Bad People Reforming Islam Could be Unconsciously Islamophobic

The Canadian government tells us Islam is a religion of peace that has and continues to contribute greatly to the advancement of civilization.

There is no language in the Islamophobia motion M-103 that was passed in the Canadian parliament in 2017 that implies Islam was a religion of peace or Islam could be a religion of peace. It clearly states Islam IS a religion of peace.  

So what exactly are reformers like Rahil Raza, Professor Irshad Manji and Dr Zuhdi Jasser proposing to reform, exactly? Are they saying there is something wrong with Islam as it is?

They have said on numerous occasions that there are hateful and supremacist verses in the Quran.  If we believe them that means Islam is both supremacist and hateful. But we know that is a lie because the Islamophobia motion M-103 tells us that…

Obviously the Canadian government could not bring criminal charges against Dr. Jasser, he is American but they could against Rahil Raza and Professor Irshad Manji.

If the Canadian government does not put a stop to Islamophobes only because the Islamophobes identify as Muslim or lesbian that will open the door to others using identity as a shield to engage in Islamophobia.

The fight against Islamophobia must be fought without bias or prejudice if it is to be won.  

The other aspect to this is that to reform someone is to remake them into other than what they are. A religion is a belief that is held at the very core of a person. For many Muslim it is what defines them. Being a Muslim is their identity.

Many psychologists agree that to discredit and reject behaviors fundamental to a person’s identity could do irreparable harm.

Some say that people that perpetrate Islamophobia in this clandestine manner are more harmful to the values of acceptance, tolerance and diversity to civilization than ISIS or al-Qaida.

Reform Muslims Unconscious Islamophobia