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Muslim Reformers vs. Fundamentalists

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Eric Brazau

Pragmatist Realist & Misinformation Slayer

I help individuals overcome pre-conceived notions leading to acknowledgment of what is and what will come


Muslim Reformer tell us that mainstream Islam, as practiced in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Malaysia, Afghanistan and Pakistan and preached in over 90% of mosques in the West, is perverted, and wrong.

Muslim Reformers vs. Fundamentalists

I turned to avoid a faceplant. One cop pressed his knee on the back of my thigh: the other cuffed my wrists tight behind my back. This is one of the many minor incidents on my Odyssey to becoming a fighter of Islamophobia and founder of NFP (Fightislamophobia.ca)

Looking back, I see I went overboard. “Off the deep end” Was I using this to compensate for some shortcomings in my life? Sometimes I wonder about that. That’s for a future self-help book.”


Eric Brazau

I was incarcerated in a max security detention facility for three of five years awaiting trial for Islamophobia and hate related occurrences. Everything changed at the memorial to commemorate the Danforth shooting of 2018, in which 13 were shot and Julianna Kozis and Reese Fallon were killed. Due to a misunderstanding, a minor skirmish ensued. I was thrown into the Alexander the Great parquet fountain. I experienced a baptism. I was reborn.



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