“Islamist Groups want to Destroy the West as we know it”

“Islamic Groups want to Destroy the West” This is written by Muslim Navy medical officer Zudhi Jasser in his book A battle for the Soul of Islam. Some will be curious to know if this statement is True; others will wonder if it is Islamophobia. All quotes bellow are from this book.

Yellow book red in the middle white letters title is "battle for the soul of Islam" Islamic Groups Destroy the West

…some books and commentators… there is no moderate Islam and Islam’s true nature is violently opposed to the infidel.


The Islamist wants Muslims to have rights that no other religious groups have because in the long run they do not believe in separation between religion and State.


For the short term Islamists lay low until the time comes to assert dominance. That will mean subjugation of Christians and Jews and the elimination of LGBTQ rights.

Children learn from an early age that their country is here to serve them and their religion… For the Islamist there is no such thing as fellow Americans unless fellow American offer a pathway to the Islamization of America.


Suraj wahaj – he insinuated in a subtle way Islamic supremacist undertones… He began talking about the US constitution… ‘she asked me if Muslims became the majority, would they replace the Constitution with the Quran’ … He went on to describe Our duty as Muslims is to bring the Quran and its teachings as the legal system to the United States.


It made me wonder if there were members of the armed services who agreed with Siraj Wahaj.

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It seems inevitable that, in the near future, Islamists will make a move to overtake the government.

Many Islamist groups want to destroy the West as we know it by whatever means necessary and impose their interpretations of sharia law.


my family and I could never have guessed that the poison of Middle Eastern tribalism, Islamism, would follow us to America.


The Islam of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Chechnya is here and thriving in North America. That is diversity.

Radicalization is a natural evolution for an individual consumed by the Islamist narrative… it saddens me to see the silence of so many American Muslim organizations that should have been outraged.


If they are not outraged, perhaps it is because they are in agreement with radicalization.

Islamists remain an extremely well funded and powerful force that comes in various forms – as so-called moderate organizations.



If what Dr Zudhi is saying is only somewhat or partially correct, it is extremely troubling.

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Islamic Groups Destroy the West

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