Alleged Islamophobia Hate Crime Triggers More Mosque Funding

Alleged Islamophobia Hate Crime Triggers More Mosque Funding

National Council Canadian Muslims released a statement on May 4th 2023: Zahid Mosque Security funding. The following is a partial rendering.

Salma Zahid her Private Member’s Bill / Conférence de presse sur son projet de loi emanant de député Ottawa, Ontario, on May 2, 2023. © HOC-CDC Credit: Bernard Thibodeau, House of Commons Photo Services

Alhamdullilah, two weeks ago we joined the Islamic Society of Markham and called on the Federal and Provincial government to provide money for mosque security. Two weeks later they have.

The $25 million increase in funding is a necessary step…. We also appreciate that the commitment expands the list of eligible community organizations that can apply… To that effect, the Anti-Hate Security and Prevention Grant is a big step in the right direction.

Kitchener woman fears for her safety after alleged hate-motivated incident

CTV Kitcher Published April 12, 2302:

The Waterloo Regional Police Service is investigating the alleged incident, including the possible motivations behind it.

CTV News Kitchener spoke to a woman who said she and her mother were the victims in this incident. The woman asked not to be publicly identified as she fears for her safety.

…he rolls down his, then we just see him pull out his phone and point it at us and we’re like, okay that’s weird. And suddenly, in the other hand, he pulls up a gun and points it at us.” He was videotaping us – so he seemed prepared to be doing something,” she said.

Authorities Believe this is not a Fake Hate Crime (Toronto Hijab Scissors Hoax)

Police said their general investigations and equity, diversity and inclusion units are working together to investigate the incident.

According to police, the suspect is described as a white man, around 20-years-old and with a thin build. He was wearing a large dark hoodie with a face mask, and was driving a dark-coloured four-door sedan.

The woman said they weren’t near the masjid when the incident happened but feels the incident was hate-motivated.

Sabreena Siddique Professional Hate Crime researcher

Just because this one particular story is not real it doesn’t mean that the other stories are not real. So, let’s not forget that we need to still work on anti-islamophobia and trying to combat anti-Islam hate.

I am very afraid of the backlash she will receive, and the community will receive further because people are going to be well, she lied..

Contextualize Hatred Against Muslims vs Teachings of Hatred Toward Kaffir

Contextualize Hatred Against Muslims vs Teachings of Hatred Toward Kaffir

Stop Hatred against Muslims Hatred against injustice or inequality is viewed as health. Hatred is also a force that binds a group or tribe to a purpose. Hatred is thought to be an element of Islamophobia. Islamophobia is used to marginalize, ostracize and disempower an identifiable group.

The Quebec City mosque shooting was a terrorist attack by 27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette on the evening of January 29, 2017, at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City, a mosque in the Sainte-Foy neighborhood of Quebec City, Canada. Six worshippers were killed. Five others were seriously injured. This happened after evening prayers when a man entered the prayer hall shortly before 8:00 pm and opened fire for about two minutes with a 9mm Glock pistol.

Stop Hatred against Muslims

Shortly after this Attack on the Mosque, Canada passed the Islamophobia motion m103.  Because of this “whole government approach” to addressing systemic racism and Islamophobia was implemented. This includes a substantial funding increase to Islamic organizations.

Commemorate National Islamophobia Day. NCCM is asking all Canadians to wear a green square in support of Muslims killed by people suffering from Islamophobia. NCCM ask all Canadians to do this in an attempt to End Islamophobia

People on the right of the political spectrum say there is more violence committed by persons that identify as Muslim against non-Muslims than by non-Muslims against people that identify as Muslim. But is this true? Perhaps the violence committed by misunderstanding or mentally ill Muslims should not be considered violence?

This is an incomplete summary of Misunderstanding violence committed by persons persons that identify as both male and Muslim on Non Muslims.

Danforth shooter, that attended the Thorncliff Park Mosque, shot and killed two wounding thirteen. Immediately a media relations expert released a statement about his mental health.

A person that identifies as male and Muslim killed a soldier before storming the Canadian parliament building. No evidence was presented that he was mentally ill?

A person that identifies as male and Muslim did on October 2014, run down two soldiers in Quebec, killing one. There is no evidence he was mentally ill.

18 males that identify as Muslim were plotting to bomb the Toronto Stock Exchange and other prominent buildings. Gillespie says they were attempting to create a large al-Qaeda type cell in Toronto. Apparently no one was mentally ill.

A revert to Islam, Aaron Driver of London Ontario, was planning a mass casualty terrorist attack. There were rumors of mental illness.

A person that identifies as male and Muslim stabbed two soldiers at a Toronto recruiting office. It is reported he is mentally ill.

Two men that identify as Muslims were found guilty of plotting to derail a VIA Rail passenger train. There were rumors of mental illness and limited IQ.


We need more studies to contextualize Islamic violence committed by persons that identify as Muslim against non-Muslims. However, according to Muslim sources, it seems that violence perpetrated by Muslims hating non-Muslim or Jews is a result of the hatred and Islamophobia of non-Muslims and Jews. Help End Islamophobia

Stop Hatred against Muslims

Green Square Campaign Day Quebec Promotes Grief & Mourning

Green Square Campaign Day Quebec Promotes Grief & Mourning

Green Square campaign Day Quebec. 29th of January is the official grief & mourning Islamophobia day to remember the Quebec City mosque attack. It seems this national day will be used as a launching point to pressure the Canadian federal government to pass legislative Action Against Islamophobia and to pass legislation, tabled by the NDP, the London Family Act.

NCCM (National Council of Canadian Muslims) has tabled a list of demands contained in the London Family Act. The demands are:

  1. Education Reform: Removing Islamophobic content.
  2. White Supremacy: Prevent white supremacist groups incorporating.
  3. Hate Crime Unit: Allocate considerable funding.
  4. Anti-Racism: Funding councils to combat negative attitudes.
  5. Minority Recruitment: Regulate minority representation.
  6. Human Rights Complaints: Increase accessibility and aid for those making complaints.

PDF Our London Family Act to quell Action Against Islamophobia

Will Canadians embrace National Islamophobia Day to help Stop Action Against Islamophobia?

If all Canadian’s Engage in Grief & Mourning will Islamophobia be stopped?

Green Square Campaign Day Quebec

Shortly after this Attack on the Mosque, Canada passed the Islamophobia motion m103.  Because of this “whole government approach” to addressing systemic racism and Islamophobia. This includes a substantial funding increase to Islamic organizations.

NCCM is asking all Canadians to wear a green square in support of Muslims killed by people suffering from Islamophobia. NCCM ask all Canadians to do this in an attempt to End Islamophobia

Trying to halt Violence Against Muslims

How to Prevent Muslim Terrorists fueling Anger & Hatred of Islam

How to Prevent Muslim Terrorists fueling Anger & Hatred of Islam

How to Prevent Terrorists fueling Anger & Hatred of Islam? This is achieved by convincing  people that Islam is a misunderstood religion of peace. Creating a critical mass of allies will shut down, by shaming into silence those that continually highlight an Islamophobic narrative. The use of Interfaith dialoged has proved most effective.

The following was written in 2013. it is relevant to the message that today is disseminated to all Canadians that, as violence by certain Muslims increases, non-Muslims should feel love, compassion and acceptance and banish Islamophobia. Non-Muslims should do this because some say love conquers hate.

Muslim Terrorists fuel anger suspicion. But are they Truly Muslim?

However, do non-Muslim owe a duty of care to their daughters and sons? Does this generation have a moral obligation to leave a legacy of a functioning society with a cohesive Western culture based on Christian values?

Some will say that punishing the killer of the killed is small consolation for the killed. It is generally accepted that Muslim terrorists fuel anger suspicion of Islam

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

How to Prevent Muslim Terrorists fueling Anger & Hatred of Islam

In 2013, ICNA Canada on it’s blog:

Town-hall meeting with RCMP, Halton Police, and Federal, Provincial, and City representatives

With the recent tragic incidents of Boston bombing and failed plot to sabotage Via Rail, it has raised serious concerns for Canadians in general, and Muslim Community in particular.

On one side we are concerned with safety of all Canadians while on the other side hate crimes against Muslim community in North America are on the rise.

After these incidents, whether it be a Muslim lady doctor who was punched on her face on a street in the US, or a Hijab wearing Muslim lady in Toronto who was spit on her face are alarming for any peace loving citizen.

Terror Strikes At Ariana Grande Concert, Leaving 22 Dead

Police identified 22-year-old Salman Abedi as the suspect behind the suicide bombing who identifies as Muslim

Love and Acceptance were displayed by the British, Manchester community. after the Manchester Arena massacre with an Ariana Grande concert in memory of the 22 killed and 116 maimed. These acts could be what fuels Anger, suspicion of Islam


According to statistics Canada the Islamic population is increase at a substantial rate. This increase will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of misunderstanding Muslim. It can be concluded that the number of people killed by misunderstanding persons that identify as Muslim will increase. This will cause more people to fear Muslims and Islam. This fear will fuel Islamophobia.

How to Prevent Muslim Terrorists fueling Anger & Hatred of Islam

Will the proposed Islamic Takeover Benefit Canadians?

Will the proposed Islamic Takeover Benefit Canadians?

Will the Proposed Islamic Takeover Benefit Canadians? Canadian Muslim leaders teach that Islamic law, (al-Sharia) will cure all problems that plague Western civilizations. Homelessness & hunger will be cured. Drug addiction will be outlawed. Homosexuality (see post) that is seen as a perversion will be made a capital crime. This will promote heterosexuality which will increase dwindling birth rates. .

NCCM’s CEO Mustafa Farooq with Toronto Shaikh Abdool Hamid have stated that the objective of Islam is to change Canada into an Islamic State. Canadians need to remember Islam is “Not Taking Over for Sake of taking Over but to improve the lives of people.”

Shaikh Abdool Hamid who has a B.A. in Islamic studies from the university of Madinah assures Canadians in a lecture ** given at the Toronto Mosque:

Our goal as Muslims should be to transformNot be satisfied with the situation as we find it and we try to fit in somehow. That may be necessary initially. I don’t mean we want to take over for the sake of taking over. Islam does not want to enslave the people but to improve their lives. That is why Islam came. To improve the lives of people changes will have to be made. So it may seem from one perspective that Islam took over, so to speak.

Mustafa Farooq CEO of NCCM posted on his FB page:

How are we going to recreate Cordoba [Islamic state] in Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal? …One in which we [Muslims] erase these artificial nation states identities.  

NCCM formerly known as CAIR.CAN is on a daily basis making monumental strides since the year 2000 to bring about fundamental change to Canada’s judiciary, culture and politics. However Muslim community is Not Taking Over for Sake of taking Over but to improve the lives of people.


NCCM further monitors legal developments and intervenes at our nation’s courts, particularly before the Supreme Court of Canada, in cases that impact fundamental rights and freedoms. Our legal advocacy ensures that important Canadian Muslim perspectives help inform judicial decision-making in our nation.

Questions about your donation? Contact NCCM at Islam taking over Canada for the betterment of mankind.


Given our (NCCM) expertise in anti-discrimination work, NCCM educates employers and service providers about basic Islamic religious practices to break down barriers of misunderstanding and promote inclusive workplaces. This includes providing timely publications such as our Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices.

NCCM provides cutting-edge training in human rights & civil liberties, public relations, community outreach and leadership development to Canadian Muslim communities.  Since 2000, we have conducted hundreds of workshops and seminars across Canada.

Our public work further includes organizing and participating in major public conferences, coalitions, and campaigns with community partners on pressing issues such as reasonable accommodation of religious practices, national security, fundamental rights, countering extremism and much more.


NCCM’s Human Rights Department monitors and responds to violations of human rights and civil liberties, and provides dedicated services in challenging discrimination and harassment faced by Canadian Muslims.

NCCM also monitors and challenges Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate and works with mosques and other Islamic institutions to challenge hate crimes and promote community safety

Donate to protect fundamental rights and freedoms today. NCCM is Zakat-eligible as declared by the Canadian Council of Imams (CCI) and various Islamic scholars, under the category of “fi-sabillilah”.

Islam taking over Canada to improve the lives of people
Canada Transforming to better reflect Muslim perspective on White Supremacy

Canada Transforming to better reflect Muslim perspective on White Supremacy

THE OUR LONDON FAMILY ACT will help Canada Transform to better reflect Muslim perspective on White Supremacy

In June of 2021 in London Ontario a Muslim family was tragically killed by a man diving an automobile.  

NCCM is at the forefront of this tragedy advocating for serious change to Canadian society, culture, judiciary & children’s education.

The following are excerpts from NCCM’s website.  

We have prepared a draft piece of model legislation that proposes key and common sense changes to the way that we challenge Islamophobia in Ontario. If introduced and passed, the Our London Family Act would address key areas::

  1. Changes to our education system…
  2. Dismantling of white supremacist groups…
  3. Enshrine a provincial hate crimes accountability unit …
  4. Bolster the scope and strategy of the Anti-Racism Directorate…

Full recommendations

Schools are also sites that hold great potential for transformative social change. Studies and reports of the lived experiences of Muslim children in Canadian school systems tell us that Islamophobia takes many forms in educational contexts….

p10)  A New Anti-Hatred Strategy That Combats Islamophobia Would Include:

Minister shall ensure that district school boards gather qualitative and/or quantitative data on the experience of racialized students and staff in schools. Every district school board shall establish a special anti-hatred advisory committee consisting of a diversity of perspectives.

Develop and maintain an anti-hatred strategy that aims to eliminate systemic racism and advance racial and social equity in schools. Curriculum Changes Should Include Recommendations That Require That:

The Minister shall ensure that the curriculum referenced in section 8(1) contains identity affirming resources and programs, including accurate and nuanced representation of minorities in a manner that reflects the province’s Anti-Racism Strategy as promulgated under the Anti-Racism Act, 2017, S.O. 2017, c. 15. Same, anti-Islam For greater certainty, the Minister shall conduct a reform and review of the curriculum as it relates to Muslims and Islam.


Under the new legislation, acts of intimidation within 50 metres of religious institutions by white supremacist groups would be prohibited.

Will these recommendations seamlessly incorporate the many existing initiatives currently being executed across Canada by NCCM, such as:

Workshop How to use media to normalize the view of hijab & Islam as a champion of human rights

Recreate 3 Canadian Cities as Sharia Guided Islamic Enclaves – Mustafa Farooq

Islam’s importance to Canada’s history, culture & trauma of Islamophobia on Muslim Children

Will the Federal and Provincial governments adequately increase funding to better enable NCCM to monitor the progress? Will Justin Trudeau implement these recommendations and help Canada Transform to better reflect Muslim perspective on White Supremacy?