How to Ensure the Cause of Allah is gaining Forward Momentum

Will Islam dominate Canada? How to Ensure the Cause of Allah is gaining Forward Momentum. All Canadians need to participate in pro Islam activities. Alter school curriculum to reflect the Muslim perspective of the crusades and the conquest of Constantinople. Canadians need to uphold NCCM as a champion of human rights, Bring about the normalization of the wearing of the hijab and niqab.

The following is taken from National Council of Canadian Muslims web site. NCCM is formally known as CAIR Canada. It was the Canadian arm of the American organization CAIR. It was accused of Muslim terrorist activities. On July 6, 2013, CAIR-CAN issued a press release. It announced that the organization will now be known as the National Council of Canadian Muslims. In freanch (Conseil National des Musulmans Canadiens).

Cause of Allah is gaining Forward Momentum

Given our expertise in anti-discrimination work, NCCM educates employers and service providers about basic Islamic religious practices. In an effort to break down barriers of misunderstanding and promote inclusive workplaces. This includes providing timely publications such as our Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices.

Islam in Canada Moving Forward in helping Canadians “Dismantle Systemic Islamophobia in Government Institutions”

To develop civically-engaged communities, NCCM provides cutting-edge training in human rights & civil liberties, public relations, community outreach and leadership development to Canadian Muslim communities.  Since 2000, we have conducted hundreds of workshops and seminars across Canada.

Our public work further includes organizing and participating in major public conferences, coalitions, and campaigns with community partners on pressing issues such as reasonable accommodation of religious practices, national security, fundamental rights, countering extremism and much more.

Justin Trudeau on numerous occasions has remined Canadians of how the Muslim community is contributing to the future of Canada. Justin Trudeau also reminds Canadians that Islam is compatible with democracy. However this is contrary to what some leading influential Imams and Muslim scholars say.

Will Islamic Values Define Canada?

Cause of Allah is gaining Forward Momentum

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