How to Create Sharia Enclaves that will Culturally Enrich Canada

Sharia Enclaves in Canada. Do members of the Muslim community aspire to make them a reality? We do know that Islamic leaders, religious and political, have expressed their support to unite Muslims and create a parallel society.

Imam Taha Ghayyur

One wonders if Sharia can be practically implemented in our contemporary North American context… It certainly is possible to apply Sharia in North American society only if three conditions are fulfilled. If the laws are implemented gradually, accompanied by continuous public education and training on the importance of Justice freedom and one’s purpose on this Earth

Imam Said Regaeh

With 500,000 Muslims you can create the most powerful lobby in Canada. In the city of Edmonton the Sikh they live in one neighborhood and nothing can be changed or done without their approval.. 

If we unite 500,000 Muslims that would be a large number you can do a lot of work as a large number let’s be one nation. We could control the foreign policy of Canada

Imam Syed Mujtaba Rizvi

You have to know that this is not going to stop it is only the beginning and as it goes forward these are the steps towards the one government that is ruled by Islamic law.

Abdullah Obeid Imam Ali mosque Ottawa.

All people of the world and all Canadians are going to say “oh the one of followers the path of the family of Muhammad.” meaning they will accept his authority. 

U of T Professor Katherine Bullock

From an Islamic point of view there’s absolutely nothing radical about wanting caliphate or to live to live under Sharia. These are perfectly normal points of view

Imam Mazin AbdulAdhim

Our loyalty is to the khilafah if it exists and to the Khalifa if it doesn’t exist. Our vision of what the khilafah is and what we are working towards remains. And it’s going to be re-established inshallah. And our loyalty must remain with it whether it is present or absent, because this is the only thing we are allowed to have loyalty towards, the full implementation of Islam.

The CEO of NCCM wrote in a Face Book post

How are we Muslims going to recreate Cordoba {Islamic State} in Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal. One in which we [Muslims] erase these artificial ‘nation state” identities, & move together to pursue Jannah {paradise]

Mustafa Farooq

For clarity of context – Qurṭuba) was an Islamic state. Its territory comprised Iberia and parts of North Africa, with its capital in Córdoba located in southern Spain.


Islam have penetrated every Canadian institutions. Minister for immigration was a Muslim Somali. Several key posts in the Trudeau cabinet were held by Muslims. Muslim organizations advise Canadas security agency on Islamic terrorism. Perhaps all of Canada is now a quasi sharia enclave.

Sharia Enclaves in Canada

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      Are you forgetting the words of Justin Trudeau? Besides Muslims will fight & die for Allah. Muslims love death for the sake of Allah as much as the Un-believers love life.

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