Love & Appreciate the Importance of Hate

June 29, 2022, Bernie Farber, CEO of the Anti Hate Network, with funding from the Trudeau Liberals and the Ministry of Heritage, is launching a toolkit for schools that will quell the emotion of hate in children. “Positive Emotion Hate Canada”

But some have questioned if suppressing emotion can be detrimental to the emotional development of Children’s psychology and to psychology of a nation,

March 12, 2014 • By Beverly Amsel, PhDIndividuation Why Feeling Anger and Hate Is Good   

There are many ways children learn to think of their angry or hateful feelings as bad even though anger and hate are normal human feelings.

They may be unaware that they are fighting within themselves not to feel these feelings. As they mature, they are handicapped. They can’t know themselves or be themselves or use these feelings to help make choices. 

If we don’t have a full range of feelings available to us, we are at risk of not knowing what we want and who we are—and of having limited lives and relationships

Why do Haters Hate on Hate?

Bernie Farber ANTIHATE.CA

Hate is a powerful motivating factor. Some say hate emanates from fear. Is that true? Can I hate injustice even if that injustice does not affect me?  Can I use my hate of ignorance to educate others?

Fear and hate have been inextricable connected in order to imply that hate is simply a misunderstanding. Do sheep hate wolves or do they fear wolves? What is it they do not understand that if explained to them will alleviate their fear/hate of wolves?

Fear is a paralyzing or passive emotion whereas hate if channeled can be empowering, motivating. The Nazis were not disliked they were hated.

Some people dislike pedophiles. Some people hate pedophiles. Other people are promoting the idea that pedophilia needs to be understood in order to eliminate the fear and hatred toward pedophiles. Some people hate the people that promote this idea.

Conclusion: “Positive Emotion Hate Canada”

In attempting to eliminate hate the Anti Hate Network, with the help of the Trudeau Liberals, is suppressing what is an important element of our shared humanity. Is there a point at which dislike will be deemed hate? Possibly. Will being “not nice” be deemed a form of hate? It could be.