Learn How Waterloo Hate Slap Will Increase Islamophobia Funding?

Learn How Waterloo Hate Slap Will Increase Islamophobia Funding?

Coalition of Muslim Women K-W call for Canada to make massive fundamental changes.

Waterloo regional police say a woman has been arrested in connection with a hate-motivated incident at a DriveTest Centre in Kitchener, Ont., on May 10 2023.

Immediately the Coalition of Muslim Women K-W held a news conference. The conference began with a land acknowledgment.

In essence the Muslim women speakers, wearing proper hijab, called for Canadian Laws to be changed. They are also asking that the federal government mandate Islamophobia and racism training in all public and private institutions. They also called for Canada to provide financial compensation for victims of Islamophobia and hate. it was not stipulated if compensation would be for reported crimes. Jussie Smollet Toronto Scissors

The speaker did not clarify if the funding they were calling for was an increase to the 600 million the Federal Liberal and Justin Trudeau have committed to eradicating Islamophobia.

Alleged Islamophobia Hate Crime Triggers More Mosque Funding

Canadian Islamophobia Projects to Receive More Money
Summit Racism Islamophobia Much $$$

Bill c36 – Tomorrow’s Hate Speech will be Punished Today
NCCM: Use Media to Normalize Hijab & Islam as Champion of Human Rights

Waterloo Slap is Hate Crime but Danforth Shooting Mental Health

Waterloo Slap is Hate Crime but Danforth Shooting Mental Health

Waterloo regional police say a woman has been arrested in connection with a hate-motivated incident at a DriveTest Centre in Kitchener, Ont., on May 10 2023.

According to Mifrah Abid this woman was agitated. An agitated person is considered to be experiencing a mental health crisis. Depending on a person’s baseline of mental health their ability to cope with crises varies. So, could this be a case of an agitated person committing an assault? It could be. For some reason some media is using not using the perfunctory “alleged” but are with seeming certainty labeling this a HATE crime.

Mainstream media headlines Waterloo Assault

CBC: Waterloo woman charged as police investigate alleged hate-motivated altercation at Kitchener DriveTest centre (LINK)

Global News: Waterloo woman arrested after hate-motivated incident at Kitchener DriveTest Centre (LINK)

CP24: Victim of ‘hate-motivated’ incident in Kitchener speaks out, calls for more action to combat hate (LINK)

Mainstream Media Headlines Danforth Shooting

Within 48 hours mainstream media was portraying the Danforth shooter as a sympathetic person that suffered a mental health breakdown. The Muslim community acknowledges that Mohammed Hashim has helped families cope with Islamophobia when they face negative media attention. (LINK)

Global News: The suspected Danforth mass shooting gunman was known to police for mental health reasons. (LINK)

The suspected gunman in the Danforth mass shooting Sunday night in Toronto was known to police for having a history of mental health concerns dating back to 2010.                               

CBC: Why there are no simple explanations for acts of mass violence. (LINK)

In the wake of Danforth shooting, Peter Sloly calls for holistic thinking

Toronto Star: Suspected Danforth shooter’s family cites psychosis, ‘severe mental health challenges, (LINK)

The man who unleashed bullets on a busy Danforth stretch Sunday night was suffering from “severe mental health challenges” and struggling with psychosis and depression, his devastated family said Monday.

I was at the Danforth vigil every day. There was no condemnation of the Man that shot thirteen and killed two. Many that I engaged were sympathetic to both the shooter and the shooters family. Many expressed concerned that the family or the Muslim community could face a backlash.

Where is the Concern, Love and compassion for this woman and her Family?

Alleged Islamophobia Hate Crime Triggers More Mosque Funding

Alleged Islamophobia Hate Crime Triggers More Mosque Funding

National Council Canadian Muslims released a statement on May 4th 2023: Zahid Mosque Security funding. The following is a partial rendering.

Salma Zahid her Private Member’s Bill / Conférence de presse sur son projet de loi emanant de député Ottawa, Ontario, on May 2, 2023. © HOC-CDC Credit: Bernard Thibodeau, House of Commons Photo Services

Alhamdullilah, two weeks ago we joined the Islamic Society of Markham and called on the Federal and Provincial government to provide money for mosque security. Two weeks later they have.

The $25 million increase in funding is a necessary step…. We also appreciate that the commitment expands the list of eligible community organizations that can apply… To that effect, the Anti-Hate Security and Prevention Grant is a big step in the right direction.

Kitchener woman fears for her safety after alleged hate-motivated incident

CTV Kitcher Published April 12, 2302:

The Waterloo Regional Police Service is investigating the alleged incident, including the possible motivations behind it.

CTV News Kitchener spoke to a woman who said she and her mother were the victims in this incident. The woman asked not to be publicly identified as she fears for her safety.

…he rolls down his, then we just see him pull out his phone and point it at us and we’re like, okay that’s weird. And suddenly, in the other hand, he pulls up a gun and points it at us.” He was videotaping us – so he seemed prepared to be doing something,” she said.

Authorities Believe this is not a Fake Hate Crime (Toronto Hijab Scissors Hoax)

Police said their general investigations and equity, diversity and inclusion units are working together to investigate the incident.

According to police, the suspect is described as a white man, around 20-years-old and with a thin build. He was wearing a large dark hoodie with a face mask, and was driving a dark-coloured four-door sedan.

The woman said they weren’t near the masjid when the incident happened but feels the incident was hate-motivated.

Sabreena Siddique Professional Hate Crime researcher

Just because this one particular story is not real it doesn’t mean that the other stories are not real. So, let’s not forget that we need to still work on anti-islamophobia and trying to combat anti-Islam hate.

I am very afraid of the backlash she will receive, and the community will receive further because people are going to be well, she lied..

Dr. Jasmin Zine Lables Tarek Fatah an Islamophobe

Dr. Jasmin Zine Lables Tarek Fatah an Islamophobe

Dr Jasmin Zine, a professor at Wilfred Laurier labels Tarek Fatah an Islamophobe. She does this in her federally funded book White Islamophobia Industry. (free download)

Firas al-Najim founder of CD4HR a Palestinian support organization tweeted the following.

The self hating Muslim #tarekfatah has died from many of his illnesses. He was Sick mentally before physically & now we can Rest In Peace from all his toxic work. He was a supporter of the Zionist Israeli war criminal regime & a great friend of all hypocrites/monafiqeen. Adios

Sheikh Iqbal Nadvi Contradict Dr. Zine and Firas Najim

April 24, 2023, Muhammad Iqbal al-Nadvi, president of the Canadian Fique Council released a statement after news of the passing of journalist and Author Tarek Fatah. Tarek Fatah Not Islamophobe

According to the statement released by Sheikh Iqbal Nadvi on the official FB Al-Nadwa Institute Tarek Fatah was a Muslim.

…he was outspoken about the political clergy in Pakistan, he was a main critic of religious clergy in the Indian Subcontinent and due to such a stand taken by him, he was labeled as anti-Islam. To my understanding, he was a Muslim

 I liked most of the comments when he spoke against fanatics, terrorism and extremism.

Two Influential Muslim Canadians Contradict Sheikh Nadvi

Canadian Muslim Charity Takes CRA to Court

Canadian Muslim Charity Takes CRA to Court

MAC is a registered charity and a national not-for-profit organization that operates a network of schools, mosques, student programs, community centers. It describes itself as the largest Muslim charity in Canada. It has a multimillion-dollar annual budget derived from tax deductible donations. MAC

 In 2015, the Canada Revenue Agency commenced an audit of MAC covering the period from July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2015. On March 17, 2021, the CRA issued a 151-page Administrative Fairness Letter to MAC. According to the CRA, the purpose of the AFL was to describe the areas of MAC’s noncompliance with certain legislative and common law requirements applicable to registered charities.

The CRA stated that its preliminary audit findings established sufficient grounds to revoke the MAC’s charity registration under s. 168(1) of the Income Tax Act, and to impose penalties totaling $1,312,542.[1]

CRA provided:

over 500 pages of emails referred to in the AFL and collected from MAC during the audit process;

summary of emails it obtained from MAC that purportedly connected MAC with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood

the CRA’s assessment of the personal online activities of some of MAC’s members;

financial information relating to schools operated by MAC, costs for MAC’s Eid celebrations, and information found on MAC’s T3010 registered charity information return

MAC’s position

MAC submits that the CRA has undertaken the audit in a manner that infringes the Charter. The main work product of the audit to date is the AFL, which, MAC argues, trades in common anti-Muslim stereotypes and manifests the very discriminatory lens through which the entire audit has been conducted. MAC submits that the CRA makes unproven and untested allegations (which may be retracted in the future) that MAC and certain of its members are affiliated with potential terrorist entities that are subject to foreign control or influence. Further, MAC argues that the CRA makes improper and erroneous assertions in the AFL that are demeaning to the practice of Islam.

Attorney General of Canada’s position

The Attorney General notes that, as part of its Charter challenge and in numerous statements to the media, MAC has made serious allegations about the conduct of the CRA. Court proceedings are presumptively open and the public and the media should be able to see not only MAC’s allegations and the parties’ positions, but also the full content of the AFL.

Islamophobia Quickly Marches Forward in Canada

Islamophobia Quickly Marches Forward in Canada

OTTAWA, Monday, February 6, 2023, Professor Jasmin Zine Author of White Islamophobia Industry testified before a senet committee.

The Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights met by videoconference this day at 4:01 p.m. [ET] to examine such issues as may arise from time to time relating to human rights generally.

M103 the Islamophobia motion set established the premise that Canada and Canadians suffer from Islamophobia.

Today April 1 2023 it is 6 years after the passing of this motion. the following are but a few excerpts. It is highly recommended you read the complete transcript

I have noticed is that Canada has been quite slow to implement any kind of national initiatives that would outreach to communities, that would engage those communities in a meaningful way and that would continue to inform policy, education and so on. I think that some of those examples could be very helpful as we look at more nationwide types of policies that are impactful.

For me, as a sociologist, it’s the way the legislation supports, sustains and reproduces Islamophobic ideas and narratives about the potential radical, the jihadist. In my book, Under Siege, Islamophobia and the 9/11 Generation, that came out last year, I was looking at Muslim youth and how they are responding to having been socialized into a world where they were perceived as radicals, as terrorists, as jihadists since 9/11 happened and all of those security policies were ushered in. There are a number of ways that has impacted this generation of youth and the generation of youth that has followed.

White Islamophobia Industry Dr. Jasmin Zine

Before we think about new legislation, we have to think about how the legislation that we have is enforced, and that comes back to be laid at the feet of law enforcement, where there is often not the political will to fully and appropriately respond to and investigate hate crimes