Muslim Charity Trains Community activist to Influence Canadian Government

The National Council of Canadian Muslim AKA NCCM is the largest and most influential Muslim advocacy group in Canada. In an ongoing miniseries of 4 segments we will learn about the changes & contribution that Canada is experiencing due to the continued dedication & tireless work of NCCM

It would seem there is no better more efficient way to alter a nation then through workshops that empower the grass root? The first workshop we will learn about is what NCCM labels the Flagship. “Know Your Rights” This workshop individuals learn about their legal rights. They’ll also learn why the Muslim community should engage in the political process, what’s involved, as well as how the Muslim community and individuals can ensure they acquire greater & more effective influence over their municipal, provincial, and federal governments. Finally participants will learn to identify the issues of higher priority in order to systematically & continuously move forwards the needs and desires of the community.  It is important to note These are detailed, action-oriented workshop empowering Muslim citizens to influence & advocate at all levels of government to affect real change that is of benefit to Islam & the ever growing Muslim community in Canada. Islamophobia prevails when good people do nothing. Help me Help us to Help them by sharing this content. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you soon. Good Bye.

NCCM site

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