Eliminate Israel or Suffer Global Jihadist Terror attacks!

Eliminate Israel or Suffer Global Jihadist Terror attacks!

Palestinians unite with a global demand to illuminate Israel. This call emanated in Germany, Britain, Toronto and New York.

In New York, April 2023, we see young vibrant girls and boys display their immeasurable passion to Palestinian justice and peace. The following is a partial transcript of the NYC 2023 al-Quds day. Palestine Global Intifada Israel

Fight for Palestine today and every single day believe that you are in the right… Israel has absolutely no right to exist.

It is our mission to ensure that it will no longer exist because as long as Israel exists, it is a threat to world peace.

It is a threat not only to Palestinians but to all people of the world.

In order to commit yourself to Palestinian liberation and freedom, that absolutely means you have to commit yourself to the abolishing of Israel.

Liberate Palestine by any means necessary and be a part of the intifada wherever you might be.

Iran Vows Destruction to Israel & America Brokered by China

Iran Vows Destruction to Israel & America Brokered by China

China’s influence is rising while America’s is declining. Iran Destroy Israel America

In April 2023 China brokered a three-way deal/agreement between Iran, Saudi and Russia.

This deal saw Russia supply Iran with advanced weapons giving Iran better capabilities. Saudi released Iranian jihadist who upon landing reiterated they are eager to sacrifice their blood to kill Jews and America

Iran Destroy Israel America

This unity between Saudi and Iran takes place while in Toronto Al-Quds is gaining popularity. Palestinian’s declare appreciation for the Ayatollah Khomeini that started the al-Quds day movement. The following is from a speech given by Khaled Barakat (FULL TRANSCRIPT)

Today, we have come here to Toronto to celebrate with you Al-Quds International Day, an event that has become one of the most significant pillars of our movements, particularly in the shitat, in exile, in the diaspora. When Al-Quds day was called by the leader of the Revolution Imam Khomeini and to be held on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan over 40 years ago, only few cities responded. But today, hundreds of cities across the world are responding to the international day of Al-Quds. Today, across the globe, from Iran to Lebanon to South Africa to Canada, Turtle Island from London to Paris to Dakar, all the way to occupied Al-Quds, commemorate and participate in Al-Quds day.

Spiritual Jihad is Using AXE to kill 3 & Wound 6 Israelis

Spiritual Jihad is Using AXE to kill 3 & Wound 6 Israelis

On April 30, 2022, Hamas leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, gave his first speech in almost a year praising such attacks. and declaring that Hamas accepts “the challenge” and will spare no efforts when it comes to defending its holy places. Warning that a religious war will “change the shape of Planet Earth” and scorch the earth, he said that when Hamas is forced to “defend” the Al-Aqsa Mosque, it will begin by firing a salvo of 1,111 rockets into Israel, in honor of former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, who died on November 11, 2004. He said that this salvo will be called the “Abu Ammar” salvo, in commemoration of Arafat.

Later in the speech, Sinwar praised the terrorists who carried out a previous-night attack in the West Bank settlement of Ariel that left an Israeli security guard dead, and he called on Palestinians to carry out lone wolf attacks and on Israeli Arabs to prepare their guns, cleavers, axes, and knives for the defense of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem.

Sixteen Israelis, including an Israeli Arab policeman, and two Ukrainians have been killed in the attacks in Israel and the West Bank in the latest flare-up. Israel has responded by raiding Palestinian towns, sparking clashes that left at least 26 people dead, including bystanders

Moti Tsinvert told The Jerusalem Post the victims were people “who went out just to breathe fresh air in the park, and their lives were ended so harshly”.

At least three people were wounded and three others killed in a suspected ax attack in the Israeli town of El’ad on Thursday night, according to reports.

Assessing the Use of Edged Weapons in Terrorist Attacks

By Dr. Joshua Sinai  9 December 2021  Online Exclusives

Edged weapons are promoted by jihadi terrorist groups, in particular, with their leaders and preachers calling on their adherents to take up whatever weapons and devices that might be at their disposal to attack their adversaries as one of the “weapons of choice” for waging jihad.

Through sermons in social media, online magazines and blogs, and other media venues, the message is that “anyone can pick up a knife and advance the cause.” Jihadi groups, whether al Qaeda or ISIS, have issued statements urging their adherents to “use your cars, use your kitchen knives, use all of these types of thing” in terrorist attacks, according to Reuters.

Jihad is an emotional & spiritual experience as many Muslims feel a Devine connection with Allah leading p to & during the act.

An axe to the head can be more gruesome than a bullet A bullet is somewhat impersonal. The axe is not guaranteed to cause death but gruesome suffering. With an axe or knife the act of murder retains a closer conection between the murdered and the victim. An axe just between the shoulder blades would cause gruesome damage and suffering with out necessarily causing death.

Palestinian jihad axe Israeli