Is the Punishment for leaving Islam Death?

Yes death is the punishment for apostatizing from Islam. However certain sharia criteria must be met prior to the execution. Lean about Islamic Punishment for Apostacy.

We first learn from, Sheharyar Shaikh, Imam of the Islamic Society of Kingston, Ontario.

I especially want to look at one aspect the punishment for apostacy. Let Allah be a witness that I am telling the truth. The punishment for apostacy is death.

Dispel misinformation on the punishment of executing apostates

Distributed by Toronto Dawa’h at Toronto Dundas SQ.

The book Human Right in Islam distributed at Dundas SQ. in Toronto, Canada makes it clear.

Declaring general disbelief and rejection is unacceptable in Islamic Shari’ah…  “The killing of an apostate from the Islamic faith implies that such a person has violated the basis of Islam and attacked Islam openly and publicly with treachery and blasphemy… This treachery may precipitate the beginning of internal revolution and dangerous rebellion and therefore is called ‘High Treason’… “Execution of an apostate is, in reality, a salvation for society…

We now learn from Imam Shabbir Ally who is heavily involved in Christian Muslim bridge Building. In 2020 he was appointed President of The Canadian Dawa’h Association.

These classical interpretations of Islam make it so objectionable to criticize God or the prophet or the scriptures of Islam to the extent that they prescribe death penalty for the critic. There are different ways of understanding this. The most cautious way would be to say, okay, if somebody openly is criticizing the faith that person may be brought to the court and given a chance to recant. If that person has some doubts things would be explained to that person. Maybe he’ll be called 3 days one after the other to give him a chance to rethink. And then when he recants, especially when he knows the ax is going to fall on him. Then naturally he is going to want to recant.


According to Islamic scholars Islam is a collective. A person that identifies as an individual threatens the collective. The individual will be executed for the greater good of the collective.

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