Muslims are Loyal to Islam NOT America

Several years ago Yasir Qadhi gave a lecture. He told Muslims your loyalty to Islam not America

The believer takes pride not in himself but in the heritage and the Legacy of Islam. We say this loudly and unabashedly.

My only ultimate, unconditional, identity is that of Islam. Everything else it must be in accordance with my primary identity. If there is any clash then precedence will be given without a doubt to my God.

There is no question, if there is a clash between loyalties there is no clash for me as a Muslim. My ultimate submission is to Allah. I am first and foremost a Muslim. Everything else comes after that.

Dear Muslims, understand your ultimate label is that of Muslim. Everything else is under this term. Hence, your source of dignity and pride will be this Islam. Hence, when somebody mocks or makes fun of it (Islam) far from hiding away own up to it. Do not be embarrassed about your Islam. You need to learn how to defend your faith.  Do not be embarrassed to be a Muslim, to pray in public.