Insult to Islam is London June 12th funeral procedure says Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada

Insult to Islam is London June 12th funeral procedure says Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada

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A terrorist attack, took place in London Ontario June 8 2021 –  4 Muslims of the same family were killed.  This was a hate crime that was also racist & Islamophic. according to Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh & Erin O’ Tool who in parliament Recited words from the Holy Quran chapter 41. Erin O’tool AIQ “Good & evil are not equal repel evil with good & be patient” CQ

However  – Younus Kahrada a Senior Imam from British Columbia spoke out about how the religion of Islam is offended and insulted by the fact that “Western” Values were incorporated in the funeral procedure

Younus Kathrada said AIQ

The Muslim community in London, Ontario could have taken the opportunity to teach their larger community how Muslims deal with death. Instead, they, along with a great many, chose to follow the ways of other than the Muslims. They held vigils, delayed the janazah (burial), allowed politicians to make a circus of the community, shrouded the coffins with flags (a practice completely foreign to Islam), engaged in communal du’as (prayers) and other innovated matters.
Rather than adhere to our Deen (religion) at such times of calamity, we choose to oppose the teachings of the Deen. And the celebrities are all too happy to rubber stamp this and get in on the action. CQ

We Learn that According to the senior Imam Younus Kathrada western values and customs are to be avoided and are regarded as a bihah (invention). Some scholars preach that bidah can be seen as blasphemy that can be punished with death.   However some scholars say the death penalty for Bidah is not for all Bidah.

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Distinguishing Between Lawful & Unlawful Sex with Slave Girls in Islam

Distinguishing Between Lawful & Unlawful Sex with Slave Girls in Islam

Welcome to Islam moving forward In Canada. In recent days British Muslim supporters of Palestinian Islamic groups, Hamas & Islamic Jihad, have paraded in Jewish neiborhoods of London UK, publicly & loudly been calling out  >>> “F the Jews, we will rape you daughters”

Do these individuals represent the true message of Islam as conveyed by Prophet Mohammad P&BBUH? – Is rape of non Muslim women Islamicly permissible? I will share the contextualized context that will aid in dispelling misinformation that lead to misunderstanding of the TRUE Islam.

We will also learn about slave girls that are possessed by the Right hand of Muslim men, according to Islamic law

Dr. Ewis El Nagar senior scholar with the Quebec Council of Imams (Conseil des Imams Québec) who in 2011 said

>>>An important question still remains open. Are the [Quranic] verses dealing with ‘right hands possess’, abrogated or not? And is this ruling still applicable or not? And the answer is that [the Quranic verses dealing with ‘right hands possess’] are not abrogated and the ruling [‘right hands possess’] is applicable once the reason for it exists. Jihad returned, wars returned, then the ruling [‘right hands possess’] is not abrogated”>>>

Who are the women that are possessed by the right hand of Muslim men according to Islamic law?

For this answer we turn to the book modern commentary of the Quran explains  <<<“slaves or war captives who had polytheist husbands” >>>

In 2014 the practice of owning slave girls was again established in the Islamic State and parts of Africa. According to scholars, during the jihad, men are killed, the women are captured. Hence they become war booty. For the slave girl to become lawfully permissible in order to avoid the sin of adultery, the man holds his right hand over the women’s head. This is also done when transferring ownership of a slave girl.

Returning to Toronto Ontario we next learn from Imam & scholar Shabbir who was interviewed on Let the Quran Speak Sep 4th 2020

Hostess Aisha Khaja asked:

It seems to be a fact that in the Islamic classical law one can own a female slave. Can you talk to me about that?

Imam Shabbir Ally’s response

Quran has left it open people can own slaves. Slave girls were to be married off rather than simply taken by the owner against her will… In the aHadith and in classical Islamic tradition it is widely recognized that the slave owner would have the right to have sex with the girls his right hand posses through the booty of war.

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So enjoy what you have gotten of booty in war, lawful and good”  And the Prophet PBBUH used to do this in his wars and his jihaad against the kuffaar, when he confiscated their property, wealth & women.

In conclusion

Islamic law teaches us that when Muslim men have obtained females sex slaves through lawful means such as war booty or transfer of ownership, sex is lawful & the female is obliged to comply regardless of her personal feeling. However sex with slave girls outside of the mentioned lawful parameters of Islamic law is considered Un-lawful

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