Eliminate Israel or Suffer Global Jihadist Terror attacks!

Palestinians unite with a global demand to illuminate Israel. This call emanated in Germany, Britain, Toronto and New York.

In New York, April 2023, we see young vibrant girls and boys display their immeasurable passion to Palestinian justice and peace. The following is a partial transcript of the NYC 2023 al-Quds day. Palestine Global Intifada Israel

Fight for Palestine today and every single day believe that you are in the right… Israel has absolutely no right to exist.

It is our mission to ensure that it will no longer exist because as long as Israel exists, it is a threat to world peace.

It is a threat not only to Palestinians but to all people of the world.

In order to commit yourself to Palestinian liberation and freedom, that absolutely means you have to commit yourself to the abolishing of Israel.

Liberate Palestine by any means necessary and be a part of the intifada wherever you might be.

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