Daily Prayer About Inferiority of Jews & Christians Contextualized

Daily Prayer About Inferiority of Jews & Christians Contextualized

Divine wrath Jews, Christians. Five daily prayer. Not many non-Muslims understand the importance of the five daily prayers. Four senior Imams will contextualize the prayer in an effort to Dispel misinformation. The following is narrated by Eric Brazau.

Hello & welcome to another segment of “Islam Moving forward in Canada. We will learn about the prayer that is repeated 17 times a day within the 5 daily prayers.

We begin with Senior Imam Karim Abu Zaid who asked

Why is this sura called the mother of the Quran … It was called mother of the Quran because all the meanings of the Quran are compiled in those seven verses the rest of the Quran came after to detail and explain it.

The following is the translation of Surah (chapter) al-Fatihah is provided by Omar Subedar, Imam at Brampton, ON Makki Masjid, on Jew Christian Divine Wrath

[In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful]

All praise is for Allah, the Sustainer of every creation

The Most Merciful and the Ever Merciful

Master of the Day of Compensation

It is only You who we worship and only You Who we seek assistance from

Guide us to the straight path

The path of those you bestowed favours upon, not those who have incurred [Your] wrath and those who have deviated” >>>

Continuing our contextualized understand we look to the book Commentary on The Holy Quran” by Mirzā Ghulām Ahmad,  leader and the founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement: >>>

All commentators are agreed that those who incurred Divine wrath and those who went astray are the Jews and Christians respectively … Those who incurred Divine displeasure are the Jews and those who went astray are the Christians.

Further elucidation comes from Edmonton Alberta Sahaba Mosque, guest speaker Imam Osman Haji Madad

Who are those who earned the wrath of Allah?… They are the Jews… Those who were cursed by Allah. Allah was angry at them and turned them into monkeys and pigs.” End Quote. Some text use the word Apes rather than monkeys.

This episode of “Islam Moving Forward in Canada” again demonstrates the importance of learning the context surrounding these sensitive issues. I recommend that you visiting your local mosque to obtain further clarification. Clarification will help you to help others dispel misinformation.  

Thanks for watching – Islam Moving Forward in Canada. –  Till next time. Good bye.

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Kill the Jews Hiding Behind Stones and Trees

Kill the Jews Hiding Behind Stones and Trees

Kill Jews stones Trees. Imams Preach it California and Montreal.

Sheikh Ammar Shahin born in Cairo, Egypt began his Islamic training at a young age under the supervision of his father. He continued his Islamic education, graduating from the Institute for Preparation of Preachers with a diploma in Islamic studies as well as studying at Al-Forqan Institute. He traveled to the United States in 1999. He continued to study with many Muslim scholars, receiving his ijazaat (licenses) in various Islamic sciences. His studied included studying the Maliki madhhab, He pursued a B.A. at Al-Azhar University in the Islamic Sciences and Arabic language, he received a B.A. and M.A. at the Islamic University of Minnesota in Islamic Studies. He has been an Imam in various mosques across the United States, he is currently the Imam at the Islamic Center of Davis in California.

Below is a partial transcript of a Friday khutba (sermon) given in Davis, California July 2017. These words were spoken, by Sheikh Ammar Shahin in English. The president of the mosque defended Ammar Shahin by saying it is a mistranslation taken out of context. Further below that is video clip of a khutba also given on a Friday. This Friday khutba given in Montreal also speaks of stones and trees and turning Jewish children into orphans. Below that is a video computation of Various imams in Canada & USA: Edmonton, Alberta Imam Osman Modad, Huston Texas Imam Muhammad AlShareef, Brampton, Ontario, Imam Omar Subedar, Toronto, Imam Musleh Khan, Visiting Toronto, Sheikh Mashoor Hasan, Vancover, Imam Younus Kathrada, Quran, Sura Fatiha, Muslim Prayer Hand Book all have something to say about Jewish people that some can consider hateful or hate speech.

And the stones and the trees say ‘oh Muslim servant of Allah…’ They will not say Egyptian, oh Palestinian, oh Jordanian, oh Syrian, oh Afghan, oh Pakistani… The Last Hour will not take place until the Muslim fights the Jews. We don’t say if it is in Palestine or another place… When that war breaks out, they (Jews) will run and hide behind every rock and house, and wall, and tree. The house and wall and trees will call upon the Muslims. It will say ‘Oh Muslim. It will not say Egyptian oh Palestinian, oh Jordanian, oh Syrian, oh Afghan, oh Pakistani, or Indian. No! it will say ‘Oh Muslim, Muslim. When the Muslims come back… ‘Come there is some one behind me’ except for the Gharqad tree, which is the tree of the Jews”


Montreal sermon on Jews

North American computation about Jews