karim AbuZaid is the imam of Colorado Muslim Society (CMS). He is a PhD candidate in Islamic Studies with the American Open University of Alexandria, VA.

Any Nation they commit adultery openly, indecency, homo. I don’t want be trouble here. We can’t talk about that anymore you get in trouble now. Any of that and they announce it announce it. Internet now. Allah will inflict them with diseases, plagues, their ancestors never experienced. Who is Corona? Who is mad cow disease? Who is AIDS, chicken pox? And is coming, Barona and then Harona and then Corona and then Zalona.

A book distributed at Toronto’s Dundas Sq. supports the teaching that Homosexuals are responsible for AIDS and other disease.

Clear you doubts about Islam

HIV/AIDS, which causes loss of acquired immunity and usually leads to death. The early spread of AIDS was first observed among homosexual communities. Later, it entered the heterosexual community through so-called bisexuals as well as blood transfusions and intravenous drug usage, and now it continues to spread among promiscuous heterosexuals. AIDS remains incurable, and infections continue to increase in gay and bisexual men, who accounted for more than half of HIV infections in 2006

Read more that is distributed at Toronto’s Dundas Sq.

Imam hakim Quick:

So the reporter said what is the position of Islam on homosexuality they asked me so newspaper right so I said put my name in the paper the position is death and we cannot change Islam

The above was quoted by Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick. He is a teacher, counselor and outreach coordinator for the Canadian Council of imams. He is also a senior lecturer at the Islamic institute of Toronto.

Will NCCM Fly the Pride Flag to counter the anti-LGBTQ statements made by the leadership of the Muslim community?

The Imam clearly states Homosexuals are responsible for covid