Iran Vows Destruction to Israel & America Brokered by China

Iran Vows Destruction to Israel & America Brokered by China

China’s influence is rising while America’s is declining. Iran Destroy Israel America

In April 2023 China brokered a three-way deal/agreement between Iran, Saudi and Russia.

This deal saw Russia supply Iran with advanced weapons giving Iran better capabilities. Saudi released Iranian jihadist who upon landing reiterated they are eager to sacrifice their blood to kill Jews and America

Iran Destroy Israel America

This unity between Saudi and Iran takes place while in Toronto Al-Quds is gaining popularity. Palestinian’s declare appreciation for the Ayatollah Khomeini that started the al-Quds day movement. The following is from a speech given by Khaled Barakat (FULL TRANSCRIPT)

Today, we have come here to Toronto to celebrate with you Al-Quds International Day, an event that has become one of the most significant pillars of our movements, particularly in the shitat, in exile, in the diaspora. When Al-Quds day was called by the leader of the Revolution Imam Khomeini and to be held on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan over 40 years ago, only few cities responded. But today, hundreds of cities across the world are responding to the international day of Al-Quds. Today, across the globe, from Iran to Lebanon to South Africa to Canada, Turtle Island from London to Paris to Dakar, all the way to occupied Al-Quds, commemorate and participate in Al-Quds day.

“Islamist Groups want to Destroy the West as we know it”

“Islamist Groups want to Destroy the West as we know it”

“Islamic Groups want to Destroy the West” This is written by Muslim Navy medical officer Zudhi Jasser in his book A battle for the Soul of Islam. Some will be curious to know if this statement is True; others will wonder if it is Islamophobia. All quotes bellow are from this book.

Yellow book red in the middle white letters title is "battle for the soul of Islam" Islamic Groups Destroy the West

…some books and commentators… there is no moderate Islam and Islam’s true nature is violently opposed to the infidel.


The Islamist wants Muslims to have rights that no other religious groups have because in the long run they do not believe in separation between religion and State.


For the short term Islamists lay low until the time comes to assert dominance. That will mean subjugation of Christians and Jews and the elimination of LGBTQ rights.

Children learn from an early age that their country is here to serve them and their religion… For the Islamist there is no such thing as fellow Americans unless fellow American offer a pathway to the Islamization of America.


Suraj wahaj – he insinuated in a subtle way Islamic supremacist undertones… He began talking about the US constitution… ‘she asked me if Muslims became the majority, would they replace the Constitution with the Quran’ … He went on to describe Our duty as Muslims is to bring the Quran and its teachings as the legal system to the United States.


It made me wonder if there were members of the armed services who agreed with Siraj Wahaj.

Young middle age glasses full curly hair blue blaser light blue shirt red tie

It seems inevitable that, in the near future, Islamists will make a move to overtake the government.

Many Islamist groups want to destroy the West as we know it by whatever means necessary and impose their interpretations of sharia law.


my family and I could never have guessed that the poison of Middle Eastern tribalism, Islamism, would follow us to America.


The Islam of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Chechnya is here and thriving in North America. That is diversity.

Radicalization is a natural evolution for an individual consumed by the Islamist narrative… it saddens me to see the silence of so many American Muslim organizations that should have been outraged.


If they are not outraged, perhaps it is because they are in agreement with radicalization.

Islamists remain an extremely well funded and powerful force that comes in various forms – as so-called moderate organizations.



If what Dr Zudhi is saying is only somewhat or partially correct, it is extremely troubling.

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Islamic Groups Destroy the West

Church Bells are Satanic -“Prophet  Obliterated the Cross”

Church Bells are Satanic -“Prophet Obliterated the Cross”

Islam’s War on Christians. Churches in Canada are being destroyed. Churches are lit on fire in France. However interfaith bridge-building continues. The theory goes “If we all just learned to get along, then we would all get along”. In that vein, authors write books titled – Beyond Tolerance -The Dignity of Difference – The Faith Club: A Muslim, A Christian, A Jew – Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim – The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque. To purchase one of these titles or to view the complete selection click the link below.

Interfaith Relations and Islam

Many conclude that, while interfaith bridge-building dialogue takes place, Islam’s War on Christianity and Christians continues with increasing intensity.

Dr. & Imam Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips is a senior influential world Muslim leader. He lectures in Canada, America and Europe. The following is an excerpt from a sermon uploaded to his You Tube channel in 2012. on how “Church Bells are Satanic” – Prophet Obliterated the Cross.” To view clip.

Islam’s War on Christians some say is a false narrative to create Islamophobia. Dispel misconceptions and learn about the fascinating world of MIM (Muslim Islamic Magic)

Protecting the spaces we live and defeat it with the Magic of Allah

Also among the things that we do on a regular basis – we go to the bathroom. How many times a day do we go to the bathroom?  The Prophet has given us duas (prayes) to say, “Oh Allah, I seek refuge in you from filth, the evil jinn (spirits), male and female.” Again seeking protection from Allah, on one hand, because the nature of the bathroom being a place of filth. This is a place where evil jinn may focus.

Having entered into our homes – having remember Allah when eating, when using the bathroom.  We have to also purify our homes from the satanic things, whether they be among the physical things in the home or things which affect our psyche. We have to purify our homes from the various means by which Satan affects people. Among them is music. post on smashing instruments

When the Taliban took control of a territory they would immediately smash all musical instruments.

Allah says in the Quran …Verse 64 with regards to Satan. And fool those whom you can among them with your seductive voice. The voice of Satan referred to in this verse is singing. Prophet Muhammad said, some people from among my followers will drink alcohol but call it by a different name. String and wind instruments will be played for them, and women singers will perform for them. Allah will cause the ground to swallow them, and he will turn them into apes and pigs.

Music and singing cultivates hypocrisy in the heart, just as water cultivates plants.

Bells are the musical instruments of Satan. Bells today have become very common; it’s on our telephone, it’s in our clocks. The bell, which is from Christian culture, Christian tradition, which is ultimately from Satan because Jesus did not teach his followers to ring bells. This is something which they invented. Obviously, it came from Satan. It is satanic because it is the basis of their religion, their call to prayer. The Bell is the musical instrument of Satan. It is also, throughout the society, built into the culture.

Reciting verses from the Quran keeps Satan from invading your home.

When Satan hears Surah bakra being read, he leaves the home where it is recited.

Besides that, we also have… a little easier formula for us – when the last two verses of Surah al-baqarah are read in the home for three consecutive nights, the devil will not come near it.

We also have the recommendation from the Prophet to make vicar in our homes. We have a Hadith which the Prophet said “whoever says there is no God but Allah, who’s alone without partners, dominion and praise are all his and he is able to do all things. One who says this 100 times per day will have a reward similar to freeing 10 slaves. 100 good deeds will be recorded for him, and 100 sins erased. And he will have a charm against Satan for the whole day until the night.

Muslim charm to protect against Satan should not be confused with voodoo.

 It is also known from the Hadith that, with the recitation of the Quran, angels do come into the home. They come into the environment around the people who are reciting the Quran.

Of course, this was in the time of the Prophet. Angels at different points became visible. In our times we don’t necessarily expect that. But the fact of the Angels coming around those who are reciting the Quran remembering Allah – this has been confirmed in a number of other hadiths.

Those involved with interfaith-bridgebuilding dismiss the following as extreme Islam. They insist that they have been assured these teachings do not represent the true of Islam.

The prophet Muhammad never left anything in his home that had a cross on it without obliterating it. This was his practice. Wherever the symbol of the cross ends up in the home this should be obliterated. You may find it on the packages of things you’re buying in the society around us because the cross is a part of their society. It’s part of their culture, part of their belief. It was the practice of the Prophet Muhammad to purify the home by obliterating all of the symbols of the cross.

Women in Islam distributed at Toronto Dundas Sq. by the Toronto Dawa’h Centre The following is in the chapter on Wife Discipline.

The purpose of beating her is only to discipline and never retaliation or with desire to hurt by any means. Islam forbids severe beating as punishment.

The prophet also instructed us at the time of marriage that we seek refuge in Allah from the evil that may come about from the marriage itself. He said that, when a person gets married, he should say “Oh Allah, indeed I ask you for the good which is with her and the good which you have created as an innate part of her character, and I seek refuge in you from the evil which is within her and the evil that you created as an innate part of her character.”

Prophet Muhammad also instructed us to seek refuge in Allah from Satan to protect our children even at the time of having sexual relations.

Your wife is influenced by the women around her. You are influenced by the society around you. This is what makes it all so – to protect the home, imperative to protect – that Muslims create Islamic communities…. That home in the midst of a kafr society will be destroyed by the society around it.

How will the Muslim community bring the Blessings of Islam to the non-Muslim lands?

This is why the prophet Muhammad said… that hijrah (migrate to Muslim land) will remain obligatory as long as Toba (prayer of repentance) is accepted. And Toba will continue to be accepted until the sun rises in the West. That means until the last day. These are the signs of the last day. Hijra remains an obligation on the community, hijra to create Muslim communities. 

So let us not delude ourselves into thinking that protection of the home stops with your front door. Protection of the home involves establishing Muslim communities with Muslim schools.

Church Bells are Satanic – Prophet Obliterated the Cross”

Islam’s War on Christians

Why do Muslims Smash Musical Instruments  

Why do Muslims Smash Musical Instruments  

Muslims destroying Music instruments. Why do the Taliban & ISIS make it a priority, when they conquer a territory, to destroy musical instruments? Music is considered dangerous to the cohesion of the Muslim community. This is because music can become a passion that distracts from religion. Music encourages dancing with the opposite sex. Music inspires the imagination that leads to independent thinking.

Instrument’s destroyed women will be covered

Islamic doctrine decrees that Music is forbidden. There is tolerance for a simple hand drum daff. Destroying Music instruments is a pious duty.

We first learn from Imam Bilal Philips. To view excerpt

Especially evil, attractive female with alluring voice.

Music as we know it today, produced by wind and stringed instruments, is haram (forbidden). When we look at the tradition of the early scholars of Islam they made all kinds of statements against it. Some scholars refer to music – they refer to it as Quran of Shatan.

Music can touch the soul of man. But Allah did not create music. Therefore, Muslims view it as created by Satan.

So when Prophet Mohammad PBUH warned us about it, something which was dangerous for our souls. That’s what Islam is there to do – to protect our souls. So we need to stop and turn back to Allah and love him and worship him through our love of him by obeying the messenger of Allah.

Muslims must live as a distinct community. Rejecting music, which is associated with the West, is one of several key elements to ensure Muslim do not integrate.

Destroy all instruments burn alive conductor

We need to do that in order for this ummah to succeed. It is the only way. We can chase the dunya – replicate the West, their lifestyles. But where does it lead? What is it the end of it all? Wretchedness. We have something which the rest of the world does not have. We need to preserve it, to take care of it, to live it as it deserves to be lived.

Islam Q&A is an academic, educational, da‘wah website which offers advice based on evidence from religious texts.

There is a proven text concerning the prohibition of musical instruments, as in the hadith of Abu Maalik al-Ash‘ari , who heard the Prophet PBUH say: “There will surely be among my ummah people who will regard as permissible adultery, silk, alcohol and musical instruments.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari in a mu‘allaq report (5590); See: as-Silsilah as-Saheehah by al-Albaani (91).

Does one offer compensation for destroying Music instruments
Are these Satan’s disciples?

Destruction. This means the destruction of evil items, such as breaking and burning idols, breaking musical instruments, smashing wine vessels, burning down taverns in which wine is sold, destroying books of heresy and atheism and promiscuous movies and three-dimensional pictures, and so on.

Among the items for which there is no obligation to pay compensation if they are destroyed are: musical instruments; crosses; vessels for wine; books of misguidance.

Canadian Muslim leader will not enact Islamic prohibitions as a punitive measure.

Imam Abdool Hamid:

Call of Satan

Muslims do not want to take over for the sake of taking over, but to improve the lives of people. That is why Islam came. To do that, they have to make changes. So it may seem from one perspective that Islam took over so to speak. To view excerpt


Music is vital to the soul of Western civilization. It is against our interests to live with people that want to break our soul. But as with many other small measures that propel Islam forward the question is not if BUT when.

Photo by Yaroslav Danylchenko from Pexels

Muslims destroying Music instruments is mainstem Islam

Church Bells are Satanic

Is Prayer to Allah “destroy accursed Jews” reflecting Islamic values?

Is Prayer to Allah “destroy accursed Jews” reflecting Islamic values?

In two Friday sermons delivered at the Al-Andalous Islamic Center in Montreal, Canada, in August 2014, Sheikh Sayyed Al-Ghitawi prayed to Allah to “destroy the accursed Jews” and to “kill them one by one.”

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) translated Sheikh Sayyed Al-Ghitawi’s prayers:

[Posted on August 16, 2014]

You are aware of what is going on in Palestine – the massacres and the forbidden violations. The [Palestinians] are our brothers, our kin. We are followers of the same prophet, the Prophet Muhammad. On Judgment Day, Allah will ask us what we have done for them. We have done nothing for them except to extend our prayers to them.


Boycotting the Israeli products that are imported here is beneficial in many ways. Any of us who buys one of these products should know that he is buying a bullet that will hit the Muslims. If you boycott these products, you will have an argument to present to Allah on Judgment Day. When the Lord asks you: “What have you done for them?” you will say: “Lord, at the very least, I refrained from buying their products.” It’s not that there are no alternatives. There are many alternatives. Ever since the non-Muslims – they were non-Muslims, I’m sad to say – began to boycott those products, the [Israelis] have lost a lot of money. It is, first and foremost, our duty to boycott these products. Educate yourself about all these products and boycott them. Whether or not violations are perpetrated against the Muslims in Palestine, boycott them, so that we will have an argument to present to Allah when we meet Him.


Oh Allah, support our brothers who wage Jihad for Your sake everywhere. Oh Allah, support our brothers the mujahideen in Palestine. Oh Allah, give them patience. Oh Allah, help them gain a foothold. Oh Allah, help them gain a foothold. Oh Allah, give them victory over their enemy. Oh Allah, destroy the accursed Jews. Oh Allah, show us the black day You inflict upon them. Oh Allah, show us the wonders of Your might and ability inflicted upon them.


Oh Allah, turn their children into orphans and their women into widows, and make them suffer adversities, oh Lord of the Worlds.


[Posted on August 3, 2014]

Oh Allah, grant victory to our brothers who wage Jihad in Palestine, oh Lord. Oh Allah, help them gain a foothold. Oh Allah, unite their ranks. Oh Allah, heal the sick among them. Oh Allah, satiate their hunger, clothe them, and quench their thirst. Oh Allah, have mercy upon their martyrs, oh Lord of the Worlds. Oh Allah, destroy the accursed Jews. Oh Allah, show us the black day You inflict upon them. Oh Allah, show us the wonders of Your might and ability inflicted upon them, and make the land quake under their feet. Oh Allah, kill them one by one. Do not leave a single one of them. Oh Allah, turn their children into orphans and their women into widows. Oh Allah, make them suffer adversities.

On February 20, 2017 Al-Andalous Islamic Center administration issued a press release regarding these prayers:

Al-Andalous Islamic Center administration reiterates its strong condemnation of any hate speech regardless of the target community, and regardless of the speaker. This condemnation includes any speech targeting the Jewish community, including the clumsy and unacceptable phrasing used in the videos of a sermon held in 2014 at the Center by a substitute imam.

We noticed, at that time back in August 2014, that the substitute imam’s intention was not to call for the destruction of Jewish individuals or the elimination of this community. His wording was, however, tainted by an abusive generalization, and we consider that a serious mistake.

We met with the substitute imam immediately after he gave these sermons to request that he clarify his speech and correct his mistakes. Nothing in the Muslim religion allows for incitement of destruction of a community or individuals; nothing permits or allows attacks on the sacredness of human life. The substitute imam, as a religious cleric, knew this rightly and immediately recognized both his error and the dangerous phrasing that could be misinterpreted by anyone listening to his speech.

As indicated in our previous press release, the videos that contain this controversial speech were hosted and shared on a YouTube channel that the Al-Andalous Islamic Center administration does not control. The person who filmed and shared these videos on his YouTube platform was granted permission to film as he does in other Centers. The administration was not involved in managing this YouTube channel or in the processing of the videos. This explains our error of not having thought to ask the withdrawal of the videos.

Finally, we reaffirm that Al-Andalous Islamic Center administration strongly condemns all forms of anti-Semitism and hate speech, and we would like to offer our sincere apologies to anyone who legitimately felt offended by the supplications made in these videos.