Trudeau bus serves journalists lunch from Soufi’s restaurant

The Liberal Party of Canada shows its support and sympathy with the Syrian Soufi’s restaurant in Toronto that was reopened last week after a few days of closure because of alleged online threats and hate messages directed at the owners and their son Alaa Soufi DaLua.

A since-deleted Facebook post from the Syrian restaurant confirmed that Alaa Soufi DaLua had been one of the protesters against an event featuring MP Maxime Bernier and expressed sincere regret about the situation that occurred. In a video that went viral, a few masked protesters are seen harassing an elderly couple, blocking their way and shouting “Nazi scum” at an 81-year-old woman.

Another video documented Alaa Soufi DaLua’s participation in demonstrations alongside activists affiliated with the left wing group Anifa. Some of these demonstrations turned into violent clashes.

On October 13, 2019 Glen McGregor, a senior journalist covering Parliament Hill for CTV National News, reported that the Trudeau campaign bus was served a lunch from Soufi’s restaurant in Toronto that included a Syrian flatbread and taboulleh.

Katie Telford, Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, commended the restaurateur Mohamad Fakih for his role in supporting Soufi’s restaurant and implicitly facilitating Soufi’s lunch for the Trudeau campaign bus:

Milkshake at Fran’s. Thanksgiving event with Masai Ujiri (yeah @Raptors !). Lunch from Soufi’s (way to go @mohamadfakih8!). Toronto, I ❤️ you. Day not over yet! #HappyThanksgiving #WetheNorth

6 thoughts on “Trudeau bus serves journalists lunch from Soufi’s restaurant”

  1. Trudeau is the worst PM this great country has ever seen. He is a criminal, liar, thief, fake feminist, fake environmentalist. He will go down as the worst PM in the history of Canada. An absolute embarrassment on the world stage and child as we all know the budget will balance itself. Have we sunk so low that we will let this sanctimonious idiot run is Into the ground……..on October 21st let’s hope not

  2. Boy Trudeau knows all of the ways to melt people’s heart doesn’t he? I don’t trust anybody that slick like that. He’s already known for popping up at people’s weddings for selfies etcetera, walking in the pride parade does not make you more accepting of they gay movement people can be accepting just as much without walking in the parade but he’s just so demonstrative, so narcissistic and so now, of course they show up to be fed and feed the journalists who are going to be asking questions at this restaurant that has trended in the news recently. My oh my, don’t care what he does like this Canada will be destroyed if he has four more years. I’ve never seen the Prime Minister deserve a second term less then this guy he doesn’t deserve it even 1%. He deserves to be investigated criminally for obstructing justice. And I find it very offencive that he has been showing his face and talking and acting like everything is just fine when everything is not fine at all. I pray Andrew Scheer gets in so that he can activate a real investigation by the RCMP, opening all files.

  3. “TRUDEAU” wear his “VEST’?? Did Trudeau write them a cheque for a few million ‘FOR CALLING AN ELDERLY White CDN WOMAN WITH A WALKER “NAZI SCUM??

  4. This is outragious. That senior lady should press harrassment & criminal charges against that Syrian lad, then he should be deported. They have no moral compass & will never fit in here.

  5. All rotten Libs MPs always supporting scum terrorists & doing scurvy things like intimidating decent Canadians & their own senior staffwe all remember SNC LAVALLIN , or Poor Admiral Norman we could go on & on but you get the picture corruption plus need I say mire ugh

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