Islamophobia Quickly Marches Forward in Canada

OTTAWA, Monday, February 6, 2023, Professor Jasmin Zine Author of White Islamophobia Industry testified before a senet committee.

The Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights met by videoconference this day at 4:01 p.m. [ET] to examine such issues as may arise from time to time relating to human rights generally.

Dr. Jasmin Zine

M103 the Islamophobia motion set established the premise that Canada and Canadians suffer from Islamophobia.

Today April 1 2023 it is 6 years after the passing of this motion. the following are but a few excerpts. It is highly recommended you read the complete transcript

I have noticed is that Canada has been quite slow to implement any kind of national initiatives that would outreach to communities, that would engage those communities in a meaningful way and that would continue to inform policy, education and so on. I think that some of those examples could be very helpful as we look at more nationwide types of policies that are impactful.

For me, as a sociologist, it’s the way the legislation supports, sustains and reproduces Islamophobic ideas and narratives about the potential radical, the jihadist. In my book, Under Siege, Islamophobia and the 9/11 Generation, that came out last year, I was looking at Muslim youth and how they are responding to having been socialized into a world where they were perceived as radicals, as terrorists, as jihadists since 9/11 happened and all of those security policies were ushered in. There are a number of ways that has impacted this generation of youth and the generation of youth that has followed.

White Islamophobia Industry Dr. Jasmin Zine

Before we think about new legislation, we have to think about how the legislation that we have is enforced, and that comes back to be laid at the feet of law enforcement, where there is often not the political will to fully and appropriately respond to and investigate hate crimes

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