Organization Makes Urgent Demands to Empower the Muslim Community

Canada London Family Act

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Canada London Family Act NCCM with the assistance of the CBC and all major media broadcasted the list of demands to all Canadians on July 19, 2021. Mustafa Farooq CEO of National Council of Canadian Muslims is helping propel the Muslim community concern of Islamophobia.

  1. Education Reform: Removing Islamophobic content,
  2. White Supremacy: Prevent white supremacist groups incorporating
  3. Hate Crime Unite: Allocate considerable funding,
  4. Anti-Racism: Funding councils to combat negative attitudes
  5. Minority Recruitment: Regulate minority representation
  6. Human Rights Complaints: Increase accessibility and aid for those making a complaint

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Image of white supremacy in London Family Act Report

Canada London Family Act will usher in the systemic dismantling of the Western Christian ethos. It will be replaced with a ethos that is biased for everything that is not European, Western or Christian. Ex: The Crusades will be taught from the Islamic perspective. This subject has no middle ground. According to Muslim scholars it was the Muslims who were the aggressors. Acknowledging this fact will make Muslim students uncomfortable? London Family Act seems to state that soothing the sensibilities of Muslims is a primary objective of the Ontario government and Canadian society.

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