Contextualize Why Iran executed two men for blasphemy

Contextualize Why Iran executed two men for blasphemy

 May 8, 2023, Yousef Mehrad and Sadrollah Fazeli-Zare ran dozens of social media accounts “dedicated to atheism and desecration of the sanctities”, the judiciary’s Mizan news agency reported. Execution for Insulting Islam

Human rights group say Iranian courts regularly fall far short of providing fair trials and use false “confessions” obtained under torture as evidence.

“The execution of Yousef and Sadrollah for ‘insulting the Prophet’ is not only a cruel act by a medieval regime, it is also a serious insult to the freedom of expression,” said Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, director of Norway-based group Iran Human Rights.

Islamic Doctrine Enjoins Executing Blasphemers

Islam Q&A is an academic, educational, da‘wah website which aims to offer advice and academic answers based on evidence from religious texts in an adequate and easy-to-understand manner. These answers are supervised by Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid

Islam Q&A is an academic, educational, da‘wah website which aims to offer advice and academic answers based on evidence from religious texts in an adequate and easy-to-understand manner. These answers are supervised by Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid

Defaming the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is a kind of kufr. If that is done by a Muslim then it is apostasy on his part, and the authorities have to defend the cause of Allaah and His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) by executing the one who defamed him. If the one who defamed him repents openly and is sincere, that will benefit him before Allaah, although his repentance does not waive the punishment for defaming the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), which is execution

If the person who defames him is a non-Muslim living under a treaty with the Muslim state, then this is a violation of the treaty and he must be executed, but that should be left to the authorities. 

Toronto Imam Shabir Ally explains death penalty for “criticizing” Islam

There are classical books written that explained the religion of Islam. And these classical interpretations of Islam make it so objectionable to criticize God or the prophet or the scriptures of Islam to the extent that they prescribe the death penalty for the critic. 

Iran Vows Destruction to Israel & America Brokered by China

Iran Vows Destruction to Israel & America Brokered by China

China’s influence is rising while America’s is declining. Iran Destroy Israel America

In April 2023 China brokered a three-way deal/agreement between Iran, Saudi and Russia.

This deal saw Russia supply Iran with advanced weapons giving Iran better capabilities. Saudi released Iranian jihadist who upon landing reiterated they are eager to sacrifice their blood to kill Jews and America

Iran Destroy Israel America

This unity between Saudi and Iran takes place while in Toronto Al-Quds is gaining popularity. Palestinian’s declare appreciation for the Ayatollah Khomeini that started the al-Quds day movement. The following is from a speech given by Khaled Barakat (FULL TRANSCRIPT)

Today, we have come here to Toronto to celebrate with you Al-Quds International Day, an event that has become one of the most significant pillars of our movements, particularly in the shitat, in exile, in the diaspora. When Al-Quds day was called by the leader of the Revolution Imam Khomeini and to be held on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan over 40 years ago, only few cities responded. But today, hundreds of cities across the world are responding to the international day of Al-Quds. Today, across the globe, from Iran to Lebanon to South Africa to Canada, Turtle Island from London to Paris to Dakar, all the way to occupied Al-Quds, commemorate and participate in Al-Quds day.

European Ancestry Cultural Annihilation by Third World African Migration

European Ancestry Cultural Annihilation by Third World African Migration

Deputy IRGC Commander-in-Chief For coordination General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi on Iran TV March 31, 2022 predicts that by 2060 we will see the Annihilation of European Culture & Ethnicity. Could this also happen in Canada?

Xenophobes and people suffering from Islamophobia as well as White Supremacists have been repeating this rhetoric since the early 90s. But not till the 2000s and the emergence of Ricardo Duchesne, with his book Canada in Decay, Mass Immigration, Diversity, & Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians did the Alt-Right seemingly increase its base and attain limited political influence with the Progressive Conservative & PPC led by Max Bernier

Read the excerpts of the Iranian General’s interview followed by excerpts from the book Canada in Decay.


You expressed an opinion about the French national soccer team. You said that out of 23 team members 15 were Africans, and that of the 12 members of their national basketball team 10 are Africans. You inferred that France has no National identity.


The West delineates certain lifestyle for other societies, and tells us how we should live. What has this done to the West itself? It has caused negative population growth, which forces them to import populations from abroad. European societies will reach a point, within several decades, where you will have to search for a single person of the European race in France or in England for example.


But many countries do this. In the Persian Gulf, for example, Qatar and UAE do this.


But they cannot become citizens. According to statistics, if you hold free elections in England in 2060, a Pakistani or an Indian will be the prime minister, and immigrants from Iraq, India and so on will fill the British Parliament. What will be the meaning of national identity there? There will be no such thing as English people anymore.

Mohammad PBUH did promise the destruction of Christianity and the conquest of Rome

In a few years, you will have to find the European race in museums, and they will tell about the people who used to live in Europe with light colored eyes, blonde hair, and white skin, and they spoke in such a manner. Is this a desirable process for any society? The reason that the Africans went there and took over the national teams … They swarmed society as a whole, not just the national sports teams. Those sports teams constitute a reflection of society. The reason is that within their own societies, those immigrants have not embraced the European lifestyle. They give birth to children, starts families, grew in number, and took over that society. If those Africans embrace the Western lifestyle, they, too, will head towards extinction.

Leftist Globalists and Corporations have promoted European Culture Ethnicity Annihilation

White European Settlers built Canada not Asians, Africans or Third World immigrants argues Ricardo Duchesne. In his book Canada in Decay he devotes many chapters and cites early Canadian population statistics in an attempt to give his argument credibility. Ricardo argues that different races have different temperaments and that Western civilization could not have been built by an other race. He agues that Western civilization is a unique product of Western culture that is unique to the history of European man. In his book he also argues that all other races have a collectivist mindset and therefor remained tribal long after Europeans. Diluting Western culture with other cultures/races will inevitably lead to balkanized nations that are governed by diametrically opposed tribal interest groups.

Main stream professors forced Ricardo Duchesne out of his tenured teaching position at the University of New Brunswick Canadas oldest English University and among the oldest public universities in North America. UNB was founded, in 1785, by a group of seven Loyalists who left the United States after the American Revolution. The moto of UNB is Sapere aude – Dare to be wise.

Stats Canada 1921 97.5% of Canada was white European.

Canada in Decay p.62

America and Canada were built on Christian religion, Protestant values and moralism, a work ethic, English language British traditions of law, Justice and limited government power and a legacy of European art, literature, philosophy and music.

Canada in Decay p.65

Distinction between settlers, pioneers and immigrants has been explicitly obfuscated by current historians’.

Canada in Decay p.65
Are those that believe there is a conspiracy to eliminate White Western People and their heritage suffering mental illness?
Black & white pic - 60 year old man. wears a tie white shirt and a vest under a jacket
King was Canada’s longest-serving prime minister. He steered Canada through industrialization, much of the Great Depression, and the Second World War. By the time he left office, Canada had achieved greater independence from Britain and a stronger international voice. It had also implemented policies such as employment insurance.

Don’t believe mainstream press that we are all descendants of immigrants and refugees. Globalists leftists and corporate right is destroying National identities and heritage of European people.

Canada in Decay p.68

Mackenzie King (prime minister of Canada 1921–26, 1926–30 and 1935–48) “Races of the orient.. would change the fundamental composition of Canada.” The Canadian population agreed with this statement well into the 1960s and early 70s.

Canada in Decay p.80

On the surface immigrants are integrating into Canada insofar as only a small number have engaged in Islamic terrorist activities.

Canada in Decay p.110

Even supporters of multiculturalism admit it was implemented in secret by executive directives, and administrative discretion rather than legislation…

Canada in Decay p.119

Charles Taylor pushes for a stronger communitarian liberalism that recognizes the wishes of immigrant groups to retain their traditional traditions survive as different communities, and enhance themselves as members of a particular culture, even if this entails collective demands by minorities that are inconsistent, with the principles of individual rights.

Canada in Decay p.136
Man with long beard. stern look - judge seems angry. Two men in prisoners box. accused of terror to blow up a via rail passenger train
Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier guilty 2015 terror al-Qaida derail passenger train travelling between the United States and Canada.

Thobani is typical among immigrant intellectuals in European countries who exploit ideas of leftist whites to advance their own ethnic interests.

Canada in Decay p.148

Bissoondath implies that before diversity arrived, Canada had no identity other than being racist in excluding minorities.

Canada in Decay p.173

Multiculturalism weekends our resolve to fight radical Islam, while defending a thoroughly multicultural Western universalism against… Bruckner is another trickster pretending to be for the West while celebrating the destruction of white Gaelic France

Canada in Decay p.183

At the time of Canadian Confederation 70% spoke English 30% French the fathers of Confederation took it for granted that with language came culture.

Canada in Decay p.193

Refuting left and right liberals

There is nothing illiberal about discriminating among immigrants on ethnocultural grounds since immigrants are not citizens.

Canada in Decay p.220


Both these men, Duchesne and Naghdi agree that Western civilization is on a downward spiral heading toward annihilation. They both agree that Third World immigration is the cause. The difference between these two is one man takes pleasure in the demise of Western civilization and the elimination of the white race. The other difference is if one of these men attempted to give a lecture at a Canadian university the student body with the help of the professors would disrupt using any means to shut him down, preventing his ideas from being heard. Using violence, threats, intimidation, vandalism is not unprecedented.

European Culture Ethnicity Annihilation

This book Canada in Decay contains 366 dense pages. Much to much to attempt to summarize on a blog post.

Imam Yasir Qadhi: “Islam will be Victorious”

Imam Yasir Qadhi: “Islam will be Victorious”

“Islam will be Victorious.” October 2020 Muslim Jihadist decapitated French teacher Samuel Paty. Muslim Jihadist also killed three other Catholics in Niece. Imam Yasir Qadhi, and world renown Islamic leader, is responding to the backlash in an interview on ‘The Thinking Muslim‘ Podcast: Difficult Questions About the Situation in France that premiered Nov 2, 2020

The following description is from Imam Yasir Qadhi’s you tube channel: Shaykh, Dr. Yasir Qadhi speaks about the French Policy towards Muslims, the potential for the ‘French model’ to be exported to other countries where Muslims are a minority. He also touches on the Islamic justifications for violence, how Muslim should defend the honour of the Messenger of Allah. (SAW) Below is an Excerpt of the Video.

Crisis, no. Islam is on the rise, Alhamdulillah. By in large, I think that is an undeniable fact… In Western lands our generation is more religious than the generation of our parents. Think about that. My parents came to this land in the late sixties and seventies. Hardly, in fact let me say I think nobody wore hijab… But to answer your question I don’t agree with the term crisis. But I do agree that we have a new set of challenges. And, Alhamdulillah [praise to Allah] the Ummah has always risen to its challenges. And the Ummah is always going to succeed in the long run. We firmly believe this because of the promise of the Quran. Alhamdulillah. [praise God]

Yasir Qadhi

In this malignant atmosphere, there is also the spectre of militancy. The provocations of Charlie Hebdo’s drawings of Rasullallah (saw) and its relentless campaign against the Islamic faith

Canadian Imam Said Regaeh a voices that echo the message of Yasir Qadhi. Said Regaeh is the founder of Sakinah Islamic Community Centre in Scarborough

With four, five [hundred] thousand Muslims you can create the most powerful lobby in Canada… with that number of Muslims you can create one of the strongest Muslim business in Toronto…”If you just put our resources, if we put our resources together, if we can work together as an Ummah [Muslim nation] we can change a lot…

The following are excerpt from Islam Q&A . They deal with the topic of execution for insult or blasphemy.

Al-Bidaayah wa’n-Bihaayah (10/111) 

It took the Muslims ten years to gain control over all the Iranian lands, because of their huge size and difficult terrain. 

One of the things that played a role in the spread of Islam in Iran was the migration of many Arab tribes to Iranians land in which they settled and mixed with the Iranians. 

The Muslims invaded India at the time of Mu‘aawiyah, in 44 AH. There occurred things which will be explained below. It was also invaded by the great ruler Mahmoud ibn Sabuktagin, the ruler of Ghaznah who conquered India around 400 AH. He invaded the land, where he killed, took prisoners, and captured booty. He entered Somnath where he broke the greatest idol that they used to worship, and he captured its swords and necklaces. Then he returned, safe and victorious.

Some will say this is Islamic colonialism. 

Al-Bidaayah wa’n-Nihaayah (6/223) Deception in war

Colorado Imam: You are in Crisis Macron Not Islam. Islam is Growing. “Islam will be Victorious.”

Globe and Mail’s new factoid: Iran is not located in the Middle East

Globe and Mail’s new factoid: Iran is not located in the Middle East

Here is a media inquiry I’ve sent to the Globe & Mail on February 7, 2020.

Dakshana Bascaramurty, national news reporter for The Globe and Mail who writes about race and ethnicity [email protected]

Sylvia Stead, The Globe and Mail’s Public Editor [email protected]

Globe and Mail’s new factoid: Iran is not located in the Middle East


On February 6, 2020 the Globe and Mail publish an article titled “‘Hi, my name is Mohammed. I’m here to help you.’ Meet the unofficial crisis manager for Muslim Canadians.”

The article was written by Dakshana Bascaramurty, “a national news reporter for The Globe and Mail who writes about race and ethnicity.”

Here is an excerpt from Dakshana Bascaramurty’s article:

“Mohammed Hashim hoped it wasn’t terrorism, but that’s where his thoughts naturally went. He heard a van had mounted the sidewalk at a busy intersection in Toronto and driven for several blocks, killing and injuring people. There was no time to watch this news unfold online like everyone else – he had work to do.

No one knew the identity of the driver but it didn’t take long for the labels “Middle Eastern” and “jihadist” to spread on Twitter.

He coached prominent Muslims on what to say when journalists called. “Well, this is clearly a deviation from our faith,” was a favourite line in situations like this. Mr. Hashim loved the word “deviant” – it clearly and strongly communicated that this person was not following the teachings of Islam.

He reached out to contacts at City Hall to find out when and where the mayor would be giving a news conference, so he could send a few Muslims to the same place. If the attacker was confirmed to be a follower of Islam, it was important for viewers to think of the Muslims they saw on TV, along with the mayor, as “us” rather than “them.”

Finally, he helped the Council of Imams draft a statement condemning every aspect of the attack, which he was ready to release to every major news outlet in the country that evening. But he never hit send. He didn’t have to. Four hours after the incident, the alleged attacker was identified as Alek Minassian, a Canadian-born man of mixed Armenian and Iranian ancestry. Not “Middle Eastern.” Not a “jihadist.” Not a Muslim.

The Globe and Mail reports that Alek Minassian is a Canadian-born man of “mixed Armenian and Iranian ancestry.” Iran is located in the Middle East bordering with Armenia. Big communities of Armenians are to be found in Middle Eastern countries such as Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel (The Armenian Quarter is one of the four quarters of the walled Old City of Jerusalem).

The tweet that Dakshana Bascaramurty refer to in her article read:

#BREAKING Witness to truck ramming into pedestrians tells local Toronto TV station that the driver looked wide-eyed, angry and Middle Eastern.

Interviewed by CP24, a witness described Alek Minassian’s appearance as “Middle Eastern.”


  • Why did the Globe and Mail suggest that the appearance of a man of mixed Armenian and Iranian ancestry cannot be described as Middle Eastern by an eye witness?
  • Why does the Globe and Mail adopt the premise that Middle Eastern describes by default Muslim?
  • How would the Globe and Mail describe Alek Minassian based on his appearance and family origin?

Please respond by 1pm February 10, 2020.


Eric Stanley Brazau

Investigative Journalist

Note: As of February 10, 2020 the Globe & Mail has not yet responded to the media inquiry.