Do What with Jews & Christians in Muslim Lands?

Karim AbuZaid is a Colorado Imam. He gives a sermon in 2013. Do what with Jews & Christians in Muslim Lands? To learn more about Sheikh Karim AbuZaid.

Here’s the important piece (……) He will accept no more what is known to be the tax. What is the tax? If you have a Christian or a Jew living in the boundaries of a Muslim country you have no right whatsoever, look at the tolerance of Islam, to force them to leave the religion. That’s where you understand …… No compulsion for those. You can’t. In fact you’re obliged to protect their shrines their houses of worship, you are to protect them. In fact if you’re attacked by another force from outside you go fight in protection of this man. and he stays at home. Save your life, save your wealth, in return we will defend you. Tolerance! In return you pay a tax. Prophet Jesus will no longer accept the Jizya, that tax. That means it is an indication no other religion then Islam. Sharia of Mohammad

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