Trudeau: Recommits Human Rights for Convicted Lebanese Canadian Terrorist

Trudeau: Recommits Human Rights for Convicted Lebanese Canadian Terrorist

April 2023 French court convicted Professor Diab Hasan, in absentia of the 1980 bombing that killed 4 and injured 46.

Supporters of Hassan Diab, who became a Canadian citizen in 1993 are calling on Canada to refuse extradition request.

The Ottawa Citizen reported

The conviction was a surprise to many even in the court. Among the defense witnesses was a magistrate who investigated the case and testified that there was not enough evidence to convict Diab.

The head of France’s leading Jewish group, CRIF, welcomed the conviction, and urged Canada to arrest Diab. The victims’ attorneys say the long-awaited trial will serve as deterrent for future terrorist acts and antisemitic sentiments.

France says Lebanese-born sociology professor Hassan Diab was a member of a Palestinian militant group

Globe and Mail opinion by ALEX NEVE AND ROBERT J. CURRIE

Canada must put a stop to injustice in the Hassan Diab case, once and for all

Friday’s decision from the French Special Assize Court, which found Mr. Diab guilty in absentia of a horrific synagogue bombing in Paris despite overwhelming evidence that he was not in France at the time,

Professor’s Passport in Possession of PFLP Senior Leader

Professor Hasan says that his passport was stolen. He has know ideal how it got to a leader of the PLFP

Bernie Farber and Mira Sucharov  proclaims Hasan is innocent in a Globe and Mail op-ed Article.

Allah is Greatest Cultural Enrichment  vibrates in Toronto City Hall

Allah is Greatest Cultural Enrichment vibrates in Toronto City Hall

Political Islam in Toronto. Before the call to prayer filled Toronto City Hall chambers proclaiming Allah is the Greatest, John Tory gave a welcome speech. Speech & Prayer

On the occasion of the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan… I think many of you here are members of the Islamic faith, but I do want to thank those who are joining from churches across the city and showcasing their support for this community… I don’t want to make a big deal of it, but for the first time ever in my life I fasted from when I went to sleep last night until now.

Many Toronto mosques to broadcast call to prayer during Ramadan amid COVID-19 restrictions over loud speakers.

Alhaj Abubakar, the imam Masjid Omar Bin Al-Khattab, a mosque on Parliament Street just south of Dundas Street East that broadcast its first call to prayer on Wednesday said: 

The reason why this time it’s so important for us [is] because the [city] is allowing us to say the Azan publicly.

“We are very, very happy.” 

Prayer filled Toronto City Hall

Down Town Ottawa Enriched with Islamic Call to Prayer. Working together with Political Islam in Toronto.

Non-Muslims will or may view the following teaching about the importance of prayer from Imam Mohammad Hablos, as disturbing; however, we must remember that spiritual religions conviction in the West is considered a private matter never to be denigrated but respected.

My brothers and sisters let me tell you something and understand this fact. So far as sin is concerned and, please understand this message very clearly… Of course it’s all sin. It’s all haram. None of it is good and accepted. But for the sake of understanding… Because many of us, we see our brother who is selling drugs, we see a brother who maybe murdered another brother and we say “look at these people, look how rubbish they are.” My friend, let me tell you something. In the eyes of Allah, as far as sin is concerned… The one who sells drugs – good or bad? – Just very quickly, good or bad? Bad. How about the murderer? How about the one who commits adultery, fornication? What about the one who rapes a child? What about the one who drinks alcohol? What about the one who does the biggest of the major sins, good or bad? This person, one person, who commits all of these sins, he commits all of these sins on the daily basis but he prays is better in the eyes of Allah than the one who doesn’t commit any of these sins, but doesn’t pray. So you and your brother say “yeah I’m a good guy”… Habibi, go and pack that up because, it’s not going to work on the day of judgment. Any person who misses one prayer, one not two… One prayer – you miss one prayer for no reason… You are worse than a murderer, you are worst then a rapist, you are worse than a terrorist, you are worse than a pedophile in the eyes of Allah.

Edmonton heard the Islamic call reverberate over the city:

Across Canada, cities are allowing the call, or adhan, during the COVID-19 crisis, during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and other major cities have all made exemptions to the usual rules.

However there will be people that are not favorable to Islamic cultural enrichment.

Netherlands: Mosque’s neighbors complain of loudness of call to prayer on loudspeakers, mosque says “get used to it” There are similarities with Political Islam in Toronto

Other benefits to prayer were keenly felt by non-Muslims in the early expansion period of Islam. Some senior scholars are of the opinion that such protections should be granted today.

The prophet used to order the invasion of every land which did not submit to the Muslims. The prophet would not raid except in the morning. If he heard the Adhan he would refrain. If he did not, he would invade after dawn”. Narrated by Essam Almusny,  who said; “the prophet told the expeditions he sent if you have seen a mosque or heard a call for prayer do not kill anybody.”

Islam Q&A is an academic, educational, da‘wah website, which aims to offer advice and academic answers based on evidence from religious texts in an adequate and easy-to-understand manner.

What is the ruling on interrupting prayer in event of an earthquake or fire?

Toronto City Hall vibrates with Allah is Greatest

Political Islam in Toronto Propelling Forward the Cause of Allah

Marital Rape intersecting with Islamic Values & Teaching of Muslim Scholars

Marital Rape intersecting with Islamic Values & Teaching of Muslim Scholars

In 2017 Canadian Common Law Intersected with Multiculturalism to Juxtapose the Ideal of Diversity that Transitioned to Fight Islamophobia.

“I find that the accused probably had sex with his wife on many occasions without her specific consent, as both he and she believed that he had the right to do so,” Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Smith said. Although she did not always consent, the couple both believed it was the husband’s right, the Ottawa Citizen reported.

The female has a special and honoured role within Islam that is codified in Islamic doctrine. Before it can be applied Islamic doctrine must be interpreted.

What do senior Muslim leaders in Canada teach about consent of a wife before husband can commence with the act of copulation? Below are six examples. To learn more

Imam Shabbir Ally: There is no ‘consent’ in Islamic marriages. Citing the teachings in Islam, Shabir Ally said, “The woman’s main responsibility in a marriage is to fulfil the sexual needs of her husband. And for that reason the husband has the right and claim to this (referring to sexual intercourse). And she cannot refuse.

Imam Musleh Khan: “She should not withhold sex from her husband without a valid excuse. If she refuses without a valid reason, then she has committed a major sin. This is unanimous among scholars of Islam…Especially for a man, the way Allah created him. Many, many times he may need his wife there more than she might need him. This is just the nature of men. This is just a nature that Allah created us with. So, Sisters, it’s part of your act of worship towards Allah.”

Imam Abdi Hersy: “If she just refuses because she is angry at you, it is not something that she can punish you with avoiding sex. This is something that she granted and agreed upon when she was signing the marriage contract.”

Women in Islamic Shariah P.17: “Everything in this world is a piece of property or a possession. The best possession in the world is a pious woman.”

The Fragile Vessel P 78: “It is, therefore, a great obligation upon the wife to always be available for the consummation of her husband’s desire. It is a major sin for her to deny her husband the intimate pleasure that he seeks with her. Refusing to do that is a major sin that deserves the Angels’ curse and Allah’s wrath.”

Imam Abu Bilal Philips: “According to Sharia, there is no such thing as marital rape when a couple are married. There are specific specified rights. Among rights of a male is when he demands sexual relations, she must comply.”