Canada Transforming to better reflect Muslim perspective on White Supremacy

THE OUR LONDON FAMILY ACT will help Canada Transform to better reflect Muslim perspective on White Supremacy

In June of 2021 in London Ontario a Muslim family was tragically killed by a man diving an automobile.  

NCCM is at the forefront of this tragedy advocating for serious change to Canadian society, culture, judiciary & children’s education.

The following are excerpts from NCCM’s website.  

We have prepared a draft piece of model legislation that proposes key and common sense changes to the way that we challenge Islamophobia in Ontario. If introduced and passed, the Our London Family Act would address key areas::

  1. Changes to our education system…
  2. Dismantling of white supremacist groups…
  3. Enshrine a provincial hate crimes accountability unit …
  4. Bolster the scope and strategy of the Anti-Racism Directorate…

Full recommendations

Schools are also sites that hold great potential for transformative social change. Studies and reports of the lived experiences of Muslim children in Canadian school systems tell us that Islamophobia takes many forms in educational contexts….

p10)  A New Anti-Hatred Strategy That Combats Islamophobia Would Include:

Minister shall ensure that district school boards gather qualitative and/or quantitative data on the experience of racialized students and staff in schools. Every district school board shall establish a special anti-hatred advisory committee consisting of a diversity of perspectives.

Develop and maintain an anti-hatred strategy that aims to eliminate systemic racism and advance racial and social equity in schools. Curriculum Changes Should Include Recommendations That Require That:

The Minister shall ensure that the curriculum referenced in section 8(1) contains identity affirming resources and programs, including accurate and nuanced representation of minorities in a manner that reflects the province’s Anti-Racism Strategy as promulgated under the Anti-Racism Act, 2017, S.O. 2017, c. 15. Same, anti-Islam For greater certainty, the Minister shall conduct a reform and review of the curriculum as it relates to Muslims and Islam.


Under the new legislation, acts of intimidation within 50 metres of religious institutions by white supremacist groups would be prohibited.

Will these recommendations seamlessly incorporate the many existing initiatives currently being executed across Canada by NCCM, such as:

Workshop How to use media to normalize the view of hijab & Islam as a champion of human rights

Recreate 3 Canadian Cities as Sharia Guided Islamic Enclaves – Mustafa Farooq

Islam’s importance to Canada’s history, culture & trauma of Islamophobia on Muslim Children

Will the Federal and Provincial governments adequately increase funding to better enable NCCM to monitor the progress? Will Justin Trudeau implement these recommendations and help Canada Transform to better reflect Muslim perspective on White Supremacy?

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