Dr. Jasmin Zine Lables Tarek Fatah an Islamophobe

Dr Jasmin Zine, a professor at Wilfred Laurier labels Tarek Fatah an Islamophobe. She does this in her federally funded book White Islamophobia Industry. (free download)

Firas al-Najim founder of CD4HR a Palestinian support organization tweeted the following.

The self hating Muslim #tarekfatah has died from many of his illnesses. He was Sick mentally before physically & now we can Rest In Peace from all his toxic work. He was a supporter of the Zionist Israeli war criminal regime & a great friend of all hypocrites/monafiqeen. Adios

Sheikh Iqbal Nadvi Contradict Dr. Zine and Firas Najim

April 24, 2023, Muhammad Iqbal al-Nadvi, president of the Canadian Fique Council released a statement after news of the passing of journalist and Author Tarek Fatah. Tarek Fatah Not Islamophobe

According to the statement released by Sheikh Iqbal Nadvi on the official FB Al-Nadwa Institute Tarek Fatah was a Muslim.

…he was outspoken about the political clergy in Pakistan, he was a main critic of religious clergy in the Indian Subcontinent and due to such a stand taken by him, he was labeled as anti-Islam. To my understanding, he was a Muslim

 I liked most of the comments when he spoke against fanatics, terrorism and extremism.

Two Influential Muslim Canadians Contradict Sheikh Nadvi

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